It's never coming back, is it?
Does anyone have info? went dark about 1.5 months ago.

They've put status updates but IDK if they'll ever return. I had a huge amount of ECA and I kinda think those devs are in on this heist.

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Well, its user interface is shit, consequently, the exchange itself is shit - this is a no-brainer

how much $ in ECA did u have there? sucks man im waiting too. i bought $800 worth of COLX and it went down before i could withdraw. im wondering where everyone is talking about this


thanks what channel? i also found this thread

This was their troll box

It's full of faggotry tho. Once in a while you get some news about the migration to a new host

about 90k USD worth.

Granted I've had good luck otherwise in crypto so it doesn't wipe me out, but damn I'm pissed off.

Their telegram is full of morons who think they're coming back.

no it's never coming back.
it's just excuse after excuse. I didn't have much on this shithole thankfully.

im sorry for your loss. i dont think its coming back, 1,5 months down is a lot of time for a exchange or a website.

Ouch..sorry four your loss. I would be crying if I lost that much.. I’ve never even own that much before. I hope they do end up showing up I have hope they are still working on moving servers. As long as we keep track of their wallets and that they aren’t transferring the coins elsewhere

They are retarded cocksuckers that can't manage even simple communication with the community.
I am not pissed about their exchange going down, that happens
I am not pissed at problems with getting it running, that happens
I am pissed at how slow they are, almost like they dont care
I am pissed at their lack if interest in their own problems

I consider my money lost, but hey, if it comes back, i wont complain.

There are rumors that the guy running CM is a heavy opium addict, so that's the only explanation I see for things taking forever. I would expect this kind of sluggishness from a dope fiend.

coin smarkets.

I wrote off my 1 btc as a loss.

The worst part is the crypto community doesn't know about this so they dont care about us. Nobody will know they scammed us so they'll get away with it.

Jose the Telegram admin is likely in on the scam

Jose Egan?

Kinda sad this shit is beyond help, it has some good meme coin like colx, eca, and xp
I bought a bunch of colx while it's 4 sats just for fun.
Seems like the meme about not a profit until cash out is true

is there another Telegram admin named Jose?
read between the lines maybe

I've been banned from the official telegram for saying coinsmarkets is a scam. The one I'm in only has Jose Egan and his comments don't suggest to me that he's in on this.

come on user, why do you think he's so eager to give CM the benefit of the doubt?

He admitted once when the Telegram was first created that he knows the CM admins personally. Never again would he say it and changed his tune, this was my red flag.

What do you think about the Kasper guy? I bet he's in on it too.

Also Praetor Delius.

Hello sirs,,

Where is coin markets in new Delhi?

To buy Link coins from?

oh boy,
i'm not in that delusional, but if this shit really hits 1mio per btc in ten years (maybe as a collectors item) then i would be crying if i were u
or hunt that crackhead down

the scam exchange is based out of the Netherlands

Not worth the effort and money for me. They will pay for their crime sooner or later.


I got mine out in time. I think they're coming back, but they're just retarded. They haven't moved any of their ECA from their wallet.