What coin do right wingers hold?

Lefties hold social justice coins like Stellar and Jew coins like Ripple. What do High T alpha nationalist right wingers hold? Bitcoin? Surely not that kiddie diddler coin monero.

I’d says Bitcoin, FUN, and a supply chain coin. Maybe Walton.

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XLM ZRX REQ fight me

Probably tron because you sound like an insufferable moron


I don't give a fuck whether the project aligns with my desires or not. Trading a token has absolutely nothing to do with supporting, or even investing in a project. Only cucks and faggots suffer from such pathology.

You're in it to make money, train yourself, then destroy the liberal world order with your confidence, influence, and wealth. Not sit in your fucking basement whinging about a dev that made an SJW post.

US coins only. So, uh, Nexus? Anything else? Can't be a nationalist if you're investing in globalist currencies or foreign projects.

Negro detected


He also shat on XRP but I am too lazy to include it in the cap

XMR is the right wing libertarian coin.

Anyone holding xrp/iota/tron is either brown or has a hook nose fetish

You /pol/tards are hilarious the identity politics and virtue signalling is ridiculous. No one fucking cares that you say nigger and cry about da joos you don't need to announce your presence on every fucking board. This site is anonymous for a reason faggots no one is special

>Since I am endorsing Monero as the Official Cryptocurrency of the Alt Right

Source: christophercantwell.com/crypto/

T. Nigger/soyboy
You are not welcome here

ok nigger

AnCap here

80% XLM
20% XRP


Go to hell, /pol/. Decent people have no problems coexisting with people they disagree with.

What are you so mad about?

Fuxk off to pol you low iq virgin

>Go to hell, /pol/. Decent people have no problems coexisting with people they disagree with.
As long as you're anti white male. That's what you and leftist society means.

I'm all in on LINK

I hold whatver Is gonna make me enough money to have a lot of white kids and not have to work for some kike my entire life.

End justifies the means I'll hold nigger coin if I have to kek.


If you know what your doing you'd be hodling at least 100 EOS

XRP and IOTA are complete shitcoins, dude. Beyond shitcoins.

IOTA has never and will never work properly. It's a hype project built by a marketing team with a bunch of shitty partnerships that will go nowhere.

XRP is a bankers coin that gets diluted to the 1 billion coins per month, reducing the value of your investment. It's a scheme for them to take in BTC/ETH for "nothing" and enter the market late after BTC and ETH had already been mostly snapped up by retail investors.

I can't hate these two projects enough.

> what coins do low iq collectivists hold

probably tron/ripple, funny how alt righters are the most easily misled sheep in existence

>violent, low IQ antifa thugs destroying your narrative as they destroy property and hospitalize others around the world

>no one is special
That's where you're wrong, kiddo.

I'll hold whatever is profitable but if I see a Jew, negro or woman involved I sell. It's worked so far.

>Go to hell, /pol/.
>Decent people have no problems coexisting with people they disagree with.
>Go to hell


I can't believe no one posted this

Clearly this, its on wavesdex.nl

Ah, FUN bagholder detected. Lol....

No, we hold a range of coins, whatever makes money.

Can't tell you what right wingers hold but as a (((globalist))) social democrat unironically paid by (((Soros))) I hold ETH, FUN and XMR.

Smash any fash trashcans lately?