delisted from bittrex because broken wallet

> delisted from bittrex because broken wallet
> delisted from cryptopia because broken wallet and death threats from community
> gets listed on kucoin, wallet problems for weeks, kucoin does double withdrawals
> gets listed on binance, causes binance database desynchronization and the whole exchange goes down for 2 days, binance does double withdrawals
> causes bitgrail to become insolvent, people commit suicides due to financial lose, bitgrail owner is going to get extradited to USA and sentenced for at least 10 years of jail for fraud

this coin is literally killing business and people, people literally go to jail for interacting with this coin, and you are still buying this piece of shit

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I'm not calling fud because nano has big problems, but I'm starting to think that there's something really good coming soon, why that much activity?
I'm going to nice just bought 100k at this rate.

>this coin is literally killing business and people, people literally go to jail for interacting with this coin

Lower supply

You need to stop making up stuff on the internet because you got fucked by bit grail. Get help man

Uh there's a lotnof activity because of all the shitstorms
Only other retards are buying then up hoping to see december gains

binance is literally holding every account that’s transferred off xrb hostage because of a dev glitch

This exchange is great, please use redirects to my ref so we can get back 20% of trade fees!

when was it ever even on bittrex you fag

this is gay

>XRB WAS on bittrex you fucking idiots and WAS delisted

>Colin Abandoned the Project as a failure THREE times and only came back at the threat of someone forking his coin.!forum/raiblocks

Never listed on bittrex.

Never listed on cryptopia.

Kucoin issue was they were only running 1 node. No double withdrawal.

Binance did not go down because of nano. Not once did anyone from binance even remotely mention nano as the cause. No verified double withdrawals, that is if you don't include some pajeet altered screenshot of a gmail window that I could fake in 10 seconds.

Causes bitgrail to go insolvent? Really? A coin CAUSED the owner of an exchange to scam everyone?

This is what happens when a fucking retarded brainlet tries to fud.

literally BTFO before you even posted.

and cryptopia too. ALSO DELISTED

BTFO 2x brainlet. dont even know the coin you shill's history

> t. got into crpyto this last November

You know how delusional normies are with tron on twitter? Thats the exact same thing with xrb and redditors. This is an abandonware coin from 2014 and only got into the limelight since two no-name exchanges worked together to pump up the price

The XRB team knew about bitgrail losses but removed it as FUD.

Wow didn't know that

Could XRB be the biggest scam coin ever?


Well shit, I brainlet. I stand corrected on bittrex and cryptopia. I'll man up to that error. But I do stand by my other statements. Binance has said nothing about nano causing their downtime. There was no actual, substantiated proof of double spends on either kucoin or binance.

It seems to me the majority of their issues on exchanges have to do with running nodes and causing wallets to lock up so there are delays in transfers.

There's not a whole lot of info why they got delisted from cryptopia and bittrex. Something about death threats to their staff from captcha farmers or something.

how much of a brainlet can you see to not see the thread he linked on the bittrex issue. Are you actually too stupid to read and research your own opinions. Do you need a highly upvoted headline to tell you what to think?


Xrb is new tech. Most of these exchanges are shitty/lazy and don’t seemto want to put in the work because they only add erc20 tokens. If you noticed, xrb is working fine on binance because they are actually competent. Cryptopia delisted because they were asking for like $100,000 from the devs after listing and they didn’t want to pay. Get your facts fucking straight

greater fool theory and nothing else.
people are betting that there are idiots who are going to buy their bags at a higher price.
Nano has no future, will never recover from this week's events

everything he said is true user

youre the same delusional faggot spamming these xrb threads on biz all day shitting up the board. this piece of shit is a pump and dump scam the only reason it ever got this high is because of price manipulation on 2 low volume exchanges one of which ran off with millions of redditors lunch money. you are a bad person for even trying to defend it. kill yourself. please please kill yourself.

its not new tech, the project is a failure and was abandoned by the dev!topic/raiblocks/6oveeb6-qf8

he only came back during the sketchy 2 no-name exchanges pumping his coin. You guys cant be this clueless to the fact you are getting played

>Xrb is new tech

>2014 is new tech in crypto

Are rajeetBlock shills really THAT stupid and ignorant about their shitcoin or they just trying VERY HARD to look retarded? They just cannot stop getting BTFO.