What price will we see after rebrand?


Every time they release news the price drops.. so $1.

realistically $9-$12


unironically priced in

will probably dump, it's only holding up atm because of the upcoming rebrand

this, we won't see a price increase until mainnet and staking is on so we will drop unironically further if the whole market is trading bearish/sideways

you wish lol, when news like Jim Breyer and new partnerships literally every 3 days cant pump it what can?

Who fucking knows, man
It will dump during rebrand, unless there is PBoC news

I am not priced in.

cuck coin confirmed


Realistically? 6$
I'm holding a STRENGTH NODE™ btw.

Same here. Thinking about going all in though and riding rebrand waves.

There's no wallet that holds this yet, is there?




As someone who is holding about 2500 coins I expect it pretty much to stay the same for the next few weeks.

The coin mooned already and people are retarded for thinking this will reach 50$ in this year , realistically it will be maybe 20$ by the end of the year and 30 cent more after the rebrand.


It's priced in. Unironically it will dump

so many unawares here....VEN easily in top 5 this year

30 billion market cap will be considered small soon and vechain would be $60 ar 30 billion mc. Ignore all these faggots saying it won't be more than $20


A lot of retards in here and Walton bag holders, 12-15$ before end of February and 50$ by mainnet

Mainnet when

4 dollars.
It's priced in, this is the most shilled coin without a whitepaper.

After? Probably gonna get dumped Back to $4.

Day or two before rebranding? $6-8 it all depends on whether BTC is tanking or not. If market turns bullish on 2 weeks it could go even higher but its unlikely.

I think it will hit 12-15 for rebranding, but it's dumping after. It may hit 10-12 by mainnet, but if it follows the same J curve literally every other crypto follows it will dump and be stagnant for a while.

Except ven isn’t every other crypto, already has more partnerships than any crypto besides eth don’t sit there and say it’s gonna follow the same trajectory as all these other shit coins