>fake conferences
>plagarized white paper
>value tied to rupee instead of USD
>Designed to never go over a dollar
>literal Indian tether
>soros funded
>alt-left state terrorism sponsor
>banning people from telegram for asking why it’s impossible to go over a dollar

Share your FUD guys.

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>funding terrorism


>value tied to rupee instead of USD
>Designed to never go over a dollar
pick ONE


if it's tied to the rupee, why the fuck would it matter if it went over 1 USD?

Anyone who doesn't see what a gem Jibrel is must be blind on both eyes

Tokenized assets wont even add any value to the project since they will happen off chain. How can this be a gem?

Only because of jCash? But there are already multiple competitors out there and implemented...i don't see a gem here sorry

> Outdated roadmap
> Official Whitepaper which says "Draft 2"
> Many over complicated buzz words on the roadmap.
> Very little transparency.

The whitepaper translations are terrible...read the france and german one and they are basically full of mistakes.

"CryDRs are on-chain liabilities. A jUSD in the possession of someone is an on-chain liability (deposits in traditional banks are liabilities - at Jibrel we don't have any off-chain liabilities at the moment - hopefully once equiped with a banking license it will become possible).. For the sake of this explanation, please only consider CryDRs or on-chain liabilities (jCash being an example)

With Jibrel AG tokenizing a portion of funds raised, we need to have enough assets to cover our on-chain liabilities (CryDRs). We do this by ensuring the Jibrel DAO holds enough JNT to cover whatever CryDRs are in circulation (if we mint 1,000,000 jUSD, the Jibrel DAO needs to have 1,000,000 $ worth of JNT). As an additional safe-guard (1 to 1 backing), we also need to have 1,000,000 $ in the bank account of Jibrel AG.. By doing so, we make sure we are solvency proof as the CryDR is redeemable for JNT at any point in time, and the underlying value behind the CryDR is safely stored at a bank that is audited. The amount of JNT locked in the DAO for each CryDR can be easily verified by checking the smart contact (which will be made even easier once Jibrel Search is rolled out).

Going forward, financial institutions who remain custodians of the assets they tokenize, will have to puchase a certain amount of JNT to cover the liabilities they have on the Jibrel Network (this is when banks and institutions tokenize their assets)."

THis is a fud thread faggot fuck off.

>banks will just make their own blockchain projects
>yazad gets punkd in his interview like a fucking little bitch
>Tapscott is just there to help the pNd
> first letter of whitepaper not capitilalized
>can't take JNT out of Jwallet
>logo is making fun of 9/11

>logo is making fun of 9/11

My fucking sides

>logo is making fun of 9/11
alright that one is funny

this isnt funny anymore just fucking stop already, not being ironic. fucking niggers peddling this shit with >le reverse psychology

Never been this comfy holding a coin, its future proof since it will be backed by irl valued assets = centralised coins will not kill off JNT and this will be a real problem in 12 months. Also never seen this amount of FUD since my early investment that made me rich, remember that people dont FUD cause they are autistic, they FUD because of personal interests.

>logo is making fun of 9/11
Holy fuck its true

don't forget about isis

rupees are not assets

What use are eyes when there is nothing to see?

>Project lead literally stole his name from indie RPG LISA


Tied to the ruppee lol

>implying he didnt name himself after the original violater

you soyboy fuck

the logo is a hook and sinker

>Jnt price $0.5
>Saudi A tokenizes 50M worth of gold, needs to buy 100M Jnt, price of token goes $1+
>Saudi B does the same and buys say 40M coins
>Saudi A removes his assets and gets back a shitload of money, more than $100+M
>Saudicuck B left bagholding

Jibrel is just a glorified Ponzi for richfags

Also, last point of roadmap is called Project Pinocchio. OBVIOUS exit scam

>fake conferences
>plagarized white paper
>value tied to rupee instead of USD
>Designed to never go over a dollar
>literal Indian tether
>(((soros))) funded
>alt-left state terrorism sponsor
>Destined to slowly bleed out forever because devs are dumping
>Director is a video game character
>Co-Director is refers to themselves as Xer/Xe and has been charged with Identity Theft before
>banning people from telegram for asking why it’s impossible to go over a dollar

Logo is two asymmetrical buttcheeks. BRAAAP

Why are we fudding this? Thought it looked pretty cool

liquidity and stability of jnt price will be a huge issue. how will the holding of equivalent JNT in reserve be assured?

Get a load of this dude

i don't think i've ever seen worse fud on Veeky Forums. i have read a single paragraph of anything that would actually make me hesitate on buying a ton of these and holding for a couple years

we should all be shilling this so for once we have a legitimate reason to blame Jews, Arabs and Soros if it fails.

>A couple years
Is legitimate FUD.

>tfw i found this shit
>tfw ive been shilling this shit since the very beginning
>tfw ive got less than 3k JNT
life is complicated


are you from le reddit

no motherfucker

Only accumuluated up to 265k. Keep on fudding a bit more, we still have plenty of time left for the press release and new exchange listings.

Good job with the FUD campaign so far.

Can I have some? Will do something in exchange.

i need 100K but it's not gonna be doable for another 10 days, you whalebrahs better not let this take off without me

you're not wrong.

So how do I turn 30k into 100

make some money faggot

easy, send 29,900 to me.


What's the incentive for a bank to hold an asset and issue a tokenised version? There must be a margin for them, right?

access to the liquidity engine, hard to move around assets when theyre in true form