Have stabilized over 2 million. I've requested a new withdraw limit on coinbase (was at 100k, applying for 250k a week).

What should I buy? No real estate or traveling suggestions, please. I already own a lot of real estate and have been all over the world.

Poor fags with sub 100k portfolios are not allowed to speak here.

Are you looking to make all of that money grow? You looking for frivolous purchases or what?

t. chad with folio over 100k

Why buy anything? Just chill, eat well, treat your family out for supper and hang out with friends without telling them your truth wealth.

Find a hobby or spend time watching movies or playing video games.

Nice copy and pasta faggot


One of the things I was planning to buy into was a Vanguard index fund but there's a high chance that the economy will fail this year. Likely hold your earnings for a year or two after a recession then invest into the stock market. Make a thread on Veeky Forums or get a financial adviser about what you should buy. I'm still sticking with Vanguard. Or just get a robo-adviser. I was recommended Wealthfront.

Other than that, I think living a simple life and waiting out a depression is a good idea for the next two years.

Donate half to the United Negro College Fund, the Karma you will receive for this good deed will pay for itself tenfold, and the other half treat yourself to a Land Rover and a 2 bedroom house. Then put the rest of it in the stock market.

t. 125k+ portfolio having guy

All in on chainlink

because we're greedy niggers that's why

I live in SoCal, the price of an average house in a decent neighborhood is minimum $750,000.

I want a mansion, nothing too fancy though, just a nice comfy villa, those run you at $2.5 million++

Most of them are bought up by old boomers or rich pajeets who managed to work their way up to high income levels. None of them are ever bought up by white millenials sadly, yes even the STEM majors and doctors can't afford them. Nobody wants to pay them high wages, or train them while they pay off their six figure loans with interest to sheckey mac, it's quite sad really. Some of the lucky ones get a large enough inheritance though, but they usually blow that on muh traveling the world.

OP, we and others need to stick together and rebuild this country assuming you are under 30. We're our generations last hope.

I prefer to be rich and occasionally eat cheese. There's no point in wanting a villa when a good apartment and comfiness will do you well. But that's just me since I don't want power or greatness, just a good living without having to do anything.

Obvious larp, if you had that sort of money you'd know exactly how to invest it. Stay poor faggot.

Get the fuck out of SoCal.

I was born and raised there and got the fuck out. I won't even consider going back. The people are dogshit human beings, everything is fucking expensive, and everybody votes to raise fucking taxes so that Jose the border jumper can get welfare for himself and his 8 kids.

Leave California, let it sink into the Ocean. Move literally anywhere else. The only valid reason to live there is if you have some lucrative job offer that makes it worth it, and even then it's arguable since the state will just rape you with taxes anyway.


you are the same larping fuck that told the guy the other day to put a spoon on his ass right?


Never. This is my home turf. The invaders need to leave. Once Trump deports the illegals amnd we start arresting the election fraudsters, the state will drastically improve.

80% Latino it’s already over

frivolous things to purchase. I was already pretty well off before crypto, but I still grew up in a financially conservative family so my spending habits reflect that...

But my crypto gains?? fuck that help me blow this shit like a nigger. Obviously I'm not going to spend all of it on stupid shit but I'm ok with taking 20-40% of what I cash out to live it up.

I deserve this.


I live in LA. My condo was 1.7MM. And yes I'm under 30.

can you not fucking read? I DON'T WANT to reinvest it, I want to SPEND IT. I already have plenty of safe investments and I was already wealthy before crypto you TURBO NIGGER.

Can I haz 1 ETH?

Same larper as yesterday

Like I said, I've been posting this almost everyday.

Yet I don't get answers, just jealous hater LOSERS like your commenting.

Buy me a Black Panthers ticket.

I have a portfolio worth 324.32

How you gonna stop me from speaking here?


i gibe the best blowjobs in the world. for the low price of 10 btc, you may have one

no im the one who posted this pasta yesterday

That's still more than this larper has.

Produce a movies sympathetic to the nazis.

>What should I buy?

A helicopter/pilot lessons

You don't get it. It's not the illegals making the state shit in the first place. It's the white liberals that live there who have been brainwashed into being enablers for them. California needs to have a serious collapse, Detroit style, before any serious change is even possible.

>occasionally eat cheese

you can eat cheese as a poorfag what do you mean nig

Depending on your interests, classic cars can be solid investments. My family has built a selection of Ferrari's and Jaguars over the past decade - maybe something to link into

former chad here with 50k portfolio (used to be 100k)
I would sit on it for at least another year, accumulate a shitton of staking projecdts for passive income gainz. take profits at 1, 5 and 10 trillion market cap and diversify into gold and commodity stocks. go ballz deep on blue chip stocks when the market tanks

It's an Epicurean reference.

trying to buy anything above a 4bd house is suicide in SoCal haha

Are you in SD or LA?

>tfw you just want to make money so you can return to being a neet

how much money does it take to live a comfy life?


exactly this
>this is why i'm starting crypto biz

>spend time watching movies or playing video games.


Their economy is still going strong, they had a very big surplus this year from what I heard. If they collapse the whole US follows

Larping is just plain tragic, but i guess there is some rich lonely brainlet faggot here that got lucky with crypto.
This is why money shouldn't be handed over to the stupid.

No point.

buy a racing sim chair with hydraulics and VR so you can learn to drive the car you're about to blow your cash wad on

buy my paintings

wow that's ugly af

thats what i was going for

Send money to us poorfags

My family has been in CA since the gold rush, and I'm never going back. Fuck CA. Get out while you can. They're spreading like cancer anywhere nice, so buy something cheap while it's cheap elsewhere.

Motorbike, swimming pool, watch collection. Really, there is only so much you can buy. Doing things is better than buying things. Invest in a project you'd enjoy.

You people are cowards, all of you. They're just a bunch of soyboy leftists, most of which are leaving anyway to other states because they're a bunch of cuck losers who can't afford it here.

We don't even have to take all of California. Just everywhere outside of San Francisco and Los Angeles. Mexicans will join us because they see the cuckolding going on in schools and hate faggots more than us.

Uh, no that doesn't make it valuable.

Any bozo who got in early enough last year could have stacked up the gains, so don't get too cocky.

My portfolio is only 500$ if u don't include bitcoin ;_; Luckily i accepted btc as a payment in 2015 and all those 20$ payments I got are now over 700$ :3

Supercharged jetski
Stunt plane
Sponser a team in your sport of choice

that looks like the rusted out bottom of an oil drum.

>What should I buy?
Influence. Support very specific people and political campaigns. Blackmail your enemies through third parties and ask for favours in exchange.

You don't want influence? It's hard to say anything without knowing your hobbies and interests, so... A camera rig (you could write and direct your own professional movies, especially now that 10/10 cameras are accesible to everyone [BlackMagic Design Ursa Mini 4.6k]), hang gliding lessons, a zero gravity flight, a private island (I've seen them under 200k, and even under 100k), a yacht, a Tom Ford Suit, a limited edition facsimile of a rare book, an opera season subscription (La Boheme, Pagliacci... it's culture, mate!), a musical instrument...

Good luck. I hope I can make it too, someday.

Help build something that will have a big impact. Do some VC investing in some projects you think are actually useful and will make a difference. Then learn all you can about it an support the project at a high level. It'll be high level so it won't be hard, you'll get to contribute to something that isn't a waste of time, it could roll over into more important projects, and you'll be a baller in a company that you're going to try and help build.

You might not be successful, but you should do your best to be as good as you possibly can.

Besides, without a revenue stream $2,000,000 is on par with being as normal wagecuck making $55,000 and investing it in an index fund for your 401k. You're not even remotely close to being done.

>+2 million
>hasn't applied for higher tier withdraw limit on exchange yet
>asks Veeky Forums what to do with it
3/10 troll, meh.

>I live in LA. My condo was 1.7MM. And yes I'm under 30.

Mate with that money you could live like a king in LA, or you could live like an Emperor in a smaller city. Take Tampa for example, where I grew up and live(when not in uni). 1.7 mil will EASILY get you one of the nicest condos in the city with a hell of a lot to spare, plus the girls here are on par with cali.

Yeah I agree, which is why you don’t have any money, stupid

Paragliding lessons
About 2k, maybe more if you want to become an instructor
Then you can get gear for it and fly all over the place
Buy a boat go wakeboarding
Start mountain biking, get a hardtail and full suspension with all of the best specs
Buy some fast cars and take them to the track
Buy a new car douse it in gasoline and cover it in explosives and watch it explode from a safe distance
Buy a few small houses and burn them all down, claim insurance
Purchase a restaurant. Change their menu from whatever it is to Thai curry. After you have raised your wife's sons to appreciate the family business burn the whole thing to the ground with them in it, collect property and life insurance.
Travel to Thailand and befriend some locals. Stick around for a month or two, become a member of their clique. One day, after you've all banged some ladyboys together, casually bring up that you miss driving your boat and want to rent one to take them all out on a spin. Drive your foreign friends far out to sea and strand them on an island you've secretly rigged with small cameras. Travel home and watch them on your TV, wondering who will eat who first. See them get spotted by a friendly naval ship, and call in your military friend who owes you a favor to napalm strike the island. This might draw some attention to you, in which case you flee to another foreign country, such as North Korea.
Why North Korea? You've thought this through. You use your helicopter to zoom right up to Kim's sweet pad in the dead of night. You snuff him out with his pillow, then take out your pocket knife. You carefully carve off all of his skin and you sew it back together into a Kim suit. His remains burning in the fireplace, you take control of your new nation. You invite some US reporters over to cover a speech, they accept because they're fools. As soon as the cameras are live, you jump out of Kim's skin and yell SURPRISE! IT'S ME, user!