Bow to our God Emperor Sunny Lu


Im impressed such small guy can be a serial rapist.

B to bow



VeChain the true king of IOT, partnering with Belgium to make the world's first smart country, next will the whole of europe, meanwhile waltonshame is partnering with a nobody ICO LOL absolute travesty that Walton Hodlers have not sold for the best crypto in the world!!!! It makes there shit coin literally a total joke.

Lmao people seriously still buying the VeChong scam?

>HURR barcodes don't already exist
>DURRR it's not a wannabe walten clone

Just look at their expressions too. Sunny Lu is just advertising his glaring autism, and the other guy is like, "please, just let me fucking leave"

my nigga

Are you frustrated because nobody gives a fuck about your fud threads ?
You know why you're so easily recognizable? You parrot the same fucking phrases every day.

I'm worried about Sonny though lads. He's smoking opium all day and carries a Mogwai around in a box.

>He doesn't get the FUD VeChain meme

They actually met because Sunny kidnapped his daughter asking for partnerhsip as ransom. Sunny and his thugs are unstoppable.

>posting 'fucking piece of shit 100x a day is a meme'
yeah, whatever.

waltercoin is beter we have a woman (hot) in our team for diversity

That's just how Asians look you bigot

Vechain wannabe walton clone

we (walten coin) love diversity and we would like to help black people succeed :)

lel it all seems abit shady

This guy is fucking mad


fuck you racist piece of shit ven is a /pol/ coin fuck off to pol. this is why i buy walten coin

>ven is a /pol/ coin
nice, just bought 100k

It was the other guy who posted this on his Twitter ...