Non-retarded chainlink discussion

Here is my argument for Chainlink. To me, this feels awfully like Antshares or Eth in the early days. Here is why you should consider buying Chainlink.

>Sergey speaking at the superconference on Februrary 16th, four days from now.
>Sergey speaking with the DocuSign CEO at fucking SXSW in Austin, one of the most important cities in the nation for tech. If you aren't in by March 14th, which is the SXSW talk, you won't be too late, but that is when we will begin to leave you. All of the cultish sentiment around this asset is annoying, yes, but please DYOR. This may change your life. If Sergey is able to deliver and business development goes as planned, this will change the crypto space in the same way that ETH did.
>Whitepaper is sophisticated, plans for use cases, and proves that the concept is viable.
I won't call you a brainlet for not getting in, but don't claw your eyes out when in 3 years LINK surpasses $1,000.

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Nice dubs

dubs confirm, thank you user.

ty senpai. dubs of truth

Well put in a non autistic way

thank you. as the project progresses, i hope that Veeky Forums holders of LINK will be able to have more thoughtful discussions. for now, the retardation and poorly constructed memes will dominate.

In three years don't you think Mobius will be released as well, proving to be strong competition?

Were on a mission to the moon in the linky tycoon

>non retarded discussion
>continues to argue like a retard





I've got $400 and 200 europoors to invest, so where's the best place to buy lads?

Retarded memes or not, Chainlink will blow up very soon
Mobius does a lot of things not so well. Chainlink does one thing excellently.


LINK has a total supply of 1 000 000 000. It will not go anywhere near $1000.

dubs and trips confirms it: we need to start more serious discussions taking our responsibility as LINK holders into consideration. If this tech works, it's going to change a lot of lives, and change the world.

I believe that Mobius has a chance of being a competitor. I also think that the team of Mobius is strong w/ Stanford engineering graduates and solid advisors. I just think that Chainlink has the connections to make things happen. You have to consider the first mover advantage -- things are starting to happen for Chainlink with the upcoming conferences, talks, and the release of the mainnet.


come on now...

I don't have enough to invest ;_;

LINK has a high total supply, but crypto is in its infancy relative to other industries. Additionally, lots of LINK won't be in circulation because of people running nodes. Supply will be scarce. Mark my words.

Will it go down to $0.40 before the Conference?

I know it's insane to think about, but haven't we witnessed the spectacular rise of coins with less utility than LINK? I'm just asking you to be open-minded about this.

ETH and NEO are coins though not shitty ERC-20 tokens with questionable use case

>comparing an oracle to a unit of currency

I can't predict the market. I don't have any insider info. I don't care if it drops to .40 before the conference either. I'll continue to accumulate until it no longer makes sense for me to do so.

You have to go back


Trips and dubs on my earlier posts. I should become a tripfag. Remember this thread anons, I screencapped it.

>Non retarded

Pick one

Since we're attempting a reasonable discussion here, I've seen pic related circulating around. On the one hand, it's very dubious to assume we're going to capture a large share of the derivative digital contract market. But on the other hand, we're talking about a miniscule amount of those transactions being run via smart contracts with secure data feeds via the LINK network, and we're looking at a 50-100bn market cap. The only thing is that capturing a small share of a large market always comes with massive competition on the horizon. So the question is, will the tech deliver, and will we be able to build a strong enough network effect to be a monopoly for smart-contract and blockchain agnostic middleware, at least in the market for automated financial agreements? If we can do that, next comes insurance contracts and trade finance. Then we would see crazy shit

Hopefully. I was expecting sideways movement for at least a few days more, so I sold my LINK to chase some easy gains elsewhere.

Then out of nowhere LINK decides to jump up 15%.

unless you have inside info not really needed

This looks like a reddit-tier picture, but I'll humor it. You should be weary of anybody saying anything along the lines of
>"we just need x% of the market to hit x price or x valuation"
because that's a delusional way to go about things. You're right, we do only need a small amount of transactions being run via LINK. Regarding the tech and delivery, competition is healthy. If nobody else was trying to do what LINK is doing, it means that there isn't a market for it. I also doubt that LINK will create a "monopoly" over blockchain agnostic middleware. Even if LINK doesn't end up being the #1 provider of oracles, it has the potential to be a huge player in the space, which I expect to explode around 2021-2023. I'm in this for the long haul.

Why do people keep calling LINK a pajeetcoin? newb here

its just a scam

because it is

everyone here is delusional

Because there are questionable aspects about the Chainlink project as a whole. There are some truly valid reasons to be concerned. The team doesn't communicate well and you need to be in the Slack channel to stay educated. They don't do shit on social media and these """investors""" are spoiled by the hyped up marketing that other leaders of crypto projects indulge in. This is why it's important to DYOR.

Because the shilling can become obnoxious to people who aren't holding.

In reality, when LINK came out in September, the vast majority of Veeky Forums were either in on the ICO, or bought in when it hit ED. Then Veeky Forums hyped the shit out of SIBOS, and some Veeky Forumstards thought Sergey would announce a SWIFT partnership on stage, which of course didn't happen. So the price plummeted.

The only ones who genuinely call it a pajeetcoin are the newest of newfags.

Bitcoin Superconference comenses and it's Sergey's time to come on stage. "And now we welcome Sergey Nazarov to talk about smart contracts beyond tokenization". A minute comes by and nothing happens. Eventually 10 men start slowing walking from the backstage holding an extremely bulky water tank, one would think be reserved for a large water animal. They place it on the ground and after few seconds the lights in the water tank turn on and a 2000 kg Sergey Nazarov appears levitating in the water tank. He is so large it seems that the surrounding fish have created a symbiotic ecosystem around his body and he cannot leave without dying. Rory quickly runs on stage and throws a big mac into the water tank while Sergey instantly grabs it and eat it, still soaked in water and fish shit. Few seconds pass and Sergey speaks couple words with an extremely deep and tired voice: "Hyperledger use chainlink, Microsoft use chainlink, Facebook use chainlink, ethereum use chainlink, mainnet now". Everyone in the room starts clapping, cheering and throwing shit at each other and chainlink immidiately skyrockets to $1,000,000 and achieves price singularity. Veeky Forums goes on to make 50 additional chainlink threads per day, mostly filled with pictures of the first chainlink city on Mars and private islands of LINK owners.


Just another magic link bread


because Sergey set the total ETH requirement at a ridiculously high number if you wanted to get into the ICO. Veeky Forums pooled their ETH together to buy in and literally bought the entire supply within 10 minutes. you can check plebbit - /user/sergeynazarov and see how pissed they were that Veeky Forums did it

everyone with a brain sold off ages ago and now bag holders just trick people into buying it whenever it moons. this shit will dump to 10 cents just like sibos after BSC

Agreed, I also think shit like that is making LINK look like a joke. I'm wondering what is the small market that LINK can take over and establish itself in right now. That's the more realistic and desirable objective. Basically medium size financial agreements that can be 100% data-driven? It still seems like way too big a market.


fucking lol

best sergey pic so far

>The only ones who genuinely call it a pajeetcoin are the newest of newfags.
Ive been here since the very day Veeky Forums was created.
Its a fucking shitcoin. Everything surrounding it makes it a shitcoin.
From the morgan stanley bullshit, to the obviously organized shill/fud cycles from discord groups, to the reddit trash dedicating entire threads to gets and meme magic bullshit.
No old biztards are in on this, and if so they were smart enough to sell the top pre-sibos.

since I know most of you will claim I'm lying and no-linkers will believe the cult:


is there a downloadable wallet i can put my link into? im too scared to send it to my metamask address and idk how to use mew

like what if i send it to an eth address and it disappears? thats all of my money in crypto gone in an instant

What caused us to moon today?

I don't know. It was a relatively good entry point, news is expected with the upcoming conference, mainnet soon. Also
>btc rising

I sold at $1.10 before the crash. Had 8 BTC to rebuy my stack and then some. Then I'm assuming others FOMO'd in.

i really dont know but the wallet that assblaster shared last night still has the coins in it. So not sure what up. Rumors i had heard put it breaking out mid late march

Best one I've seen yet, well memed

You tried

You're dumb my man.

You know what you stupid faggot, let me explain something to you. When Im done explaining this, I want you to never ask that question again.

Markets have a natural progression. Sometimes they can go bear for a week, a month, or a year. They can pump at anytime between that period and there never has to be any sort of news that caused it. Im fucking tired of people always looking for a reason as to why something pumped. Realize sometimes they just happen and realize nothing in particular could have caused it. Now fuck you.

>link $1000
>link ever worth more than .30

For me it's the fact that Sergey already has an in with the Financial Services industry, plus ChainLink supports Hyperledger, which the industry loves. We don't need more Veeky Forums holders, OP, it will make the coin more volatile. If you hold enough of this coin, it will indeed change your life whether you shill it on Veeky Forums or not.

its worth more than 30 cents right this second you fucking pajeet

>Markets have a natural progression
Yeah its called manipulation and nothing else.

nice, thanks. was actually trying to find the info but not used around reddit so couldnt really find shitt


Yea keep telling yourself that retard.

how much is enough senpai?

2.6k here, slowly acquiring more every day

"making it" is all subjective.

is 2.6k enough? No one knows. The less you have, the longer you'll have to wait. Thoise with over 100k I can almost guarantee will be selling off at the $10 mark. Those with below 10k are going to be holding their bags for awhile.

none retard
kys instead

well i mean shit senpai, if i had 100k id probably sell at 10 bucks too

im trying to get to 10k before the singularity happens

do you believe the singularity will happen, user?

i do

What Pokemon game is this from user

And keep telling yourself that the market magically moves because of well wishes. So delusional.

It's good to see where they fucked up. But this is weak FUD if you note they returned the ETH + gas of participants:

There is a factor of randomness in markets right. Just as so many fucking things in life.

What are you even on about? stop replying to me.

The singularity is a meme. I think we'll see a few price spikes, corrections, and an overall obvious trend upwards for the years ahead of us.


Right, I'm wondering the same thing. We can only wait and see.

I think one would have to be a little naive not to sell if this thing blasts to $200 in the future. But who knows, it could fucking hit $1000. No one knows.

It was pumped to reach 14,88%.

I'm fasting until easter so I can pour all of my checks into link. telling people its for religious purposes makes it easier

fucking lol user. good luck

Get wrecked deserter.

That depends on your current wealth, your risk profile, and when you buy in. I think it is unrealistic to expect LINK to exceed $100, but having done my own research, I expect it will reach $10 per coin when the first big companies announce partnerships, and up to $30 when they start actively using it.

good luck, I hope you make it.


Every single one of them is mad they didn't get in. Most of them didn't dare to send eth to presale pools on biz thinking it was a scam. I am glad these fags didn't get in.

Anyone have a link to the assblaster thread from last night?

Also, if digits, LINK $.70 by eod

Will Chainlink ever be rebranded?

nolink (lol) to thread, but i remember it


Do you really believe chainlink will be over $1000 dollars in the years? I honestly always thought that in three years we might see $300 a link. Can you believe explain why you think it would go over $1000, the marketcap would be $1trillion, how would that work. Also not saying your wrong, because I would love link to hit such a price but I just don't see it, what am I missing?

I have 12k Link, but only have underwear for which to clothe myself now.

$100-150 EOY would be more realistic.

I can't fucking take it any more. Been ignoring the shilling and memeing for months now but I'm about to crack. Do I buy 100k?

The only coin to demonstrate that marketcap is irrelevant is, rather was, Ripple. Whether the crypto market will get over the concept of marketcap or not, I do not know. I do however believe that ChainLink will be worth more than its current measly $170M cap.

realistically i dont believe link will make it to 1k

im thinking that honestly the max we will see is 100 bucks

that being said, you better start fasting and eating rice and ramen and dumping every bit of your cash into it

once you hit about 15k you should safely become a millionaire in due time

FUD against Link is the same as it was with Ethereum.
Sergey has a phisiology degree statistics show people with phisiology
degrees are the smartest and have highest IQ out of all smart people (it's true,
go look it up).
Think about it, you didn't buy ETH when it was below $1 but you have a
chance to buy Link. Original white paper says Link can't be above $1 but it briefly was
above $1 and BTC white paper also says it shouldn't be like this and yet it has
high fees and it does not make sense and people still use it so it doesn't matter.
Can you imagine what will happen when first Link Oracle dapps
will be created? Price will reach $1k and soon it might even surpass BTC because
Link has real world use cases. Sergay is clearly an artistic sarvant, it is clear to me.
He has an eating disorder but it's caused by how much he cares about this project.
This is science it is backed by statistic. He wouldn't have to eat much if he
wasn't stressed from all this work. Keep posting fud about shadow fork but the
truth is Link is now developed in hidden private github repository because it can't be
public because Mobius pajeets would steal the code and they would say Sergei stealed the code form them
and it would be a lie but people wouldn't know and Sergai being modest and humble would not
have the resources and strength to fight them in court because it is clear he is very
stressed from all this work. Partnerhips are talked about in behind very closed doors
because partners want to accumulate their bags for cheap prices. Fud against Link is
based on nothing and can be easily dismissed by evidence such as what I provided.
You can keep buying shitcoins such as EOS XLM NEO but it is very clear to me that all of them will be worth $0.
People knew Vitalik was caught molesting childern while high on ketamine and he had an eating disorder
and look, here he is and ETH is expensive and made the believers rich.
In the right moment Sergei will pump Link to the extreme

Yes I do now fuck off!

I have 7k and still feel comfy. I also hold some jnt, req, icx and xlm so think everything will work out OK user

What are your picks then? We don't all have 1000 ETH to kick back and relax on

If you are too stupid to read the LINK whitepaper, then you shouldn't have a position in LINK. Read it and become enlightened.

I'm not an oldfag linkie unfortunately, is there more to this story? How were the pools handled? And was that the only way to reach a minimum buy-in price?