Name one use the world has had so far for crypto currencies, excluding illegal transactions

Name one use the world has had so far for crypto currencies, excluding illegal transactions.

Not some hypothetical future use but an actual positive outcome that has occurred where a crypto currency offered some utility that wasn’t there before.

Think about it

Make nocoiners mad.


Gives hope to NEETs that would otherwise kill themselves on the prospect of going through such a shitty life.
Not that I would know about it haha.

Life without governments and central banks.

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Look at the darknets faggot.


Why would a fan of a politician want the end of political authority?


>illegal transactions.

Stop with this blatant antigoyimsm right now jew.

Neither of those have happened so even if that were a positive it’s not a valid point.

I mean “something positive that has happened” not “something positive that might happen in the future”

9 years and there is still no legal use (hint: moving coins between exchanges is not real world use)
and yet everything already costs 10-10000x more based purely on some speculation it might be big in some distant future
except, if you don't want to pay for jew's gold and such now, why would anyone pay for your cryptobux in the future?
they'll just make a new bubble and you'll be acting like an angry old boomer towards it

Erosion of the power base of governments and central banks. Poisoning of governments and central banks. I'm running out of ways to express the core idea that the sole reason for all this is the slaughter of governments and central banks and that's incalculably positive, but I'm hoping you get the idea by now.

just paid my 3200 dollar electric bill with it

remittance market

They're the main thing though. Crypto really is the only way forward for economy. Too bad govts will put up a fight against it, but crypto is a statement against govt fiat nonetheless.

Some other useful things are trustless trading and trustless apps like Funfair. Somewhat gimmicks and not ultimately necessary but useful either way. There's several trading platforms up and running and some even have actual usage.


And hyperinflation protection in shithole countries

>implying getting shitheels like you salty isn't enough

Digital gold.

I use it to pay for my VPN

Internet gaming, but that only works with real cryptos with large blockchains and low fees. So I'm talking about Bitcoin Cash.

doesn't offer anything a real currency doesn't

Donations of doge coin helped send the Jamaican bobsled team to the olympics.
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Easy to buy hookers and drugs with it


gambling, payments in countries where the government is shit

Having wagecucked at a bank as a teller before, I can tell you I would hear complaints everyday about how long transactions take.

There are cryptocurrencies that only take minutes to send to another for lower fees than a bank wire, which is important in a world where convenience is the way up.

You fucking retards need to think of the business facing possibilities of crypto. Not the consumer facing possibilities.

Have any of these possibilities actually been realized?

Smart contracts

Name one positive thing that has happened to the word as a result of “smart contracts”

>ShareBlue attempting to FUD cryptoholders
too late.

* I sell my own software on the side. (Software I've written, not hurr durr illegal shit.)
* I accept PayPal.
* German user didn't want to use PayPal for a legitimate reason.
* He could wire me the money with huge fees, or use btc.
* I now accept PayPal, btc, eth, and ltc.

Yes it does, it offers instantly clearing payments wiithout a third party. You can do gambling with cash because you can exchange it in seconds and fees are non-existent, but not internet gambling as transfer times are too slow so it requires a third party to trust your money with. Bitcoin (BCH) is exponentially better for internet gambling than fiat currencies as there is no trust involved for the user and it lowers fees and clearing times for the operators of the site.