What yearly earnings are considered American middle class?

With the American middle class dying out, what do you consider to be the annual earnings range to sustain a middle class lifestyle? Do you think that there is any hope for the American middle class to come back?

$50k single, $75k with a family is the minimum to be comfortable. Of course depends on where you live also.

I dont see the middle class coming back until there is a full on riot french revolution style


$75k family? Lol fuck no. Maybe 30 years ago.

$150k bare minimum for a middle class lifestyle in low cost areas. In reality it's more like $200k to 300. Of course not many people make that kind of salary, so the middle class has effectively been mostly wiped out

If you're a coon, about three nickels and a jar of pickles.

$120,000+ for a family of 4.

Dunno man, I've heard legends of people living comfy on 40k some areas. But 50k does sound about right average.

I make about $170k but I live in the UK - I would consider myself middle-class.

If you live outside of nyc or dc then at least 150-200k for a family of 4. For anything out in the sticks it's more like 100k.

Depends where you live. 50k single in the Midwest, sure. Probably pocket 50% of your pay as total profit.

100k single in San Francisco? Hope you have roommates, poorfag.

these are all pretty low numbers. If you live out in the midwest or somewhere cheap then $125k I would estimate, but that's still quite low. That's still a shoe string budget.

Which is why the middle class has been destroyed. It's a myth, it doesnt really exist anymore. The numbers you are looking at might seem middle class when you hit triple digits but the cost of living is so high, it doesn't equal a middle class lifestyle.

Ideally you'd be pulling in $300k if you lived out in a low cost area. If you lived in a city blue state area, $500k++

What the fuck where do you live?

In my hometown 75k for a couple is very comfortable. Where I go to school now (hint: the Super Bowl was just here) that number is higher but that’s how cities work.

I dont care if you're a single dude living out in bumfuck Kansas, $50k is not middle class.

This. 150k is barely enough if you have 3 kids and a hot wife like in op's pic.

Lol at the delusion in this thread.

~$26k is the median personal income for Americans.

If the household is making $150+k like say (assuming equal personal incomes of $75+k for both partners), that puts you in the 14th percentile or higher. $300k (weeeeeeew lad) would put you in the 4th percentile.

If you're richer than 96% of the people around you then you are NOT middle class.

Why do rich people always have to pretend that they're middle class when the facts say otherwise?

I live in DC and its hell. Even houses in the ghetto are going for $400k. How the fuck do government workers even afford this city when their salaries are shit compared to private sector work?

I'm defining middle class in a traditional sense, because our standards have lowered today, pretty much out of denial IMO. So, middle class as a family of at least 2 kids, ideally 3, probably with a pet dog or cat. Add on a nice house, 3-4 vacations a year, and some assets, 2-3 cars, etc.

"Living comfortably" seems a bit subjective, but I doubt its actually Middle class.

You're equating Middle class with median income. Middle class =/= median income. Which is why the Middle class doesn't exist anymore.

Okay, so I guess you're defining the middle class as access to a basic standard of decent respectable living. That's something that's only available to the wealthy now. So it's a moot point.

Your total unawareness of reasonable income suggests you have none.

>Defining classes by personal income levels rather than lifestyle

The absolute state of biz, lol. $75k is antiquated....is this the 1990's? Lmao. Oh how our standards have fallen. $75k if you're a single guy, sure. If you're a family you need to be pulling in triple digits.

If you arent pulling in triple digits then its not middle class. Period. Middle class means you have multiple kids, take vacations, and have some assets like a sizable house.

The vast majority of people don't have those things.

So why not dispense with the nonsensical "middle" and call it what it is: Rich.

Everyone likes to consider themselves middle class. You're upper class buddy.

Interesting how our perceptions of the Middle class have changed. Really sad state of affairs when we think middle class doesn't involve a respectable standard of living.

But I guess it's the truth. Boomers were fucking rich compared to us.

Don't live in a big city. Easy. 37k single Midwest comfy fags. Have fun eurofags and obvious neets

I'm doing pretty good at 40k (probably closer to 50k with overtime, the work vehicle, and benefits) just outside of Indianapolis.

fucking boomers

>government workers make less than private sector workers
Good goy.

You're completely right of course, but you do have to factor in cost of living.

He's right though. Too bad you didn't get a useful degree. Companies pay out large sums of money for skilled employees.

you can also live in a nice smaller city without the need to move to midwest hell

>projecting this hard
Factor in pensions and bennies and you're wrong. I've done both and my take home was lower in government but factoring in how much work is actually involved, government workers are way overpaid.

Unless it's artistic skill, in which case you get paid jackshit.

Most boomers were rather poor, it's just selection biased as we tend to remember the wealthier ones who had time to build their wealth.

If you live alone in the middle of nowhere $40k is good. If you have a family and live in N.Y., N.Y then $120k

Also, stop replying to the moron that thinks that you are either dead poor or rich with nothing on between

>Also, stop replying to the moron that thinks that you are either dead poor or rich with nothing on between
Considering that the graph of wealth looks like a hockey stick, that's a pretty true statement.

What is middle class, staitostically soeaking, is now working poor. This country is fucking dead and the pressure on women to enter the workforce has killed the earning potential and balance of the family.

What do these figures even mean?

None of it makes sense unless you state your NET income.
You could make a mil, but if you have nothing left over then whats the point?

I want to see peoples after tax/expenses mortage figures

Then just subtract 20% or some shit nigger

The average household (not person, but household) makes 53k per year in the US.

If average is 53k then what planet are you living on where middle class is 150-300k?

Classes are not evenly populated. They're a hierarchy, after all. Lots and lots of working class, some middle class, and few upper class.

Middle class is around 80 grand for a family of 5 living out in the suburbs of any major city.

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Im the Indyfag, I'll go off my last paycheck (biweekly) on which I got 8 hours of overtime which is probably average for me. My gross is 1,811. Net is 1342. I paid $305 in taxes, $105 to 401k (6% of pay of which company matches 100%), $40 for med/dental/vision.

I'm in IP law and deal with the government daily and from my observations they are overworked to hell and back. To be more specific the Patent Office is.

Earnings don't matter as much as net worth.

So of the roughly $2600 monthly that makes it to my bank, I pay $800 for a 2 bdrm 2 bath duplex. Food, insurance, utilites and shit for my fiance and baby adds up to $1200. I'm paying off debt at $300. We usually have about $200-$300 of extra money after everything. Some of that's probably off, I usually let my fiance handle most of the finances.

$100K for a family with 2 kids I think is reasonable. You won't be rich by any means, but you'll be getting by in the middle class way.

ITT people who can't budget and don't realize that budgeting is at the heart of being middle class.

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middle class: owns house, car, takes vacations, maybe invests a little bit, will be able to retire comfortably at 65
range: 60k-120k, 200k-450k california,newyork

You amifats have it so nice there. Doing really poor in Germoney with 50k€. The cost of living is just too high, want examples? 950€ healthcare per month, 1200€ rent per month. So you have around 2k€ left to live on, but oh wait we didn't consider taxes yet. The golden boys from middle east make us bleed out.

Germany needs a good ole civil war to get things back in order.

Agreed, so many people make enough but piss it away through indifference or laziness.