Why is crypto dominated by right-wing males?

Why is crypto dominated by right-wing males?


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Isn't intelligence correlated with being left wing?

They have agency and take calculated risks.

Because you're on Veeky Forums all day instead of actually DYOR

no, high estrogen is correlated with being left wing, so gyno and hysteria as well.

Where? Whenever I look at devs, all I see is hipsters and SJWs

Whenever I look at a trollbox, all I see is pajeets and muhammads

My name is Bana and I'm a Syrian girl from rebel-held Aleppo. I have made a fortune on Tron, I am an excellent investor.

It's correlated with having a cock up your ass.

cause scumbags rule the internet


According to Huffpo

Get out of biz, Asians run this space.

no, you're thinking of college "education" being correlated with leftism.

Graduating from college used to mean you were smart, but probably hasn't been that way for 50 years

because it involves money. left wingers are economically illiterate socialists

No education is

IQ most heavily correlates with individualistic philosophies

The Left ran the most establishment candidate in what was clear very early on to be an Anti-Establishment election. You had a candidate that would have had a MUCH better chance of beating Trump, and you rigged it against him and went with cankles.

Yeah...being left is clearly associated with high intelligence. Kek.

But it was her turn ...

socialism care about who owns the means of production. If a product has being made without exploitation then you can sell it an earn a lot of money from it. Yes, surprise.

because leftists care about feelings and being nice, while right winged care about reality and making money.

if that ni- POC hadn't stolen it away from her she would've been president YEARS AGO THIS ISN'T FUCKIBNG FAIR OH MY GOD SOMEONE FUCKING FIX THIS

You were thinking of faggotry

Bernie can still win... nah but in all seriousness we can’t let this guy get his hands on the launch codes

Left wing is correlated with low self-preservation and low IQ

crypto is dominated by libertarian males, both alt righters and sjw's/commies are statistically low iq and usually end up holding our libgod bags. Libertarians always end up rising to the top of societies cause they see the world as it really is and this makes it easier to manipulate. alt righters and commies need other people to lead them cause they are sheep which is why they are consistenly the dumbest demographics

Crypto is chad market. Women cannot be chads and niggers are too stupid for trading.

problem with that is that commies like you consider everything "exploitation". Hiring a person to do a job is "exploiting" them according to leftists. Using natural resources is "exploiting" the Earth.

Right wings are more likely to only care about their self interest, wealth and the future more than the collective well-being of humanity. Most crypto people are also anti-government to a degree so unless you're in it for wealth, that tends to be a philosophical and political reason to do it. Much like buying gold I guess.

There's a reason why leftist laugh at crypto whereas right wing people embrace it openly.

No, soy consumption is associated with being left wing.

Because right wingers are smarter, and don’t expect hand outs. Hence they do research and take their future into their own hands instead of trying to vote in socialism.


certain types of right wingers, yes. But alt righters and poltards want a collective just as much as commies do, the only difference between natsoc and communism in reality is that races will be separated, that's really it. Both are still collective authoritarian shit states

Alt-right people are collectivist fighting leftist collectivist.
I guess a better way of looking at it is that it's more individualistic types of right wings that care about crypto.

its a technical term brother

>this the alt right movement is natsoc.
Fake news has rotted your brain. As a very right wing Zionist American I’m sure u would be labeled a alt righter and I’m a fuckin Jew who loves capitalism. It’s ok kid maybe u will make some gainz if you buy ZRX.

no, creativity is though

You have a very simplistic, yet confident view on political ideologies you know nothing about... I suggest you do more research before sperging off

that's not the only difference and that's nort correct at all holy fuck where the fuck do you people get your education from some of you are so fucking disgustingly plebish in your understanding of ideologies go read a book you sperg

It isn't, you retard

This thread is pure bullshit

It's not, it's just that they're our equivalent of SJW's. Loud obnoxious, intolerant of other beliefs and constantly yelling for attention. So of course they get 99x more attention

Soyboys can be quite intelligent because they have no sports or hobbies to worry about (VIDEO GAMES ARE NOT A HOBBY) so they do fine in school. Spics and blacks are braindead though.

Well, cause it is, you are hiring someone to re sell his work and give him some tips. Even here in biz we see endless posts complaining about wagecuckery. And there is a reason for that; cause it´s explotation. Also, I don´t like commies cause they tend to become an authoritarian cancer. I prefer an anarcho mutualism/collectivism model.

If you get natural resources from earth without making sure it can recover from that, then is not just explotatiom, it´s stupidity.

Awful nip to tit ratio..what a disgusting fat cunt. How do dudes like this live with them selves?!

right wingers tend to be more knowledgable about history and politics while left wingers care more about handouts and social justice. guess which one is more likely to be smart money
t. apolitical NEET

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>the left ran the most establishment candidate
Is this some sort of joke or this is the actual state of education in America? You have no left wing in America, lmao (not that its a bad thing, just a fact). Democrats are right wing, republicans are slightly righter. The so called "jew communist" Bernie Sanders would hardly qualify as centrist.

Left-right is an economics matter only. It doesnt matter if one party pushes transsexuals. Thats not related to left or right at all. Specially for leftists since they preach historical materialism, in which they analyze society through how the means of production work, the wealth distribution and practically nothing else. Jesus, Im not telling you to agree with Marx (you shouldnt), but at least read a few wikipedia articles just so you know what you are campaigning against.

gaiaonline.com/politics here you go kiddo, something more your speed

>There wasn't a left wing before marx

can we please turn this into a brainlet thread

Don't even try, it's futile to try to tell them anything, they don't believe anything unless it's printed on top of some reich pic with some phony baloony graphs glued on.

Most of them even think Socialism = Marxism. Despite that socialism is well alive and working today. Practically all the best countries in the world atm are Socialist to a high degree.

I dunno, m8.

>Le no true leftist may may

The entire concept of state welfare didn't exist in application in the West prior to FDR

Just because your particular region is solidly ass left doesn't mean you get to rewrite the dichotomy, our leftists want bigger government, more taxes, plain and simple.

Genetic superiority.

Oh then you were talking about pre-marx leftism and 200 years old definitions that are not used anymore to analyze 2017 political parties. My bad then.

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>unironically yes

> you are hiring someone to re sell his work and give him some tips.
If you want 100% of the profit, you have to do 100%. That includes creating your job, providing tools, doing paperwork and combine the work you done with others.
If hiring itself is bad, why not let everyone be a freelancer, but good luck with finding the trucker who brings his own truck.

You must be from the US. No other explanation in being so confident in your idiocy.

Hillary and the dems aren't left. They're center right if anything

Yep lefttards vote for them religiously lol

I understand your point and what you are trying to say. Im just saying the DNC is not a left wing party since its still a purely capitalistic based one, backed up by several banks, media conglomerates and tycoons. Its a bit leftier in some social issues, but its not left since left-right is an economics matter, not social.

Wowow, not so fast comrade. Those countries also barely qualify as socialist. They might have some socialized services but they are still 100% capitalistic.

That's why ghetto blacks all vote democrat?

You must be ameridumb

rick and morty + r*ddit + video games + liberalism

Where are you from?

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Because Niggers are 2 fucking stupid and liberals d=on't understand economics next question.

It's just humor user

because lefties are like this

>that trip
Kek. What are the odds

From outside America, a place where we understand there is a political spectrum, not a black and white dichotomy, and enough books to read to realize that giving shit to niggers and faggots doesnt make you left wing.

If you are telling me with a straight face that the banker backed candidate, Hillary Clinton was left wing then there is nothing else to discuss.

Yes, and education. There are tons of left wing people in crypto, they just aren't as loud and obnoxious.

Maybe inversely correlated

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it's not, they're just the most edgy so you notice it more. typically basement dwellers that casually use racial slurs and forced memes, whereas the left and centre are just normal and have no reason to display their politics, whereas the right display them in the actions mentioned previously, despite not speaking about politics outright


Greed and less risk aversion, or (((ballz)))

I'm not telling you anything - I just asked you a simple question (that you didn't really answer).

Indulge my curiosity - where are you from?

Like North Korea and Cuba?

My IQ after reading this. Jesus Christ this is facebook tier 95 IQ le centrist who is politically and financially illiterate and went to public school.

And what do all of those ‘socialist countries’ have in common? All of them are white countries. And they aren’t even socialist, they are free market with social programs nigger. And niggers like you from the ME and NA are why your little examples of ‘socialism’ will fail (again).

>the yuropoor thinks he can create a fair political scale when even his far right politicians are full communist

This goes for the rest of you cock-gobbling yurosoys as well. I even know why you Marxists faggots come on a capitalist finance board.

>Sit in their basement whining about everything instead of actually going outside and doing anything about it.
That day of the rope will never come when these """""people""""" are the ones behind it. Then they'll bitch at each other because nobody takes the first step, or circlejerk about their fantasy world where they, along with sjw filth aren't normal society's embarrasing mistake.

*don't even