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We just started this cryptogaming telegram group to discuss all the big and new cryptogames!

World of Ether
Tron Dogs

Etc Etc (there are so many)

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ima make a game called cryptoshits where u shit on your computer and put it on the blockchain

would ppl buy that

link is

Sweet, will join.

if there was a game called cryptoshills, do u think ppl would join

i would join

I actually began making a reddit for this. But never marketed it due to too much other work. Ethereum game threads disappear at both reddit and biz very quickly.

Here's a new game for you: etherhell (timed lottery with dividends)

why is it called cryptohell

thanks for making this group
finally the pajeets can have a target instead of starting these retarded threads

r u nope?

Add etherdungeon

dope. Joining

cuz you throw your money in a fiery pit

what is that

stay tuned Veeky Forums

i've got the next gen ether game planned and will be shilled here at end of Feb

>gen 1: crypto celebs
> gen 2: eth pyramid
gen 3: ???
secret, but you'll love it i know.
ground floor invites on discord at end of feb


ur too late

never too late

this game is normie-friendly

guaranteed to 100x any early eth

Best functioning ETH game at the moment

lolllll noo

Consider the following.

Much better:

Coming Soon™ (Never)


this looks awful. more marketing

no need to be rude sir
is good game
sir pls

r u pepe

sir no
my name vijay sir

you must be fucking kidding. Holy shit this is real. Who in the hell would fucking spend money on this shit??? They all look the same, its shit, it has no use AND THEY ALL LOOK THE FUCKING SAME.

please tell me this is just a shitty copy of a copy of a copy and nothing more than a no effort scam. I hope no one spends money on this. A 100eth nigger hoe looks the same as a 0,03eth one and even if it were different... just fucking staph please.

ok I like this one. Is it worth investment? eth pokemanz is what I want the most and this looks okayish.

it is. I was hoping to dump my pussies on some hopeless nerdy virgins, hoping for an easy x2 at least, but that shit blew up in my face lol

well deserved I guess, learned my lesson

I almost bought sex related shitcoins because you know... sex sells? yeah I think we dont need crypto for that. Yet. haha

I would wait on it until they start actually marketing it and shit if you want to go in just to play the game. As for buying mons now most people like me are selling them pretty cheap on the marketplace, so if you want to bet that it will be worthwhile long term feel free but I already made a couple hundred bucks from buying in first day.