Oracle Shhbreathe - Part 4 - TWO CHART


Part I: Part II: Part 3:

Please show us the way based autist.

How long do your psuchotic episodes usually last?

there is no volume

shhh watch

shhh read

mansplain when oracle was wrong?

simpletons mind has no volume



>No volume
>more asian fud
>no iHS

What no way we're going to 10k yet. I was thinking we're gonna drop but then Omega kid came out and also said we're going to drop so that makes me bullish because he's somehow 80% wrong.

we test each resistance

Drop after it hits ~9k I meant

Same.This guy seems like a legit lunatic, but alteast he's batting better than omega.

99% convinced that you and OmegaCuck are the same person.

How do you respond to these allegations? Can you disprove it?

cant prove

but there is only one oracle

z is btc btc is z

omega always no

oracle always right

cap and read threads

Since you're not accepting donations, where can we donate for you.

the Oracle is correct. BTC to $10K within 12 hours

fuck it I'm getting on board the z train

fuck the stinkie linkies, fuck xlm, fuck req

i'm hoping your coins guide me to the promised land

jeez this guy is even more retarded then omegacuck

oracle is the one true tripfag now that omegacuck was btfo kek

Qtum, nuls, ITC EOY

WTC 6 month

And one master coin in pre ico now

Will Ann soon

Just breathe


Charity suggestions?

Oracle doesn't need biz money

Oracle is biz Z for biz

rank NEO, OMG, ETC, and ETH.

Depending on answer I'll know if you're the real Oracle..







But etc best short term

I'm glad based whale pumped us straight past 8700 in a single candle, or we'd have another tug-of-war against bears wanting a head-and-shoulders downwards.


Thx master Oracle you always legit and rigjt not like the omega fag
Already bought some NUls super cheaps atm when do you think its going to moon?

Are tou sminem?

can you do AMB REQ ACT COSS based oracle
what do the stars say
what does your breath whisper
thank you i will follow you blindly until death and beyond

what do you think about Philakone?

Aye, I thought the same thing. 1 Trip is bearish and the other is bullish. 1 of these trips will be correct. Eventually, he'll start a paid group or some shit.

Pleb tier, elliot waves. Right now? Literal joke on crypto twitter. He also got rekt'd back in november/december during finexes flash crash.

wat about achain, sensai?

what your thoughts on nebulas my friend?




NULs beats NEO in Chinese gov't competition

NULS first modular smart contract

Neo 9bn market cap

Nuls 100m

Even at 25% of project they beat

NULS breathe 25x gains

Plus tital market gro th helps both

NULS = NEO ground floor

Same with ITC vs IOTA


If Oracle takes BIZ money

Oracle is no oracle

Screen that simpleton


Oracle doesn't know

Oracle only watches

Oracle doesn't like VEN?

Oracle can't do request charts

Too many

Sell Oracle on coin to chart

quite pungent indeed...

Master, what do you think about VEN (VeChain)

It's good ahhhh?

Or it's shit?

Are whales getting in the way of the prophecy?

no charts based oracle just opinion

Show us why you like QTUM


Oracle just doesn't have time to chart

All alts

Convince me it is good
And z will chart

Gains with you


Talking about the beast, BTC

Also where does one learn to see?

Oracle sees since 2014

Whales can't matter

Whales followed ONE chart


So accurate

Caressed ONE

Whales follow mustard colored TWO chart

Based oracle

I have learnt now

I breathe now

What are your predictions for NEO and TNC?

Don't know end

Neo hold


Keep hold

2020 neo will reward bigly

Don't know tnc*

Thank you based oracle

I know I had to keep holding my NEO

I just needed your word to strengthen my hands

Now I am stronger

Now I breathe calmly

Calmly with the breeze


why are people still using TA on crypto

Because just like every other market in the world, crypto is traded by humans. Humans have the same psychological paterns which show themselves on the chart. Investment banks use TA. But you’re right TA IS LE MEME XD!!!

so we dont will see another dip even to 6k-5.5k?


oracle is link a meme or good

Oracle, how high is btc going end of february?

it's fun to watch

its a good meme


Great team

Node in space

Smartest eth competitior

Hyper compatible with solidity+ better platform

Built on ethereum?

Cryptokitties hurt you?

Easy, move

To Qtum

So qtum grows with eth

Not against

Strongest smart dapp champ

Thoughts on Enjin, specifically their upcoming presentation, Oracle?

Can someone mansplain what the fuck I'm supposed to make of this? Do I buy now or not?

Oh great based oracle

All in on ven

What do?

Let me breath

Peacefully again

This is amazing on so many levels. It's wrong, but so much fun to read.

BTC to 4.2-4.5k. Screeshot this.

Not happening faggot. We're going to 5k.

Look sweetie.

I know these charts intimidate you

Let me,

No no,


Stop dont get frustrated

Look it's bullish

Oracle made bull run

Oooh duh


Bull means green sticks go up

Okay sugar?

Get it?

All better?


Just shhh

Just watch

Good good sweetie

Sho sho gains goblin

Stop talking like a fag and just tell if I should buy bitcoin and at what price.

>Veeky Forums appropriating Veeky Forums memes.

listen fuckboy. stop chewing on foresking and tell me if I should dump my FUN bags or hold?

another day another faggot with a trip drawing paint lines on a chart thinking he's hot shit

will we go below 8.6 k in next few 30 min candles, I currently have a short open lul

Shh simpleton

No simpletin shh

Up up shhh

Simpleton we went over this

Simpleton from part I

They say Oracle hahaha mustard is a bad favorite color

Haha Oracle wrong wrong

Wait? Caressed the line?

Ha ha Oracle lucky lucky Oraclewait NO NO part 2? P p









Part two? No

Oracle right again

No way three is popsic...

Three tight two?!?!?

Oh no biz savior is real

No I don't want to repent


Then the shhh washes over

We all shhh

Oracle saves all

YOU said mansplain


Your not shh gang gtfo


I smell OmegaMaker 2.0 here, not all your calls are going to be correct, if this 1 isnt, you will lose face just like him... Whale on finex keeping shit alive with hidden wall at 8651... This looks bearish...

This $8700 shit is boring me to death.

sminem is coming

I'm taking my loud angry gains from December and placing in Oracle's silent peacful prospects for 2018.
What does Oracle say about BTO?

Oracle are you @oracleofcrypto on twitter?

you don't deserve


All his calls have been correct. He predicted 2 uptics that weren't on any TA yesterday.

He's Right...Until he's not...Welcome to Veeky Forums

Check legend breads

Mansplain when you've seen more accurate chart

can you try doing NXT? don't give a shit about making money on it, just it's chart is interesting IMO

>has existed forever
>should be worth 1 sat now but isn't
>fork failed
>new team that somehow makes money and has funding
>its always getting updated
>seems to have honest to goodness support @2100
>is a fun coin to use

If I am eating a bologna sandwich and I just shhhbreath at the same time? That could fucking kill me you asshole.

thoughts on NAS mr oracle? i'm all in on this coin

Ive Checked your threads...good calls...but this 1, I dont think your Right...I think it will hit 9500, and shit down...Bull Trap Early Edition.jpg

Any chart that doesn't have a legend pointing to 12k saying that its 10k. (Shhhhh Numbers are not important shhhhh)

Numbers are not important when you truly watch. Numbers are there just to distract you.

horsetamerfaggot won't talk about achain
bc its his 3rd hidden chinkthing

i knew it, because

me breath

breath through nose

not through asshole

so feel


feel the finger

feel it?

in ur ass


right there

Don't eat


Btc test resistance tonight 9 hour

Be sure to watch

And breathe

Resistance at 8.8 or 9?
And in 9 hours?


When we break 9k new Z TA Number 1
>champ Tip

1. Shh

>2. Watch

3. Learn

>4. Breathe

5. Shbreathe

>6. __New Z pro number 1 champ tip__

I don't know why I'm bothering, but if numbers aren't important then wtf are you doing looking at a chart? shouldn't you be out back sacrificing goats or some shit?

I quote:

"OmegaMaker !i6apW.sJiU (ID: Xdw020N7) 38 minutes ago No.7593640 what kinda stupid gibberish is this. Same kid said it wouldnt dip below 8.4k This shit is going to crash i mean look at the goddamn volume for crying out loud. we are at 33% of what it was a near 4 days ago"

STOP simpleton

Let z mansplain

You can't shbreathe without watch

You need a chart

Just shhh

You're just no.

No hate type please

Just feel peace

>Gentle bitcoin

Loyal bitcoin

ITT we cringe