Blockfolio rate thread

Alright Veeky Forums time to rate my blockfolio thread!

Self bump

top tier portfolio

what shitflag uses shit commas like that



Sell the bottom 2 for qtum

And yes I know I should of sold TAU at 10x ico, we all make mistakes

How can you put up with blockfolio and their retarded UI?

Add OMG/PRL (even small amounts, they will grow exponentially this year) and you should be pretty comfy

I don't think I'll make it lads ;_;

on hodl

Why do people hold this shitcoin, seriously

I'm not going to make it, am I?

Stop diversifying with pennies.

Get in on this stack biz 5x gains incoming in

Will I ever make it ? ):

13400 HST

That is all.


why LSK


>all that tel

Me and you both, my nigga

That was the only portfolio that made any sense here.

Why are a bunch of you fags posting or are even in crypto with so little money?


Brother enigmarine.

I agree. Go 50/50 (NEO/VEN) or All in one coin with such a small amount if you wanna make it user