Where my brainlets at?


Just bought in for a second run, bought originally at 750 sats sold at 3900 sats, this is the coin that made me bank originally. Time for round two binance this week.

Binance listing? I can finally drop my bags.

Binance is finally allowing Neo based tokens, they added rpx today which was the first Neo platform token, DBC should be added this week as it is the largest one and it was in the Binance poll a few weeks ago.

>DBC should be added this week

How? Is the DBC team even making any effort to add it? Binance wont add automatically.

Binance sees Kucoin as a competitor and Kucoin has an advantage by listing Nep-5 tokens.

10k brainlet here

and? what it has to do specifically with DBC?

5k poorfag reporting in

Neo is working as hard as they can to get their coins on all exchanges, the reason I think that it will get listed on Binance.

It was top 3 in the Binance Community vote for Coins.

Neo Tokens were just added to Binance with RPX being the First.

DBC has always been high volume

Binance follows Deep Brain Chain on twitter.

Logically it makes sense for DBC to be listed on Binance.

Bought 3k RPX for very short term trade at 0.25$ I think it'll have a few percentage surge as it's brand new as well as being a part of the NEO platform.

DBC is dead. If you want to ride a NEO AI pump do some research, great new ICO coming

this is a DBC thread, kindly fuck off with your vaporware.

No thanks, I'll buy after the crash after the binance listing, once it's at ICO levels. 1c btw.

china AI shit going to be huge

No, retards. What I mean is that Binance fears Kucoin overtaking it so through it's own initiative it will start listing Nep-5 tokens including DBC.

Acting like anything matters in the short term for a coin, Binance listing is almost a 50% increase in price.

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