Ethpyramid Pandemic

New today, dev's released complete dump of statistical relevant information after scraping the blockchain for hours. Info includes total number of coins, top coin holders, and much more. Just released minutes ago, here

So, Veeky Forums, whats your excuse now?
>muh whales
>muh dev's gon dump
>muh transparency

oh yea and its a week old and 2000 eth has already come in and out
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when the devs of a pyramid scheme are better than 99% of the shit Veeky Forums shills on a daily basis you know you've found a winner

but i'm already in ethpyr user
0.2 eth invested in total, getting 0.002 per day on average. not too shabby
also in etherhell, because adding a gaming aspect to those schemes was needed from the beginning
let the ponzis thrive (except powh gauntlet, that shit is probably going to break on day 2)


Top holder with 345 tokens bought at the all time high, in fact this person created the all-time high. The person bought tokens for 50 ETH

Check for yourselves and compare with the price chart.

This is what we need transparent info, it shows the devs are not in it for a fast buck. They genuinely are interested in this project. It makes you money too. About 2000 eth has moved in and out of the contract with about 220 eth being paid out already after what a week? Would you rather mine or just sit back and let the mindless souless contract robot do all the work.

shit sounds scammy. Ironic considering its a scam, but there is damn good reason why this is safer than any wallet. Its makes your wallet part of the blockchain, making it just as safe as any other vetted smart contract out there. If you can trust any other smart contract out there, than this one should appear as superior than some mere game.

LOVE the transparency.

Makes me feel good about my few ETH in the pool.

Love getting those divies too!

I have ZERO interest in another pre-mined Ponzibot scheme. This one:
a) exists
b) uses Smart Math and bounces off Hack attempts
c) has devs in the top 20 holders - but who aren't the biggest holders just trying to scam others out if their ETH!
d) Oh, yeah - COMPETENT devs - like the one that identified the errors that let the Pozibot scheme's drain everyone's money away.... Gone.

dont trust a clone, get the OG

DESU, if people would rather invest in clones. They deserve to be scammed. Clones could run exit scams. Hack attempts etc. If your going to invest do it with the best.
The guy that dropped 50 eth isn't playing

bump for stats

The stats don't lie

Great dev's, great community, fun game! My bulletproof ETH wallet that pays dividends. Loving this.

Devs keep delivering

Stay tuned for Korean news article and Arabic translation

so returns are people getting from divs? im doing about 10$ a day just holding eth in there...

I woke up to $49 from last night

Same ~$10/day - nice to see them rolling in, and everyone equal, and getting the same per token owned no matter when they bought in

ethpyr is the shit i love it

LOL - there's more been paid out in dividends to token holders than is currently siting in the contract? (220 vs ~190)

When this thing takes off, it's going to make the predecessors look like small potatoes, baby....

I'm genuinely considering rerouting my mining income into this to get further dividends from when I deposit

we are getting good dividends while this thing is rock stable. Image once it starts rocking a little? its going to be a money machine.

Not to mention the devs like 200$ of pocket for Koreans to bring it to public forum discussion on finance hahahahaha its going to be so hot m8

Yeah, I should probably set that up sooner rather than later, looks like volume is picking up.

had like 40 eth come in yesterday over 3 hours

looks like the community has a communal advertising wallet here:

pretty insane community effort

hahaha holy shit on ad money alone?

Looks like it, yeah

Uptrend is shaping up. Eventually FOMO will kick in hard. Dividends!!!

It's a community, baby - we're all on the team!

for all you too lazy to see the stats yourself

hm so lets make this top guy lots of money i suppose?

the man threw 50 eth in at the all time high...
its not like he was first to the show

he actually dropped 50 Eth right at the peak so is currently down quite a bit

Sure he will be getting dividends from ya but looking at the top person on etherscan it shows he bought for 50 ETH at the all-time high.

He is at a loss at the moment though he will have gotten alot of dividends.

People still have the chance to buy in at a low price.

bear in mind that whenever the top person withdraws they leave 10% of their eth behind as dividends for everyone else that holds, so the more money someone makes, the more everybody else gets too when they leave

just to be crystal clear, the is the best time to jump into this coin. Old phobias of Powh coin are dying down and real money is coming in, look for yourself. Improvements like multiple languages, statics, and payed ad's are what this community produced in 1 week. JUST 1 WEEK, its nuts man



>5 people have the same stake as the next 20 people

>Thats only the first 27


interestingly enough you get dividends when other people reinvest their dividends - theoretically with enough people in the pyramid it could become a self-sustaining dividend generator

like a pyramid? holy shit

dude the whole idea is that people move up the pyramid the longer they hold and the top people sell - yes, some people get more for now, but you're forgetting that other people are coming in after you

Look where they bought their tokens, nobody got their tokens at a super cheap price.
You can become just a big holdet as them, even for a cheaper price than most of them paid for it.

However they have been getting dividends for some time too.

release the memes

You could be top 5 if you invested 15 ETH right now

would if i could, thats like 50$ a day alone in divs


50 dollars a day for now, when volume picks up it will be way more

for 15eth and minimal movement in volume i could quit my job...


...and congratulations, you got the point! ANYONE can duplicate the position of a top holder in 3 minutes just by buying the same number of token the current holders have! :-)

The tokens are all the same - no ladder to climb.

These devs are damn brilliant, i love these guys. The community is great, lots of people to talk with

Also here is video tutorial about putting your life savings into pyramid scheme:

stats can prove this empirically, finally.
will Veeky Forums finally realize the error of their ways and get in?

Yeah, the pyramid thing is a bit of a misnomer really. Since it's constantly having people cash out and come back in at the base, it's more of a 4 dimensional klien bottle pyramid. Or something.

Whatever, snek is awesome.

Love the video. Tells you all you need to know

Its like a blockchain wallet that can never close up as long as the block chain exists. It is governed by a emotionless robot that cant be hacked. Its more like a 4d vault

long live ethpyramid

Q: Is EthPyramid secure?
Yes. Our dev team put a lot of hours into code work and testing to make sure your tokens are safe. Internal functions of the contract are not accessible to the end user.

Q: Is EthPyramid secure?
Yes. Our dev team put a lot of hours into code work and testing to make sure your tokens are safe. Internal functions of the contract are not accessible to the end user.

Q: Is EthPyramid secure?
Yes. Our dev team put a lot of hours into code work and testing to make sure your tokens are safe. Internal functions of the contract are not accessible to the end user.

Gonna sleep good, first thing every morning; check and re-invest dividends

yeah, it's a bank for my ETH. What's not to love

Internal functions of the contract are not accessible to the end user.
Internal functions of the contract are not accessible to the end user.

You're going to get exit scammed you fucking idiots.

Do you even know what internal means? They aren't accessible for the devs either, idiot.

Maybe you should read the contract before you spout off dumb shit?

mind telling me how that would be possible?
>run by a smart contract, no a person
>no dev whales left (this can be proved by the stats published in this op)

If you trust any other smart contract, you can trust this one. Its water tight you fool

Holy shit, we're nearing 200 ETH. This thing is blowing up like crazy

Of course it is
Every day it proves itself
Big money is about to get in
And then the Veeky Forums FOMO will start
We are going to 5K ether soon

200 eth by tonight rolling




internal functions aren't accessible by anyone
if you actually read the contract you'd see these internal functions are called by public functions
the point of failure you're looking for is "owner", and there's none of that in ethpyr

Where is the new money coming from?

From all over the world... - mainly Veeky Forums for now

check it out m8