What's next?

BTC will probably keep bouncing between 8k and 9k for several days just like now, but this obviously won't last forever. Sooner or later it will swing in one of the two directions.

Are you prepared, user?

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Newfag. This was standard 1 year ago

Look at monthly charts, this is anything but standard. More likely explanation: There's fear in the market and investors are not making any moves until there's a clear trend where it's going.

"This" what?

i "wonder" lol

BTC to $30,000 before April 1 2018

Interesting but at some point it has to stop. Whether it is now or at 1 BTC = 1.23123e6 USD (random large number) nobody knows.

>There's fear in the market and investors are not making any moves until there's a clear trend where it's going.

I think you are right about that. Once it starts moving it will move fast.

>i wake up every morning, therefore i will keep waking up forever
except one day you wouldn't

people don't understand crypto all of a sudden. the more people understand crypto, the higher it goes. some nobel laureate economist compared bitcoin to tulips a month ago, which means he hasn't put literally any thought into it at all (just search for why this comparison is so flaw'd even semi-decently educated fudders won't use it by now).
as more and more people actually think about and understand crypto, new money comes in. this will go on until... if you can't figure it out, i won't spoil the ending.

salty dead guy confirmed.
I'll be waking up for a thousand years.

obviously it will stop. there's no permanent exponential growth.
it's not even hard to figure out when it's stopping.

People will fomo in tues/wed.
Dump thurs. Pump Fri.

They will not fomo before a clear upwards trend. If the trend points downwards though people will dump quickly.

I too don't believe I can die. feelsgoodman.jpg

we ARE in a clear downtrend
i dont see any quick dumping

We are moving sideways for days now.

TA expert here. I've been studying the charts for weeks now. I can assure you it will go up or down. Maybe keep trading sideways.

My TA confirms this. Cunt forming on the charts.

>I can assure you it will go up or down.
you dont say

TA-god here, this guy knows what he's talking about.

this guy trades. believe him.

>TA expert
>Dont even mention btc can go backward

Nice Larp

Nice, just did nothing


Listen Faggots. look at the FUCKING VOLUME, Look at the large amount of crypto to cash exodus/exits. No it won't go up all of a sudden, it going to massively tank, we did this at 11k and 10k for 2 weeks, then we tanked to 6k and rebounded to 8k, the mood hasnt changed, the volume is worse, guess we're we are going?...

Chinese fucking New Year motherfucker.

Alessio Rastani is an odd one to be taking such basic technical analysis from however:


He sees the situation as bullish, so does Teeka, Clif High, Swiss Bro.

I'm pleased to see it staying above $8700 and pleased I bought in at what seems to have been close to the bottom. I think it'll slowly push through to $9200 - then seeing $10k in sight'll start to speed up into FOMO. Clif High's prophecy for the last week of February will be confirmed - institutional / investor faith comes back in time to diversify out of bonds / equities.

Screencap this...

dubs says BTC goes to 11k tonight

holy shit

bitcoin dominance has never been this low before. its also never moved sideways less than 50% dominance this long before.
what does this mean for the market? why would anyone still buy bitcoins?


crash incoming, boy

if this happens I legit kill myself
I sold at 9k and cashed out

I don't think so boobaloo I bought at $700 and $7000 I've been in this a while...

Sigh I just cashed out. It better go down to 7k

that fucker that bought at 6000
balls of steel

Screencapped. I'm going to mock you when you're wrong and it goes in a circle.