Any coins with nodes <$3k?

any coins with nodes


Fucking shit get god damnit


try for maximum gains



Checked but unfortunate

Fucking kek'd.




could of been a monika post so at least its Veeky Forums related


was monika





Impressive, now check mine.

Won't be under 3k for long but Payfair. Nodes 1k each right now. Balls deep in this project. Flying under the rader because of lack of exchanges and low MC at the moment.

Payfair is on track development wise. The nodes will have great revenue potential once the platform is finished (March or April). Currently$0.10 per token, 10,000 tokens for a trust node

What a fucking waste......

Pretty sure this was an attempt to shill PFR

>t. PFR holder so I'm not complaining about this or the sweet sweet digits

Maker is $1k, that’s basically a PoS node

Awesome now which one of you is going to reward these seksi digits with enough ETH for a node?

reno on cryptopia

Any links where I can go about setting this up?

Team will announce how to setup nodes/wallet a couple weeks before platform launch, so should be 4-5 week before any node announcements, until then just hold at least 10k and you're good

Thanks. This will then be 50% of my portfolio lol. All in.

omg will be god tier mode once their whole parent company moves everything to it and it has no staking minimum but you would have to join a pool probably since there's a max number of possible stakers. Hundreds of millions and possibly even billions of transactions a day with everything they are pushing onto it and every stakerfag staking with a shitcoin will join once they see it happen.

what do i get from staking this?

pfr nodes are 1000 dollars right now but the probability that these ivan FAGGOTS ever deliver is nil

also they've been beat to the market by particl

>t. pfr bagholder

TNT nodes are 5000 tokens at 15 cents

Linda is going to drop from 30m to 2m required for a node soon. It's under 25sats right now.
Also setting up for a huge pump if you check out what they are doing. I'd ride it to 100sats and dump the shit out of it.

If you are retarded enough to think Particl will dominate 100% of the market I feel sorry for you. Wait a month until PFR releases and watch it go 20x to PART MC now. Learn how to invest lol