The man has spoken

the man has spoken


Fuck him


What does he mean by anything is possible? Great fucking insight Mr TA man!

BTC BTFO confirmed 1k

>learned than anything is possible
Brandt confirmed Pajeet

>h&s is a bear flag
pick one

wonder what it's like to be an old irrelevant man

His price target for BTC after the 6th was fairly accurate. Suddenly, he gets hate when he makes a prediction that the hivemind disagrees with.

I mean the chart, which is a day old, signals bearish move. But he thinks it could be bullish seeing how it played out today? This is clearly cheating wtf

this graph is outdated u fcking nutjobs

He got BTFO before he even finished posting.
If omegacuck actually Brandt?

He was wrong all the times b4 that

Oh well

He was wrong all the time and BTC mooned minutes after he posted his memegraph. The only one who knows where BTC will actually go is the Oracle guy and he's bullish as fuck.


hes saying that he was wrong about hs prediction ffs

fucking biz

This right here. How did you all not realize this?

He said we wre going 4k, then we bounced from 6k and he said we were going to 10.5k then he says we are going to 1k again now
Wouldnt be surprised if the oldman himself is omegafaggot

Because he is generally a smug cunt who is just plain wrong most of the time, simple as.

he's saying that, just 1 day ago, it looked like BTC would complete the HnS and go bearish. But, within the course of a day, the HnS was violated and became an IHnS with very bullish momentum.
He's saying that he was wrong you fuckheads. "Anything is possible" = something can go from looking catastrophically bearish to confidently bullish within a single day

This sums up the absolute fucking state of TAfags. You can draw all these magic meme lines and they count for nothing.

In 43 years of trading, he's failed to make enough money to live without whoring himself out with a paid group.



Sergey has gone completely fucking insane with that burger order. EXIT LINK NOW

looks like a massive pump right now almost like "the jig is up"

this people are so fucking dumb he is BULLISH on BTC since it's an inverse head and shoulders

Because 90% of the time he's been wrong before, he just deletes the tweet to hide his failure.

I guess it's the first time in 43 years that he dared to admit that he doesn't really know what the fuck he is talking about.


this gif brings me one step closer to degeneracy every time i see it

>Suddenly he gets hate
Lol he's been dead wrong almost every time, cherry pick more

They're too emotionally invested in seeing bitcoin crash more than anything. They want to feel a sense of smugness of being proven right before it even fucking happens which is just setting you up to be proven wrong.

I cant believe in 2018 there are people who believe in stock patterns such as head and shoulders etc etc. T

All these 70's Ta are tested and tested thousand times by quant hedge funds with superior resources and experience, and they do not posses any kind of predictive power at all. This kind of pattern trading is hogus bogus trading at it's best

G-guys ...The volume...

This, I've been trading for a long time. I like bitcoin and believe in it, but taking stock knowledge and applying it to BTC is fucking retarded. You either believe in BTC and hold or you don't and you get fucked by bigger fish in the sea when you try to ride the waves of buying low and selling high.

Probably won't matter yet. It might go slightly above 9k to satisfy bulls.

Is this volume shit the latest meme because I don't get it.

that chart is old as fuck hahaha
you fucking bears better just close your shorts before you get liq'd
don't be stupid.

Here I'll put in some real prediction power.

0-4 - I don't buy more BTC because it's going to crash to 5k
5-9 - I buy more BTC because it's going to 20k

This nigga can't even do a proper head and shoulders TA. Allow me to explain:
First of all, a head and shoulders is a major trend reversal signal. This is NOT a minor reversal or a continuation pattern. It would therefore naturally be at the end of a relatively long upward trend.
Ignoring that, though, there are more mistakes here...
First of all, the black line should be at the top of the shoulders, not below, to indicate resistance, not support. Second of all, the volume would increase on the red candles, indicating greater bear power, and there would also be minimal volume on green candles, especially the last 'shoulder'. Third of all, head and shoulders typically occur on longer-term charts, not hourly or half-hourly as he is using.
Last but not least, that screenshot is from tradingviews snapshot of only one exchanges volume and chart pattern. This completely ignores all other exchanges. To gain a 'perfect' overview of the overall market you would have to layer/merge multiple different charts.
tl;dr this nigga doesnt know shit

Too many people think TA is supposed to be an absolute, there is a dude on trading view that takes charts and shows you how you can come up with a bullish or bearish outcome with the same chart.