Calc exam in 2 hours

>calc exam in 2 hours
>ridiculously bad ADHD makes every distraction 100x worse
>every time I try to study I end up just browsing Veeky Forums
>fresh crypto memes and fresh crypto news aren't going to help me pass the exam

How do I leave this board for good?

Other urls found in this thread: to build discipline

>took Adderall yesterday to see if it helped but ended up browsing Veeky Forums for 12 hours straight and then fapping for another 4
ADHD is hell

Go on >>Veeky Forums instead

You sound exactly like me. Do I have ADHD?

Sounds like me on the weekends when I’m not wagecucking but take adderall to do schoolwork. It’s an abstract kind of unproductivity

>inb4 "adhd is a meme"

ADHD doesn't exist. OP is just a dumb undisciplined faggot. Every time I tried to study I would browse Veeky Forums because of my low brainlet 'ADHD' attention span and need for instant gratification, but then I developed discipline and now I can study easily.

How the hell do you "discipline" your brain?

>differential equations in exactly 24.5 hors
>see this thread
Oh god I'm gonna fail

>red id
I-I'm not gonna make it, my diff eq exam will be 0%. I used to be able to focus on schoolwork so much better, idk wtf happened.

ADHD can literally be seen on an EEG, individuals suffering from it have decreased brain activity in the portions responsible for pleasure, rewarding good behavior, and attention span. to build discipline

I do believe it exists. But I also think anyone has more troube getting motivated to do something they don't like. It's just that with adhd you don't feel any sense of urgency or responsibility before it's actually pretty much too late. Then feel super bad cause you failed, rinse and repeat. But when I do feel motivated and relaxed I can do stuff people never expected from me. Sadly most of that is not school work. I do think that I just never learned to study properly though. In hs I always made it by studying a day in advance. And now that I'm in my second year of college I'm actually having to do planned out studying throughout the years, which is a real pain in the ass. I absolutely hate it and don't understand how other people keep motivated to do that shit every day. I'm getting there though, even though I disliked almost every minute of class so far. Oh well, gotta go for that STEM degree I suppose

>ridiculously bad ADHD

fucking hell. did your mommy tell you that or did you self diaganoze yourself?

ADHD is just the newage term for "i don't want to do what i don't want to do"

like your fucking grandparents were complaining about muh ADHD


But the market is shit right now and not really moving much, this is the best time to do something else. You're just finding shit excuses to procrastinate.

it does exist but most people today have false ADD where the same symptoms happen but its instead caused by using too much internet

Being dumb is not the same as having ADHD.

I hate how this is the special snowflake excuse people use to explain why they are failures.

So, again, none of you have ADHD, you are just dumb and completely lack the necessary skills and traits to be successful. Start taking responsibility for it and better yourselves, you little shits.

got me. thought it was going to be a cool infograph i could hang on my wall and never read.

I have an A- average for all the classes I took in calc, linear algebra, physics, and mech engr... I just haven't been able to focus these past few months. Fuck I know I can do good, but it's like some mental issue.

can confirm ADHD sucks ass
its like autism without the superpowers
you just suck at everything
and because big pharma tried to diagnose everyone one on earth with it people see it as a fucking joke which just adds to the suffering of people that actually are affected by it

>inb4 you're also allergic to gluten

>It's just that with adhd you don't feel any sense of urgency or responsibility before it's actually pretty much too late. Then feel super bad cause you failed, rinse and repeat. But when I do feel motivated and relaxed I can do stuff people never expected from me
Literally everyone feels like this. It's just that others aren't whiny bitches about it and will force themselves to do what they need to do. If you wait until you 'feel like it' then that is 100% you being lazy. Nothing more, nothing less. You're just lazy. You're like a fatty claiming that they're fat for medical reasons instead of because they don't have the discipline to eat less than 10k calories a day.

Exactly how I feel.
I'm not a brainlet. I can start studying 1 hour before the exam (like I'll probably do today) and still get above average grades.
Math is too boring and bland so I have no motivation to study until the very last minute.

>Isn't interested in school
>Is too lazy to do anything about it
>"wow it sucks to have this medical condition"

Are you me? I literally have a calc exam in 2 hours too.

What school senpai?

It's more than just laziness though. I literally don't have any sense of time, how long things'll take to finish etc. That's why I always miscalculate and end up having to do way too much on a single day. Others don't struggle with this as much I've noticed. It really is like an organizational disorder, not just laziness

>studying for calculus

Yeah I'm not interested in school.

I know it's bullshit, most of what you learn is useless and not really needed but I just want to get the STEM degree and gtfo of there.

So you're a brainlet then.
>"organizational disorder"
What is with all these made up special snowflake terms you're giving yourself? What the fuck made you think you have a medical condition? The chances are more likely that you're just fucking stupid and too lazy and too undisciplined to check the time. When I used to play vidya and fap all day the time would fly by too! Is there a 'vidya and fap disorder' I don't know about? What is the medical name for this medical condition? The sad thing is that until you realize it's 100% your fault, then you will never be fixed. You're just another mediocre person.

Im not allergic to anything that i know of
Really why do you have to be such a fucking dick, what you think because we dont have fucked faces like downies everything is fine?
I dont make excuses
I have probably had more jobs then 90% of this board, tried my fucking hardest at each one but adhd symptoms always get the better of me, which leads to depression and then we get fucks like you that just call us lazy despite some of us actually fucking trying
I get it, 80% people diagnosed with it doesn't actually have at all but some of us do and we really struggle in life

drop out of school holy shit. It's a waste of your life. Take it from me who almost made a million this year.

>t. autistic neet

you sure are defensive about ADHD being real.

I bet you have it.

>n-nothing is wrong w-with my brain, I just n-need more discipline!

Already made a couple hundred thousands too in crypto too.
I just want to have a plan B and a stem degree is very useful in life.

you're a retard, not only can it be seen in scans like said, but if you ever met someone with actual sever ADHD you'd change your mind.
I dated an awesome girl 2 years back who had such severe ADHD she could barely function without adderall. she would bounce off walls, couldn't even hold a conversation. I'd try to talk to her or get her attention and it was like I didn't exist. it was as if she was bored out of her mind, hyped up on caffeine and anything and everything was about as exciting as watching paint dry. it was like dealing with a kid.
but the second the aderall kicked in she was perfectly normal. I've seen people without ADHD take aderall and the way they act is very different from the way my ex acted. normal people who take adderall kind of zero in on whatever random thing is in front of them and get hyperfocused, but when someone with ADHD takes it they go from that to being able to focus their attention and control themselves

And another thing, when I have to follow like a sequence of instructions, during lab work or just taking neat notes in class, I often feel like a straight up retard. I just can't do it properly for some reason.
I'm not a brainlet, They let me do some cognitive tests in the past cause I was struggling with depression and shit, and I'm def not an idiot. Some areas I was 98th percentile, others relating to organisational skills like 30-40th percentile. So I'm not talking out of my ass

You don't have adhd, you find math boring and crypto interesting. Good luck with the pharmaceutical excuse though

calc is babbys first hard class, drop out and learn to weld faggot

Stop being a manchild, control your fucking urges and take responsibility.

ADHD is just as real as the gender spectrum. Just grow the fuck up.

>plan B
>At the cost of thousands of dollars of compounding debt.

hope you're getting it for free

Anyone lurking this thread that does believe in medical science
See the shit us ADHDers have to fucking put up with?
The attitudes of the people in this thread are encountered through out our lifes
Now imagine you gave something your 100% and failed thanks to limitations adhd imposes on us and people around us start spewing this bullshit at you
Can make ya feel pretty fucking worthless
Stay strong ADHD bros and fuck what these wankers think, these are probably the same people that think depression isnt real until their wife cheats on them and their tieing a noose in the shed

I'm actually diagnosed with generalized anxiety and severe depression by a psychiatrist. I was on 450mg effexor amongst other things. I stopped taking medication when I finally grew up. You're just a shit eating excuse generator. Fuck, the mental strain it takes me to read more than 1 sentence... To add up single digit numbers... To actually finish a sentence I start... That's just fucking life my man, and you alone can overcome whatever challenges you have.

t. Non-medicated married father with a fulltime job and several part time jobs

>tldr grow up, take ownership of your choices

I've been taking 30 mg Adderall every day for the past 5 years or so.
Adderall. doesn't make you productive, it just helps focus on whatever you decide to focus on. You're going to have to train yourself to not let yourself get distracted once the Adderall hits, otherwise you will never make it.
t. guy diagnosed with ADHD

anxiety and depression are real, I have recurring bouts of both, but I have to agree that medication often isn't the answer. It mostly fucks with your brain chemistry and changes your personality. And that's the thing, I don't dislike my personality, it's quite nice cause I think I'm pretty creative and all that. But I just wish day to day life wouldn't be such a hassle. I'm always stressed cause I don't trust my own sense of time, and it has caused me to have a terrible reputation for forgetting all kinds of important stuff. Even things I really enjoy and are dear to me and my friends. That has mainly caused all the anxiety. Still, I try not to medicate myself, instead working on improving my time keeping with notepads, post-it's or whatever.

Lmao, no fucking atound with all the btc madness I just quit going to class all together. Fuck school ill take the F idgaf meme degree anyway

>adhd is a meme

It's almost like you don't own a watch or phone that can have alarms programmed in to help you keep on track and remember important commitments. This is what I'm saying. I'm not going to get into 'who's life is harder' pissing contests but you're not going to get better if you just carry on the "I'm a fuck up" facade. Why don't you wake up tomorrow and stop being a victim

waah mommy help me not play with my toys.
Discipline faggot, i didnt have a dad i taught it myself unlucky for you that you cant rely on yourself from what i understand is a fatherless childhood

mommy mommy i need druggies

Don't try to convince yourself you have a mental illness to fit in, it doesn't go well. Tell whoever in your life is walking down that path with you to fuck off.

with notepads I mean on my phone ofc. It's not that easy, wish it was though. I constantly have to be conscious about my own thoughts, so that I don't get lost in thought when I should be doing something else. A little bleep from time to time isn't gonna change much about that. It helps remind me, but it can't do the thing for me you know. But I'm not gonna moan anymore, I know there are thousands of people out there way worse off than me. But I had some spare time to kill so I come to Veeky Forums


I have high iq, asperger and add. I should probably kms. Im only good at things I like and I can't socialize or act like normal human being.

I don't know where else to post about this and really don't feel like making a thread, but how the fuck do I make sense of this board as a new comer? Almost every thread here is "
like fuck me, every other thread is just stating the opposite of another thread. I just want to learn what to look out for and how to make legitimate money. I know there's no simple step by step procedure, but I'd rather not turn to gambling as a source of a living wage. I'll put in the work as long as I know what I'm supposed to be doing.

>tfw finished uni and fulltime wagecuck
it still sucks but that feeling where you have no worries about tests is the best feeling

There's a place for you somewhere user. You need to look for it.

welcome to Veeky Forums

calc is easy

well if the things you like are profitable then just get a job in that field and let others fuck off for a while till you're in a stable situation.

I've been using this site for a long time. Just never really cared about Veeky Forums or money until now because I feel depressed that I'm not moving forward in some way and I'm working at a stinking dead-end job while going to school. I have to ride a bicycle 15 miles 3 days a week because I can't afford a car and haven't bought new clothing aside from boxers, socks, and work clothes in years. I need work done on my teeth and I need health insurance and meds for my psych problems but I grew up poor and fall into the trap of buying shit I don't need.

I just need help with financing and learning how to make money on my own terms. Every online market seems impossible to get into now.

yeah, same, the depressed part at least. don't think people who function normally would feel the need to trade crypto on Veeky Forums desu. Everyone's got some problems here

taking ADHD meds as a suppository can help
otherwise, castration is really your only other option

calculus is nearly impossible actually

How would castration help?

>omg calculus is so hard

Why are 24 yo manchilds studying fucking differential calculus and failing like little bitches? Just quit already.
I'm 21 and I already got my Physics MSc. If you didn't get Calc 1 on the first try you're not on the right path. Go ask money from daddy Trump and start selling sweets in the streets.

Are all americans this retarded?

it will clear your mind, so that focusing will be easy

Because calculas is nearly impossible to pass unless you're studying 24/7.

>im 21 and already got my physics MSc
You're an absolute fucking loser and I can guarantee your a KHV. This is you

How will cutting off my dick make me stop fantasying about Milton Friedman, Keynes, the USSR, and the EU?


>you alone can overcome whatever challenges you have
Umm no you can't. And that delusional "I CAN DUE IT HEHE" ideology is whats told to disabled children. Grow the fuck up and stop bragging

>using your potential gains to pay for university
>using your potential gains on a scam

because it will help you transition to your true identity

>the only way to live a good life
And he's not in university

Me too. I can socialize but I don't enjoy it for the most part. I should also kill myself but I don't want to make my parents sad. Luckily now that I am a bit older the depression has turned to apathy and it ain't so bad.



Nigger please, I finished my MSc in Uniandes, in Bogota, Colombia, i.e. shithole country. I come from an incredibly poor and shitty little dirty town called Lorica, where it's fucking 50°C all the time and there's literally only a couple of schools, all shit quality education. I managed to get a scholarship literally being an autistic kid reading shit on the internet since really early, got through undergrad physics, and won my MSc. All of this while procrastinating a lot playing Dota about 3~8 games/week in average, going out a lot (Bogota's a really fun city lmao) through the career. It's just putting a little effort, Jesus, it's not that fucking hard.

Also, I've 2 years with my current gf, we've traveled a bit around the country. Shit's fun

*pic related, one of the most endearing books I read through my undergrad, would post diploma but i'm outside the city.

Then KYS if you can't do it, stop wasting productive people's oxygen.

you just admit that you won because you are a little bit better than other shitters and retards. Yeah you can call that achievement.

well then if you say so lmao
is that supposed to make me feel bad?

Legit congratulations dude. We need more smart people and less /pol retards on /biz

Why? Only losers, nerds, and pencil pushers know calculas. You aren't productive, you're a waste of Federal education money

>Nigger please, I finished my MSc in Uniandes, in Bogota, Colombia, i.e. shithole country. I come from an incredibly poor and shitty little dirty town called Lorica, where it's fucking 50°C all the time and there's literally only a couple of schools, all shit quality education. I managed to get a scholarship literally being an autistic kid reading shit on the internet since really early, got through undergrad physics, and won my MSc. All of this while procrastinating a lot playing Dota about 3~8 games/week in average, going out a lot (Bogota's a really fun city lmao) through the career.
So in otherwords you're a fucking ugly loser nerd KHV who wasted his childhood reading

>t's just putting a little effort, Jesus, it's not that fucking hard.
My dad collectivily spent 100K on tutoring for me since grade 6. I studied a lot and JUST passed calculas. It's VERY hard. Eventually my dads like "fuck it you're not going to university i'll just hand you the business anyway" which he's doing after i work for a couple years.

you aint telling me a MSc in colombia is worth as much as in the US/Europe or whatever.

I wish. I mean, you still work in the state of art of your field, but no, you don't hobnob everyday with iconic researchers from the Max Planck or the TUM or the ETH or anything, but you do learn a fuck ton and it does change your life.

The thing is with ADHD is that it can be proven by studying your brain in the way impulses get transferred. Please do your fckin research brainlet instead of spewing out bullshit

you're an idiot brainlet.

>Only losers, nerds, and pencil pushers know calculas

lmao burgers

Except it's true. Why would you learn something useless unless you want to be a rocket scientist.

you just said it yourself, cause i wanna do cool stuff with my life. i don't care if i make trillions with crypto or lose everything, but i don't want to be a neet sitting on top of a gold pile with nothing to do, i want to dig deep into the fabric of reality, model fitness-enviroment relations for my little almost entirely engineered e. coli conglomerates and expand the limits of biology and blur its line with engineering and technology. (If you're wondering, it's called SynBio)

Idk, I like science, man. It reminds me how great this universe and how little I really am, and how much much more is there to explore.

You, on the other hand, make me want to puke and initiate social cleansing for retards who fail at being curious, i.e. at being human.

Fail at being curious? I think that's you. I read a lot, and I mean a LOT. I bet I've read 10x the books you've read about different topics. And there's plenty more to do than rocket science.

You also have gambling addiction and need to read Veeky Forums to psychologically cope with the risk you're taking. You see crypto as a future safety net and can't admit that the success/failure is out of your hands.

You need to manage your addiction and anxiety. ADHD drugs will temporarily restore your executive function but this is only useful if you are hyperfocusing on practicing techniques to mitigate your underlying issues.

bet your dick is bigger as well

in all seriousness, hell yeah there is, did i say otherwise? i was talking about my field of study here which is Synthetic Biology (more spcf, systems biology), but there are trillions of things to do, it's just that calculus, but more than that, applied maths are a set of tools which open oh so many doors to so many worlds. and also, maths by itself are quite pretty as well.

Actually fuck it, here, have this:

3B1B is an amazing fella and an amazing teacher. If you don't wanna "waste" your time in "boooooriiiiiing" calculus, or whatever, then alright, ain't no big deal.

I'm actually in highschool taking calculas right now and i hate it. I do study but im getting late 70s and occasionally 80s on tests. I'm 18 before you claim underage.

in that case the vids are going to help you a fuck ton, they're REALLY understandable, for any level

In that case i'll check it out thanks for posting it.

if you aren't nails on it so far, yeah, you really aren't gonna make it. best advice would be to drop it and spend the next 6 months studying while taking more pleb shit.


>Gave it 100%
You mean procrastinated and read Veeky Forums instead of studying? Yeah sorry having a hard time feeling sorry for you.