1 weird man that saved crypto


Who is this.

it's me


there was a quote from one thread about this guy that resonated eternal truth

"dont give a shit what race he is, black jew who gives a shit, just look at him, like you he has never touched a woman. he lives his life for math or science or technology or some shit. just look at him, he is going to make me money"

fucking ripple jews

Every time I see this goblin I wonder what could possibly be done to make him look human. I need to mess around with him in photoshop.

His name is Jerry Goldenbergsteinman.

He is a developer at Ripple.

This is honestly why I have faith in Ripple. Skelly and The Jewman.

So true.

He's married, has billions of dollars, and a ton of Stack Overflow reputation

Some 20+ BTC wall fucker happening around ~11750 SATs after going sideways for a few hours.

I've seen the identical scenario happening with ETC before it went +10% yesterday.

God damn check this nigger out. Hit the iron lads. This could be you.

Easy 15 bucks end of July.

he is of the desert tribe

You need good salesmen. Retards won't even understand how important their work is unless someone explains it to them.

this. spergs require guidance


Caveman Rainman will single-handedly save crypto

are you forgetting that XRP isn't a crypto

Are you forgetting that it will bring you money regardless