How can we use blockchain to save africa?

how can we use blockchain to save africa?

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hire a pmc with crypto to kill everyone there.

Nothing can save it

white paint

blockchain slave trade

give all the Africans a number and we can use the blockchain to track as they’re bought/sold

Genetic engineering ICO.

unironically this will be great for developing nations, they can catch up a bit by going straight to decentralized societies instead of struggling with centralization for another few miserable centuries

boer here, can't wait until our government uses blockchain tech (will probs outsource it to whites since they're too dumb) and i can see the arrogant smiles wiped from the smug and corrupt kaffer's faces when they realize they can't fuck over tax payers easily anymore

This also. Killing all governments and central banks is great everywhere. But it's even better in those places with the worst governments and central banks. And that describes Africa pretty well.

>save africa
>kill all niggers with blockCHAIN


Use it to run A.I kill bots until the continent is purged of all subhumans

>implying Africa needs your help

Yes but how?

Buy NGR, dumbass

I agree Africa needs some chains again

Make sure it's the original

Decentralized nukes launched when enough anonymous currency holders vote for it
I'd give the blacks one week

Finance rahowa and kill all niggers.

Blockchain to track all the diamonds and gold and Libyan slaves. Also all the animals n preserves can b on blockchain. Already we see crypto use n some of the shitholes that have blown out hyperinflation. Also the chinks will implement asset collection on a blockchain so as to track all the food growing for the china population.

Not a single legitimate answer. Seems the blockchain is just another racist technology to keep the black man down

If this is real I'm going to buy and hold some.

SMS transactions are going to be huge in places with no internet!

kewl story, now tell them to give their racist iphones and mercedes' back


Tel coin

Warlord death ledger. A crypto token where ppl can collect and trade warlords on the blockchain. Killing the actual warlord and bringing body to the authorities will validate your warlord token as the actualized token. Your token is now some kinda master node or you get staking or something. The non actualized warlord cards r just traded and owned until the warlord is really caught. Longer it takes the higher the price of the warlord token and the bigger the bounty. All fees and seized assets go to the feetless victims or the community.

Im eatin a burrito and it is feeding my imagination.

It is real I have 122 NGR

Protip: we can't.

/pol/ edginess and racism aside, Zimbabwe is moving to Bitcoin because their currency situation is so fucked. I think a lot of African countries have the most to gain from cryptocurrency adoption.

Lots of Africans might not have bank accounts but they do have mobile phones -- perfect opportunity for cryptocurrency to make large in-roads.

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We fund race-based biological weapons and make all the niggers go extinct. Without niggers Africa can be a beautiful and prospering place once again.

Well then the future of crypto is in good hands, to the moon!

good luck to anyone trying to explain blockchain to these "people"


Anyone who thinks penniless people from Africa will pay Bitcoin's $50 transfer fees is a fucking idiot.

>b-b-but the fees are temporarily down

Telcoin desu

Why can't we just fucking gas this continent?. Setup a quarantine zone in Egypt and just let loose a couple deadly viruses like small pox, etc...


yes, import them all to europe

I guess let's start with the basics. First we need to establish a strong electricity and internet infrastructure across the entire continent. Not just major population centers, remember that centralization is evil and we have to connect all the spread out middle-of-nowhere villages to the blockchain. Then we'd have to supply them with computers, smartphones, or other devices to access the internet with. Not only that, but we would have to run extensive computer literacy courses for billions of people. And it's safe to assume that some of the African boomers won't want to embrace the crypto revolution and will stick to primitive barter systems.

hi rebbit

Africa needs a basic infrastructur and stable goverments first. Then they need to reduce violence and corruption. After that they can think about blockchain shit lol.


Giving them blockchain before helping them survive out there is just another way to enslave them.
The ONLY reason why white man would give Africans the blockchain is to GAIN money and power from it..
You think it's fucking charity?

Africa needs Europe and USA to stop messing with its internal affairs, like holy shit, the EU gave free money to warlords, to literal criminal groups, to keep people from leaving Libya's borders, that's why slave trade is back.

If you want to save Africa, stop trying to make money out of it. All the corrupt governments in African countries compete for who's going to suck more EU and USA corporate dick.

why save when you can enslave

Bitcoin has already been a big hit in Nigeria. I can imagine some multi-millionaire niggas living in their villas right now.

Why exactly do we want to save Africa?

Can we just trade btc for slaves or some shit guy?

Blockchain land registries. Once that shit becomes mainstream am gonna buy a shitload of real estate in major african cities.

Sure, but I don't talk about saving them tho. It's more like a process they need to manage themselves. We are not that good at stopping complex conflicts between different tribes in Africa.

the only chain that can save africa

Simple, banking the unbanked. Massive problem to Africa's economy is the lack of banking systems. OMG & Stellar will save Africa.

Is each coin backed with a nigger?

this is the greatest idea i have ever read on this board

the Chinese don't need your help, brainlet.

This is literally the a answer to op. Telcoin will solve all the banking problems of africa. Genocide will come later I guess.

Africa can't be saved when the whites came in and set up civilization, society, work, jobs, schools, basically did everything for them, and still the black man didn't want it and fucked it all up


Put them all in block chains and plant some cotton seeds.


They'll never make the switch. It doesn't allow the HNIC at the time to inflate the fuck out of their currency so that people think they have more when they actually have less until he's overthrown in a bloody coop, rinse and repeat.

BTC fees are too high for Africans to use it
BTC was made only for rich white man poppin champaign


except we just make a low supply, equal to the amount of warlords. low supply + fill the market cap with the value of their goods (or maybe a country can volunteer resources) then exchange the coins for what the warlord had blood diamonds, gold, guns, etc.


Giant solar farm in the desert to power supercomputers that do cypto mining.

BTC failed. But it can be fixed. There is no issue yet.

>Telcoin aka new flavor of the week
Have you newfags heard about ?

how can they use it if they have no computers?