Nano is a shitco-

Nano is a shitco-

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old news on old news

All the FUD on here is just making me feel even more comfy

But what about the Exodia Exploit?

>thinking this keeps it from being a shitcoin

getting delisted from bittrex and having multiple double spending issues on multiple exchanges but "it's not nanos fault"

You don't get it do you?
Even with Dragoon Juggernaut problem NANO will be the future.

Sorry you got scammed by Bitgrail. Maybe next time you won't trust an exchange with your coins.


nah I just don't buy reddit hype shitcoins

Why do you love talking about it so much then?

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>so much
stay coping friendo

>linking to reddit



It seems all these NANO shills are coming from Reddit.

It's a good thing Bitgrail is dead now and Nano is on big exchanges.

Notice that the FUD on Nano never talk about how shitty Bitgrail was and focus on Nano, it explains a lot of things actually.

everyone knows nano is aids from plebbit

this gives me extreme FOMO

>says the plebbit who bought at 20+
please buy my bags look at my fomo Veeky Forums

0 double spend issues. You keep lying on every thread.

If you have evidence to the contrary, post it.

>reddit spacing
>thinking burden of proof is a thing
>holding nanoconnect

I love the salt from retarded faggots who lost their coins on Bitgrail.

literally who is lmfao

we use amazon nigga

>who is

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say a headphone merchant.

>shitcoin abandoned by dev multiple times
>delisted from multiple exchanges
>epic rebrand to distance itself from its shit 4 year history and trick people into thinking its some brand new cool coin