Defend this

Defend this



dont take out a loan if you cant pay it back fucking dipshits debtfags

People don’t need to go to an expensive college and get out an ass eating loan

Defend what? Cutting off free handouts to all the lazy POS slackers in this country?

Hell no.

This President is one of the greatest things to ever happen to America.

IDGAF what the "mainstream media", a.k.a. Fake News, says. Life is getting better here in America because all the whiners and losers are getting reality checked and BTFO.


what are they going to do, send me to the salt mines? force me to program in some jail?

Absolutely 100% behind this. Taking out sjw degrees and blacks in one fell swoop

in Australia, university loans are interest-free and automatically repaid in proportion to yearly earnings once you are earning over a certain threshold. more income=larger repayments.

can some1 explain why americunny doesn't have a nice system like that?

It's easier to control the poor if they're uneducated

Oh no... you mean that when you borrowed that money they actually wanted it back???

Trump is the best

Trump is a garbage president. The GOP Congress is carrying his ass.

That's what Trump is trying to get rid of apparently. We have this except for the interest free part we pay hella interest on student loans.

>interest-free loans

impossible. i think you mean that the government pays the interest.

because fuck you

Actions have consequences, you little faggot. You borrowed money to study nigger liberal non-sense, now you pay that money back. You don't pay it back? You get Uncle Sam's boot up your ass.





I busted my ass to pay my loans, why the fuck shouldn't anyone else?

>we pay hella interest on student loans.
Only if you got suckered into taking private loans from jews. Federal student loans are some of the lowest interest rates you can get short of being a kike banker "borrowing" directly from the government.

>lowest interest rates

you might forget that Veeky Forums is fascist

it's a government loan and yes it is interest-free. who would they pay the interest to, themselves? lol.

You know not of what you speak.

That's fine, I'm not paying it back anyway lmfao

because that is a pathetic system that robs money from taxpayers to send people to pointless universities.

lmao drumpfed again

Because only liberals expect free shit.

don't listen to this smartass
this is the same fucker who "advises" all "young people" to stay at home as long as, they can i'm sure
bc he's projecting his weird obsession with his mother
gotcha canadatrannyfag

>took out 30k worth of loans for my CS degree, a reasonable amount yet still substantial
>live like a pauper for 1.5 years and pay it all off inside that time frame
>douchebag hipsters take out 150k for their sociology degree and think they should get a free ride

The absolute state of my shit tier generation

the majority of americans knew this dumb shit would happen

sadly rural bumfuck votes count more than ours.

nah they'll just garnish your STEM cuck wages

Get fucked libshit -- I hope Trump takes one of your kidneys

lmao just lmao @ boomers thinking 1 trillion in student debt isn't going to inevitably fuck up the economy

I'm all for helping students who took out massive loans and didn't understand the implications (young people can be dumb, not their fault, just not enough life experience). But everyone should take a hit - students, loan agencies, and colleges.

It's like the 2008 financial crisis, where students are the homeowners with crazy mortgages and the colleges are the big banks. If we didn't loan students so much money, colleges would lower their fees. So unlike 2008, everyone should take a hit. Colleges need to slim down. Fire the Assistant Administrator for Intersectionality Outreach and lower the tuition costs.

that's literally what they already do though

How is it dumb? Why should the government hold your bags? Just because you’re an irresponsible fuck up with a meme degree?

anybody gonna default overseas despite having enough money to pay off their student loans? kek

I don't get this DEY WUZ YOUNG meme, if you can pass high school algebra you should understand how loans and interest work. You shouldn't be going to college otherwise.

Your mistake was thinking trump cucks went to college.

hahaha what? im not telling people to do anything im just informing you of how the loan works. look it up if you don't believe me you absolute sperg.

not before you succumb to adult diabetes and hypertension you inbred backwater snaggletoothed hick.


Muhh trump voters are stupid muhh
What a meme.

Go back to Redddit faggot.


>Texas, Florida, PA, Michigan, Georgia, North Carolina... are small states
Nice try

It sucks. And something needs to be done. I vote for capping how much loans are backed or maybe don't back them at all. That way these universities are forced to cut the bullshit and only have essentials. Because as of now unis have a TON of bullshit.

I'm talking useless classes that are like something from early grade school.. If the industry didn't have government insured loans then universities would actually have to make it cheaper so the normal fucking middle class could actually attend. It's so fucked up.

Haha, good fucking luck! I own property in 3 different countries and i've yet to pay back a dime on my student loans.

LOOOL that text is green, how'd you do that?

I saw this coming from a mile away. I used my salary and crypto gains to pay off 180k loans in 24 months.
Most of my classmates are gonna be paying $2000+ a month for the next 10-15 years.

Yep. The world is a big place, and there's no need to lock myself down to one country.

what do these soyboys expect? free education? fuck outta here, pay for your shit faggot

ur undergraduate programs in most non stem related fields are hilarious anyway
thats basic shit every europoor does in highschool
an then people are wondering why u burgers are so retarded
even payed 80k for becoming retard
lmao at u stupid dumbfuck burgers
hope mr. drumpf fucks u in the ass without lube

Yeah so just rich kiddos go to school and money stairs in same families...

Yeah there's a lot of factors. Too easy to get student loans, too easy to get a loan for a useless degree, everyone thinks they have to go to college now even the half literate retards, colleges spending millions of dollars on useless sports and entertainment shit and creating degrees and classes on absolute bullshit subjects, the list goes on

It's true that Trump adherents are going to be least affected by this, since let's be real here: they're not all that bright and most haven't attempted college. However, this shit is never going to get passed, I can pretty much guarantee you that, so it's a moot point.

The extent of pro-Trump arguments.

european education is joke too hahaha
we learn more in marx class than you do learn economy in high school

Just because you know something, doesn't mean you *feel* it. You have to experience some things to understand them. It's not just teleological. Ask the next 40 year old about all the stupid shit he or she did in his 20s.

Sounds like this orange piece of shit is unwittingly (like most things he does) is trying to pop the student loan bubble which may help push this economy over the edge into oblivion

Holy shit this is AMAZING. Haha Trump keeps getting better and better.

what the fuck high school did you go to that they taught you anything about economics or taxes or loans?

that's how it should be done

Trump is being based yet again SJWs are angry cucks

Don’t you have parents? The loaning company should know better than to loan you 100k for a fucking meme degree like most liberals get.

Sorry I'm an 80 year old grandpa living in a 22 year old's body. All I think about is investing for the future to maximize future prosperity. I probably can't relate to the average 22 year old dumbfuck who smokes weed and has sex with a different girl every week. I'm a pretty edgy guy, I know.

libtard. enjoy your meme degree

college costs in America should have a mandatory maximum cost for classes based on 2-3 tiers. College is fucked beyond belief in America. STEM degrees should be free to students with higher GPAs.


Maybe all of these brainwashed retards will actually bother to research tuition prices and in turn colleges will try to be more competively priced. Maybe people will stop getting bullshit degrees. Maybe people will consider trades and tech schools.

Trump is making the US a better place.

If you understand exponential functions then that's like 50% of investing/debt right there kek. Shit isn't hard.


don't go to school for a career that won't pay back the degree... how is this so hard to understand?

lol its amazing you make it a liberal thing when it's affecting people having the ability to afford higher education, which in turn would strengthen the workforce. All the unskilled labor will be gone due to automation first. So if the government doesn't have some plan to educate the citizens the US days are numbered.

A quality education shouldn't cost as much as it does, doesn't matter what side you are on.

Millenials finally getting cut off from their worthless sociology degrees. Future generations will be better off.

>which in turn would strengthen the workforce
stop it, you liberal. Colleges do not make anybody intelligent or productive and content is available for free on the internet.

>make tuition free for those best equipped to pay it back later anyway
That would be nice but it makes no sense economically.

More like colleges will have to actually consider lowering prices to competitive levels and not build new unneeded facilities every two years
Also student loans have nothing to do with financial aid like FAFSA, so poor kids who do well in school will still get to go

In what other world would you think that giving free loans to people that they don't need to pay back and that have near no interest is a good idea?

Yeah then go learn a trade or get a degree that enables you to actually repay your own fucking loans. I say it’s a liberal issue because they’re the only ones who would be upset that their being held accountable for their own decisions.

I agree with your last point yet that’s a separate issue.

good, it'll mean far less traffic for intersectional feminism & similarly utterly worthless degrees.

lol wtf are you on about? Wanna take a guesstimate on how many high school students know anything about exponential functions?

And parents? LOL - you are basing that on the boomers that crashed the economy right? That's who we are taking our lessons from? Newsflash, not the brightest generation.

The headline is in fact misleading. The truth is that, far from slashing income based repayment, Trump wants to put everyone into the same IBR plan: 12.5% of discretionary income payment per month (up from 10%), and loan forgiveness after 15 years (down from 20> So you monkeys can keep slinging that shit around, and everyone else can hear the truth.

There, there no need to call names little one. It's ok you don't know what you're talking about. Luckily none of us know who you are so you are just another faceless halfwit trying to flex on Veeky Forums.

and now tell us about all the prestigious universities in australia that everyone has heard of

>high school students don't know anything about exponential functions
>current state of burgerland
lmao, better suck some dicks in drama class
my fucking sides, i always thought it's your television or disgusting food
retarded bc of education
lmao, chinks will eat you alive
better plan the next war to get this economy jumpstarted
retarded burgercucks

Thank you,

Also nice ID
"Schah Kuc"

>pay to fund universities with my taxes
>get a good GPA as proof I'm not slacking
>have to pay extraordinarily large amounts of money in tuition to go to university that uses my tax money
>have to take out large loans to go to this university since most people can't pay the tens of thousands of dollars a year it costs to attend universities
>paying the state even more money just so I can get the skip of paper that says i can get jobs to contribute to society and give the state even more tax money
>statist fascists gut loan forgiveness
>remuttlicans will defend this

the correct answer is to make student loan repayment an employer-side benefit since the only reason to get an education is to fulfill training requirments of job


if you think colleges as they exist are good and efficient and deserve funding, you are an imbecile.

Do yourself a favour and think. Hes ending the forgiveness of debt. You can still take out a loan you just have to pay it back. If college is so great it will be worth the money, stop spending other peoples you parasitic worm.

im sorry nobody loves you, no need to flash your insecurity for all to see. it's gonna be ok

Nah fama-san, we have the biggest single contiguous piece of arable land in the world and greatest number of sea-sheltered ports along our two ocean-facing shores
And not to mention a shitton of oil
We have God's grace in the way of land


Moot point, it's what we've got and it isn't changing anytime soon so not really sure what your argument is other than COLLEGE BAD.

Got any statistics on income and college degrees? Spoiler alert, your argument sucks

Taxes don’t pay for your loans you socialist dipshit.

then better get a farming degree and join ramirez on the strawberry field
i traveled half the world and the outright most annoying cunts always are burgers
they are outright proud of their stupidity its remarkable

dont bother with europoors they will never understand what it is like to be 100% self reliant

>it's what we've got and it isn't changing anytime soon
because retards like you don't want it to.

> Got any statistics on income and college degrees? Spoiler alert, your argument sucks
Zero correlation when controlling for IQ. IQ predicts income and job performance more than college degrees.

That’s how I know you’re lying.
The Indians and Chinese are always the worst.

Mm yeah partially true. HECS/HELP debt is indexed each year to adjust for inflation. Plus for all you americucks it is taken out of your wage as you earn more beans. What the government did was to decrease funding to universitys from FREE to paid then doubled the cost of each unit to tackle the problem. And now welcome to having a governement home loan to get a job to buy a house to be in debt to a bank. The state of normans hurts.