Admit it

>Wake up, make coffee
>Smoke a stoge while checking the charts
Hmm not bad, everything is recovering...
>Green percentages everywhere
>See coin with red
>it's fun once again

*Breathes in*
You fags honestly thought this was gonna be a dollar in Feb.... LMFAO
I dumped my bags on you guys weeks ago during the pump

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Im Hodling. Q2 its our time to shine.

fuck is that shop edit. you suck

ffs save your self
Why not get some more solid alts
come on m8, don't hold bags

>selling before it's released and partnerships are agreed

wow. screencapped this thread

FUN is just a small part of my portfolio. No need to sell my bag.

Ya I'm still holding them and I'm pissed

I might spare you some bags once the fomo kicks in

good idea to drop these bags for NULS (at a loss ofc)?

pls do desu
i surely want to be left holding more bags, along with my CANYA

took out a home loan, maxed cred cards and sold my car to go all in on this bitch.

Hodl too, what ever you fuckers say.


You cannot be serious
Yea that piece of shit aussie scam is bleeding me out. Thank god i'm not a tard and have some solid alts carrying up.

Is it a good time to buy? Or do you guys think it will drop more? I honestly don't mind betting some little $500 on this.


if you wanna buy now, do it, it won't go below $0.03

course not! got 70k waiting for it to go up so i can slam it into OMG

eh, started out with 6k fun now I have 30k without spending a cent more on it

I think alot of botters and retards are holding bags at 900+ sats, and never dumped before the drop

and now the whales that p&d this coin dumped their shit @ like 1900 sats but when they bought back in at 500 sats they found they own like 15% less coin.

now they are trying to shake the shit out of this coin, to get their market back but none of the retards are dropping so they are pulling every nasty trick in the book to get their FUN back

Source please.

Sorry i meant link.

wait until its 400~ sats

The only aussie crypto you should be buying is POWR

I just sold my bags for 25% loss
Enjoy your moon any second now

here you lazy shit

Can someone explain what advantages this has over any other token/coin?

Like why would a casino choose this over an already adopted coin/token.

It's true.

unJUSTING ahead?

if it gets denied like their other 2 licenses, expect major JUSTing

The license is only to satisfy UK authorities that FUNFAIR can supply gambling tech. They are not a casino and this isn't a license allowing them to gamble. It's up to individual gaming outfits to make sure they legit.

I can sell you a car with an MOT (UK cert to say it's roadworthy) but it's your job to get a driving license and insure it. It's like that. The gambling license shouldn't have any real bearing on the price as it only applies to UK territories whereas the rest of the world is the main market.

I sincerely hope so. I've been carrying these bags since the ath and I'm this close to dumping.


Exactly the same here user. 76k that I'll be happy to see the back of.

>Buying a coin before reading the roadmap

I had to sell for reasons but unironically this is a long term hold, not sure why you are fudding so hard, you are the only faggot doing this. Jez confirmed there are talks already of adoption.

Mfw I got in at .015$

ffs why did you not buy ICX or VEN.. walton...OMG ENG Cardano... while they were cheaper
All more solid coins than gambler coin FUN

FUN is just one of a handful I hold, inc. OMG. Haven't got the time or skill to trade on a daily basis. It's been an education and a test of patience.

FUN is cool. I think it could be a bridge into a world where we see crypto finally used rather than speculated on. Fiat is clumsy when it comes to online gambling. I think it’s very possible that this is a hit. CEOs from other poker platforms on the board. Where is your optimism bros? I think this coin has a use case before we see other alts fulfill their promises of use cases.

fair enough

Nice bro. I’m jelly.

FUN & Canya are like friends 4ever.

even their logos are similar

Is there any actual reason this coin doesn’t spell success besides “hurr durr price is still low”?

Once I put a coin into an offline wallet I basically forget about it. Same happened with XEM, and is now happening with FUN. Put it in a myetherwallet and haven't looked at the price ever since

If it goes places thats fine and if it doesnt it doesnt matter because i just threw 0.1btc at it a few months ago