ITT: ask a professional options trader anything

ITT: ask a professional options trader anything

>how old


Financial maths

>what stock should I buy
Buy a passive index tracker/bonds with some developing world exposure in there too for some diversification. You don’t have edge trading stocks so keep it simple

>what do you think of technical analysis

If it worked, it wouldn’t be on the internet for everyone to see. And if it’s on the internet for everyone to see, it doesn’t work.

Do you invest in crypto at all?
I have a master's in comp sci with focus on ML, does your industry look to hire people like me?

>Professional options trader

You mean someone with a job that will be automated yesterday? All you do is use your prop model to estimate an option's price and buy/sell accordingly. You having a job tells me a lot about the inefficiencies of the company you work for. Also, you don't make 200k.

Anyway, if you people want to actually learn something from somebody in finance whose job requires them to do more than whatever their model asks of them, ask away.

M&A Analyst
Finance, top 3 business school
170k + bonus
>Investing tips
12% of your folio in crypto, research the other 97% percent.

stop those threads please

Can options be applied to crypto, where to learn?

>If it worked, it wouldn’t be on the internet for everyone to see. And if it’s on the internet for everyone to see, it doesn’t work.
Very true, and if it worked people wouldn't come up with radically different results and forecasts.
What do you use for trading then if not TA?

Crypto only ya fuckin bum, get out of here

lol I'm 26 and i make 300k a month from 30,000 storage units I own. Tax free. Stay poor wage slave.

Larp city

>12% of your folio in crypto, research the other 97% percent.

Also like to add, i dropped out of college at 19. Fuck school.


Yes options can be applied to crypto. They just don’t exist yet.

I use a proprietary options pricing mode and buy options that are cheap/sell options that are rich, essentially.


being under 30 and above average iq and wanting to make money but not being in crypto is possibly the saddest thing there is
the only thing less cool than being "old" is pretending to be old. this is your generation's web bubble, and you're selling fax machines

>top 3 business school
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turned about $600 into $70,000 in about nine months in the crypto markets, learning along the way, and now I teach

made probably $6,000 last week

how am I doing?

I make positive expectancy decisions which mean I will continue to make money. Buying and holding crypto currency likely won’t continue making money. In fact it will probably lose you money.

The only way to reliably make money in crypto is market making or cross exchange arbitrage.

If you are making a money in bear market you're doing good, if you made money in bull market disregard completely, anyone with a functioning brain can make money in a bull market.

What are you thoughts on Cantor and Nadex options?

>And if it’s on the internet for everyone to see, it doesn’t work.
what about MACD lines? as much as i hate meme triangles historically MACD is pretty solid

The brokers?

Do you have proof?

You are doing well, of course. But if someone doesn't make +20x gains in crypto in 9 months they are retarded.
I got in just before the big boom, in September, when BTC was 4k.
I went to this forum and started buying coins everyone said "buy, 100x in a month"
Turned 1k to 42000$ in three months.
Bought raiblocks, ripple, XLM, req and pretty much everything without knowing ANYTHING from trading, except how to click buy
I am the reason for the bubble

They are the two CFTC regulated binary options exchanges. I hear most people on different forums saying its a guaranteed way to lose money. so I've been wondering about how their pricing models works and if its possible for someone who's not already well connected insider or their buddy to provide liquidity / become a market maker on their exchanges. I see that their designated liquidity providers are the big name funds so they probably have a special payment for orderflow arrangement and on also in addition to that they probably have a rebate arrangement.

yes but im not going to post it. If you are a professional trader it will take all of 5 seconds to look up. Unfortunately while it seems to work it is still beaten by shock news. I find bollinger bands + MACD + relevant news + looking at the depth charts not a bad way to trade.

what if I told you I'm trading with like basically 99.9% success lol

we just had this thread yesterday faggot

>yes but im not going to post it.

Wouldn't TA work if a decent chunk of investors/bots will all buy at the same signal?