Is anyone watching LINK order books sales right now?

is anyone watching LINK order books sales right now?

someone's hungry

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jump in the sharktank and get mashed with a little chance of making it out alive with a fish in your mouth? nice and floppy?

Sergey mistook the candles for fries and ate them all.


What’s the matter OP? Did the discord group dump on you and now you have bags? Awwww lmao. Fuck you pajeets. I’ll buy more in a few days and I’m not selling EVER!

I just dropped my ven stack and went all in. I knew the singularity was near but we are too close to miss what will happen over the next week-month.

Lets break it down.

Sergey speaks this week at Bitcoin Superconference

He also speaks next month at SXSW with the fucking Docusign Founder about CHAINLINK

Simplified Mainnet is out within a month. The best part about this is we will see everyone that has been working behind the private repo. We already know if that Tesla Dev who fucked up but I suspect we are going to see some big companies playing with the repo.

Link will pump above $1 right before Sergey speaks Friday. Dip to $0.80 due to no big announcement at conference. Find a base there for about a week and climb to $3 before SXSW.

The Simplified Mainnet will be released right before SXSW
We will hear about partnerships etc. Chainlink will climb from $3 to $12 before March 31st.

Is that "Tesla Dev" not just a former intern or did miss something?

Its gonna pull an ANS/NEO from may-july 2017


Current employee from Tesla accidently posted in the Chainlink Gitter and quickly removed. He has a linked in and Github account. His Github and Linked show he works at Tesla. Github starred page shows he starred a Chainlink project.
Maybe it's this guy. Increased his stack by 400k since yesterday. Is this who Assblaster foretold?

If I short LINK will I make money? I lost 1.4k LINK today in the PnD scam and need to make it back :(


He said watch the big wallets. I have a feeling that fud about some dev link going to binance was to allow more partners buy in without exploding the price. Something big with link is upon us.

AB said yesterday, that there will be small pump this week.

You are right....whos this guy who took 2 mil from binance?

AssBlaster is just a prolonged LARP
he's probably some 15 year old in Iowa

RN we think he has left Tesla. "We" being retarded biz linkbaggers

That IS a big wallet.
That wallet is ranked 10th right now, how much bigger do you want?

Hahahaha hahahaha

Okay so this guy was different from that mexican grad who had interned at Tesla but isn't currently working there?

None of you shitheads should be "shorting" anything. FFS that stupid film has a lot to answer for

Isn't that 2000?

NVM, that's Binance's wallet...

if BTC goes on a bull run, you're fine

Give or take a few 0

>If I short LINK
You can't short LINK. You're talking about swing trading. Get it right.

Did you guys do this same shit with digibyte?

amateur. bitcoin superconference is priced in already. sergey probably wont even mention chainlink during his speech and price will dump hard immediately after. thats when I will be scooping up loads of cheap juicy linkies


dgb was more like deepbrainchain or powrledger

DGB = nano

Yeah, the super conference got priced in over the last few days. It'll be somewhere around .45