Will I make it thread?

Will I make it thread?

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Did you buy xmr at $500 and you're praying for it to go back up?
If so you're not going to make it.

Why not?

Why even have 1-5% with a portfolio that small?

No, I bought at £150

May as well go all in REQ


Thanks bro

Bought eth at 1300 aaaaaaa

Ltc at 100 oolong

Xlm and drgn are ,you comfy holds

No XLM or VEN, too much REQ.



Kek spoke to us. All in REQ.

Airswap will not do anything anymore...

Pump more fiat in, no chance sub 50k at this point

1 day after assblaster thready
4 days from sergey speech
2 days from Tesla dev posting in LINK Gitter
4 days from IBM emails leak

And you're not all in on LINK? You will not make it

Huh.. why not?
Partnerships eom
Token marketplace beta
Token trader is comfy going full live
Wall Street and media taking big interest
Mike fucking novogratz
Bill motherfucking tai

Every huge piece of news for airswap had absolutely no effect on the price.

There are already many de-centralized exchanges that have much bigger userbase.

I just don't see it taking off, I'm sorry. It had a chance but it was too late.

lets see...

will i make money?

There's literally no reason to not be balls deep in ETH