Just ordered my first hardware wallet (Trezor)

Just ordered my first hardware wallet (Trezor).

What did I think of it?

It's good once you get used to the whole pricelocking thing


What do you mean by this?

Locking the price of a coin so in case of dip your coin still on the moon, jeezus does no one ever use pricelocking ever?

blockchain lets you lock in your price so if the price falls you can still sell at the price you locked in at but it is a risk because if the price goes up your coins wont increase in value either.
generally you want to lock in half of your coins so you have some safety and then youre playing with house money.

You got the shitty one, enjoy

How does this even work? It sounds like an buying a put option.

Don't forget you can also lock in the price lower for a short position. This is more advanced but these days it's actually quite useful. For instance, say I have the option of price locking BTC right now at 9k and I lock in the price of 1BTC. It may in fact be smarter for me to lock that price in at 4.5k and Trezor then credits me 2 BTC. It's just a numbers game with hardware wallets and price locking. A lot of people have fucked up but when you get more used to it it's really actually simple.

can't lock on a trezor fag, just nano

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it puts the coins into what they call 'cold storage' which takes them 'off chain' for a while so theyre not affected by the fluctuations in price. you should read the bitcoin whitepaper it explains how it works in more detail.

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Please send your coins to someone who knows how to use them

So it's a shitty hedge

Price locking is a lie invented by the collective minds Veeky Forums to identify you idiots that dont know what the fuck you are doing this shits not even real read this and remember quickly before they delete this

trezor is nice. I like the form factor. Holding that much money in my palm makes me feel powerful

You just don't want to admit that you don't know how to use it

You cant price lock with trezor idiots only nano ledger.

Oh, I get it. It's a meme.

Both can price lock. How else would trezor still be in business?

Don't fall for the FUD.

sandbox.exe+usb flashdrive
>paying more for a glorified usb flashdrive

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That is a patented feature of the Nano S. When you Freeze (TM) the wallet in dry ice it locks in the price.

This, nano ledger has the metallic part that locks the price.