Here's a list of coins that are worth the time to at least discuss

Here's a list of coins that are worth the time to at least discuss
If a coin is not on this list, it's so shitty it's not even worth the time to talk about it

and coins that are not out yet/barely out/still in ico that could make into this list
>republic protocol

everything else is a confirmed shitcoin vaporware scam pajeet pnd faggotry

You missed the biggest ICO of the year. Glad you did though don't want it shilled here by retards before it even launches.

since you asked:
1st shipchain ico was already, the upcoming second one will be dutch auction style (90% of /biztards don't even know what that means or how u make it their)
not a fan of that with all the hype they are building, newfags will buy in for a insane price i think
could be a long way to make that worthwhile, thoughts on that?

help me //bizmate

dude pls, im trying to not be a poorfag or a wagecuck.

>no link
into the trash it goes

What about spankchain?

trtl is a great coin

stop pls, for once op was reasonable

Feeling super bullish with my upcoming WAN, DADI, CPX & BEE holdings

You forgot AGI and Nexus

actually good list

this, good job op

add trac

dont like shipchain PR desu

and man

>he missed TMC

very good list
i understand you can't add all the possible good projects, but id slap QSP up there



Good thread OP, too bad retards on this board will go buy bazingacoin and whatever the Pajeets are spamming. This list will be the coins that survive when dumb money exits the market for good.

Good choices.

Add some EPY for security though.

Where's RLC?

Experty is really solid, nice list but don’t be angry if it sounds stupid but link is definitely worth a discussion


Oooooo this looks good. you have any thoughts on slightly similar but concerns margin trading

Haven't looked at it yet sorry, thanks though will read up. Nex roadmap has plans to release margin trading in q4 2018.

Gotcha. Yeah very similar, b0x is using 0x protocol though.

ICX should be on there, but judging how NEO / ANS got treated in the early days, I’ll be happy to watch you faggots FOMO in.

are you blind or just stupid?

What happened to bitbay?

Icon is ICX....

Very good list.

tick tock

He didn't include ITC, user! He hates money!