Does an elite college degree make you better than normal plebs?

In finance/biz, do peers and bosses really care and respect the credential?

Do women care, thus making it easier to pull babes?

Does it change you? It seems most of the allure is the networking – but campus conditioning seems to give alums an organic, deep sense of superiority.

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They only matter if you live on the east coast.

No one really cares in Chicago or the West Coast. In fact, beyond the initial "oh wow, Brown huh?" no one gives a shit.

I instinctively hate anyone that has gone to one of these universities. You literally deserve death.

Imo these colleges are really losing value with their affirmative action
I dont see a degree from harvard being super impressive anymore because most of the people in that college are black women who academically shouldnt be there

>Imo these colleges are really losing value with their affirmative action
>I dont see a degree from harvard being super impressive anymore because most of the people in that college are black women who academically shouldnt be there
you mean old money idiots with legacy status

Sadly very true. What were once elite schools are now just meme factories.

I remember when the dean of admissions of one of these universities (won't point out which one) came to my private school to recruit. They kept mentioning how it "wasn't your parents [redacted university]" and "like, our valedictorian has a pink mohawk isn't that so cool?".

It was pathetic, and needless to say I did not go there.

You will get a far better quality of education these days by going to a well ranked state university or small liberal arts college. At the liberal arts college you'll still have to deal with the cancerous environment, but at last your professors will actually want to teach and not have you sniff their farts.

If you want to work on Wall Street for for a hedge fund in NYC, you want to be a college professor, or you want to clerk at the Supreme Court, then it matters. Outside of that, it doesn't matter much. If you went to a solid state school and got good grades, in most industries that's not going to put you at a much lower tier than someone who went to an Ivy and got mediocre grades. Also, people recognize that the ivies aren't the only elite schools. I went to Duke and live in NYC and I would say most people consider Duke to be as good or better than all of the ivies except the "big 3" (Princeton, Yale, and Harvard). Networking, both with fellow students and people in the alumni network, will give you a boost out of these schools, no denying that.
>tl;dr it matters somewhat. anyone who tells you it doesn't matter at all doesn't know what they're talking about, but it doesn't matter as much as alums of these schools will act like it does.

I agree that AA, legacy admits (esp. kids of big time donors that buy their way in), and SJW moral panics have reduced the clout of these schools. But they still have the top professors in their fields and the network you can build is important. Lots of the stuff that gets headlines doesn't reflect day to day life on any college campus and ivies are no exception.

>tfw too retarded for Duke and went to Rice instead

What about for meeting a smart/rich/connected spouse and making friends with mostly smart/connected peers?

Just seems like 90-99% of the kids at elite colleges are some combo of rich/smart/connected and super driven vs maybe 10% of the kids at an average public U who have serious ambition. That depth is advantageous to a high-caliber dating pool and high-status social calendar well after college

Rice is solid, though. I worked in Houston for a bit and liked the city.

>No one really cares in Chicago or the West Coast. In fact, beyond the initial "oh wow, Brown huh?" no one gives a shit.
literal who school lad. in fact, cornell & brwon shouldnt be in the same conversation as the rest of the ivys

yeah but being chinky and from Rice makes it kind of a pain to look for work in industries dominated by whiteys from UT and A&M

Very true. There are tons of private and public schools superior to Brown and Cornell. Those schools are just slightly above Fordham, American, and the rest of the safety-schools for trust fund kids who aren't smart enough to go elite but think they're too good for state school.

they say that garbage -- anyone has a chance! -- to inflate the # of applications they receive, which is a revenue generator and also lowers their acceptance rate. elite colleges are still mostly affluent grinds from the best private prep and gold medal public high schools

are there a lot of babes at Duke? how does it compare to Ivys? I think I have the best chance with Duke and Brown -- never visited Duke though

brown attracts wealthy border school class. it's over your head, i'm afraid

college is for workers
be a leader
you dont need college to succedd
want to be a doctor or lawyer or scientist? black market degreees and work for criminals harvesting organs or helping launder money or cooking meth

North Carolina is a pretty great place to go to school. In "the Triangle" area (Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Durham), there are tons of young people. Also nice because low cost of living compared to the northeast. I went to Duke for law school. Girls? There are some hot Duke girls, especially if you are into Asians. My friends and I would usually go to Chapel Hill to pick up UNC girls. Just a better bar scene down there are girls. Definitely hooked up with both UNC and Duke girls though. And NC State.

better bar scene and more laid-back girls* (switched thoughts halfway through there)

Chicago is Big Ten and Notre Dame country, with UChicago kids mixed in. Just because it's over their head doesn't mean Cornell and Brown are inferior. Brown is certainly superior to Northwestern, Cornell is prob a peer (except for stem and business, which are superior to any college at NU)

this. not just black women but women in general have destroyed the value of college education in a similar fashion to how they have tanked the economy by infesting the workforce with their gender. women don't belong in college yet they fucking love college and they love to fill it with feminist cancer. women should be spending their college years aka peak childbearing years making and raising babies not racking up debt with useless graduate degrees, debt that is ultimately passed on to the patriarchy(aka their fathers, husbands, boyfriends, current cucks, current beta orbiters etc.). If you think that co-ed education is more productive than all men or all women environments you are ignoring scientific facts that sexual attraction and sexual dynamics supersede all modern life pursuits such as higher education. As a species we don't need to have college degrees but we do need to fuck and we've needed to fuck for way longer than civilization has existed. When you introduce a member of the opposite sex into a group it fundamentally changes the group dynamics. Imagine you have a bunch of dogs you are trying to train and then bring a big t-bone steak into the room. Do you think the dogs will be paying better or worse attention to what you're teaching after the steak is in room. Same goes for when there's a woman in a room full of men. Suddenly the attention is on fucking her instead of the task at hand. Even if she's ugly there's probably at least one man distracted thinking about fucking her. But ultimately if she's ugly then there's even less point in her being there. Similar things happen when you add a man into a room full of women. The group dynamics immediately change and not for the better because pheromone and sexual dynamics take precedent because if they didn't we as a species would have gone extinct.
>tl/dr; co-ed environments have destroyed the value of college education.

They actually add to the school because of connections. The affirmative action students just disrupt libraries during exam time to protest about Black Lives Matter, do poor academically, and bring connections to drug dealers in Detroit.