3 reasons you should think twice before FOMOing right now:

3 reasons you should think twice before FOMOing right now:
1) Volume is decreasing. This price increase might not have the momentum to break the resistance
2) Stoch at 100 means that if we fail to break this resistance, the price is going straight back down
3) We're just as likely looking at a double top as we are an inverted HnS

Veeky Forums, be fucking smart for once. Don't buy until the breakout is confirmed or rejected. Just wait - even if it means you pay an extra premium on your entry, it could be what saves you a lot of money.

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Thanks user.

>Don't buy until the breakout is confirmed or rejected. Just wait - even if it means you pay an extra premium on your entry, it could be what saves you a lot of money.

Yeah this is where Veeky Forums is full of children and retards. Fully agree mate, I'm watching from the sides. I will be livid if this fakeout liq's my short though.

why are you helping them, let them fomo and face the consequences

Just breathe
Bitcoin is good

1) Volume is actually increasing on 1h. At the close of this 4h it will also be increasing.
2) Stoch means nothing with btc in this respect. It has stayed at 100 for weeks on end.
3) Double top means nothing.

Double top does mean something if people would actually make the call when it drops. People always call double top when it still rising.

Considering that BTC did a shitload of double and triple bootoms on the way to 6K I wouldn't trust a double top too much, especially that the volume is way higher than on the way down

Yea BTC is special case. Its sprinkled with magic dust.

SRSI can stay up there when fomo is retarded like in December. As soon as sentiment is shakey, its going downward.

Thanks for this autism lesson.

good post desu senpai

im sitting on the sidelines with this price action and volume, i dont care if i have to adjust for a loss or some weak ass opportunity cost missed later.

im solid if it breaks either way anyway, the problem is if i add a position either side and am wrong.. sometimes its better to wait. Veeky Forums never learns this though, lol

That stochastic slow indicator is the perfect indicator for biz, buy high sell low.

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he not dare to use his tripfag code

Shhh we have learned

No fear
Just breath
Next stop 10k

So are we just going to free fall no to 7500?

i think it's cup and handle
we will retrace slightly and go straight to the moon after that

4) Most buying volume was between 6-7k. This people already bought - they risk nothing. They can sell for profit at any moment. They only wait for you to push the price up.
5) Enormous amount of long positions between 6-8k that will have to eventually get closed by selling. If breakout fails they woudn't wait for price to go down.
6) Decreasing amount of short positions, meaning walls are either closing longs or actual sells. Imagine what will happen if actual short come in (like they did on february 4th)
tl;dr don't fomo now if you missed buying below 7k
we are not in the bull market, shit will get retested many times

that's not happening - so free fall or test again? I'm worn out and just want this shit to die

I'm selling at 9.3k and then seeing where it goes from there... most likely down.

>Thanks for this autism lesson
stop bullying guy

1) Volume always decreases before a breakout.
2) Stoch at 100 means that the price has been going up. Nothing more. It's not a trend indicator, it's an oscillator.
3) You can't call a double top when the price hasn't even started to go down. For the moment this is an ascending triangle:


I agree with you though, the moment to open longs has passed. People should wait for the resistance to be broken to avoid unnecessary risks as for sure there'll be battle for the 9k level.

if its going to break out at some point, why not just buy in now? Or are we going to 7.5k eventually?

shit, when did his board become all about margin trading... Veeky Forumstards thirsty for profit... gonna get raped again...

that faggot might still be right but it just proves you can't force things and you can't properly time the market

Do you think we'll see 12k again tonight?

When they realized fcking "hodling" is reddit meme.

look at volume over more than just 4 hours you midwit
If anyone is missing out, it's you

>stoch at 100 means blah blah blah
>a line moves above another line, so that means the price is going to fall



>goes long at the top of a red dildo

Woah nice analysis bro. Trading based off on
is much better
Just longed x100 leverage

Once the neckline of the inverse head and shoulder is beached, you’ll get traders fomoing in.

yeah, well it's all or nothing it seems. no bags left to be hold here when the game's over...

Because it might break out or not. It's called resistance for a reason, it'll all depend on who's stronger, the bulls or the bears.

When you see one of these triangles you have to wait for the breakout, then wait for the pullback and then enter. Sometimes there is no pullback but that way at least you save yourself from a fakeout. If you enter too early it might be rejected or you can have a heart attack while it bounces 14 times before eventually breaking out.

oh herro meesta beetkoin

Wer u wantan the markat go down?

You could probably trade this market using bitmex rekt and no chart

>who's stronger, the bulls or the bears
there are no bulls or bears, only whales
the name of the game is dumb money
if enough idiots buy or long at resistance - they will be squeezed to the bottom

>ctrl f 'long' - 25 results
>ctrl f 'short' - 18 results
back to 2k we go

>if enough idiots sell or short at support - they will be squeezed to the top

volume is low til it’s not
i dont understand retard that mention that

except there aren't any
ratio of longs to shorts is >3.7

Because in the end he just wants people to stop buying , and just like a Reddit faggot he is being nice about it. I for one do not trust OP and his kike agenda.

Thanks OP, it's a good call, worst case scenario you miss out on 10-20% profits, best case you'll actually be able to make more off waiting for the dip.

He really makes a convenient target for bulls, when they see a bear they can simply accuse the bear of being Omega. People will naturally be reminded of his retarded antics and associate the bear with him.

People who consistently make accurate predictions will build a following and may eventually be able to charge for entry for a private group, providing an incentive to give calls for free. You can see that happening right now, where a cult has formed around "Oracle"....which actually yields a lot of information about bulls.
>The average IQ of atheists is higher than the average IQ of non-atheists.
Bulls are so desperate that they've now formed a cult. They're overbought and have no capital to commit to the market, so the only thing they can do is pray (and post random shit to try to get people to buy back in).

Read my image.
Those longs must eventually be closed.

All of you bears are gambling retards, prepare to get liquidated