Who's enjoying the gains here? We are just warming up...

Who's enjoying the gains here? We are just warming up, expect at least 3x from where we are now if btc don't fuck up again.

>mfw sold today at 0.0122

Well fuck.

I hope I can buy in again soon.

It's going to dip soon, be ready.

I got some this morning along with etc. Feels good.

I have a feeling its gonna do whatever bitcoin does. Why do you think it will? (serious question)

I'm hoping to price would fluctuate one last time before going off to the stratosphere since we are approaching mid week of Feb...just hoping for the last dip to come so I can at least hodl some ZCLs

I think anything below 120 is at least a 50%

Its been doing this for quite a while. It's value is directly tied to btc's. I say $300 at least till feb 28th.

So, when you faggots selling?

I'm holding 50% for the snapshot.

Yep me as well

It depends on the price. I'm not selling anything below 150. Selling 25-50% in the 150ish to 300 region, and will sell 75-100% of remaining stash if it surpasses 300.

Don't sell it, I repeat, DON'T SELL IT.

Get your Snapshot shit but after it dumps don't fucking sell it.
Development for ZClassic is going to continue after the fork. BTCP will also be worth 300-1000 dollars easy. Fucking keep both idiots.

How many you're holding. I have 40, not worth imo, might aswell buy cheap btcp post dump

Are you sure about that? Would be good if that is the case.

BTCP will dip after mainnet launch because BTC holders will sell and the supply is much higher than ZCL. Also there’s no evidence that ZCL development will continue, Rhett said that he’s fine dropping it

Im selling because it will dump and I can just buy back in for more later.

There’s is no way ZCL is worth $100 even if development will continue after the fork

I heard about masternodes rumors, but they are still rumors.

I have 300

Still a shitcoin



if I bought at 750k satoshis and sold at 1.2m satoshis even though I went down in fiat, does that mean I made a profit? (granted that I wait until BTC goes back up in value before I sold it)

So? Its free fucking money you dumb nigger.

remember that time when someone said bcash was a shit coin?

Yes, you made profit my friend. Btc will eventually recover,

Hmm ok thanks, I still don't understand how it's possible for a coin to go up in btc and down in fiat.

Alts are tied to btc, which is tied to fiat.

no, you were supposed to wait for sats to drop but $$ value to go up before you trade out. amateur move.

I haven't sold btw, just curious. Currently in both, sats and fiat profit.

Think about it like this. If BTC drops from 20k to 10k and ZCL increases from 5000 sats to 7500 stats are you positive in USD from when BTC was 20k? What happens if BTC returns to 20k?