Which America sounds better to you?


>Majority of Americans are Middle class
>Graduate with little to no debt
>get taught useful things at a school that accepts smart people
>Get married early to a fertile willing young wife, have 2 - 4 kids
>Buy a house relatively quickly because housing is affordable
>Father works a decent 40 hour work week that supports entire family
>Wife/mother stays at home and gives children proper care
>5-6 vacations a year
>2-3 cars
>Family dog/cat
>Retire at age ~50-60


>Majority of Americans think they are Middle class, but they arent (they're the P word)
>Student debt is one of the biggest debt bubbles in the nation
>Get taught liberal SJW brainwashing nonsense that teaches that you are an evil privileged White man
>Get married later to a used up, jaded roastie that has bonding issues because she rode the cock carousal in college
>Cant buy a house due to economic vampirism with ridiculous housing prices
>Both parents must work 50+ hours a week to make ends meet
>Send children to daycare, because who cares about giving them a mother's love?
>Lucky to get 1-2 vacations a year
>Never retire

RIP Middle class

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Above. We need a party that combines sensible economic interventionism with strong moral restraints and support for traditional values and racial purity. Not cuckservatism that sells out our people to the third world.

Yes of course I will invest my money in a company that hires middle class americans making 100k a year when I can invest in a company that hires indians that do the same job for 12k...

The fact that women are rekt stings the most. I'd be happy being poor as long as I had a functional wife and a few kids.

True. Kill your grandparents and parents. Show them they can't get away with it.
You're not some betawhipped pussy, are you?

>be the victim of neoliberal policy
>focus all your impotent rage on "SJWs" and other completely powerless people in a blame-game circlejerk that excludes the very neoliberals that caused your condition

yes this is where most americans are at. but Veeky Forumsoldfags all make at least $100k at their day jobs and have a minimum $250-500k crypto portfolio, so it's whatever.

>be poor
>have 3 kids
Are americucks this retarded?

oh and don't forget: the 1950's folks believe everything they got was due to their hard work and you are just lazy

unfortunately they are. they think the tax credits of having kids makes up for being poor.

Yeah they all suck whats your point? Police are in a blame game circle jerk too but they'll still kick your head in if the state tells them to.

i wonder what went wrong


What changed?



The now, minus the shitskins.

Taxes are only one part of the equation. Reduce income inequality or institute UBI by themselves and all that results are degenerates with even more ability to destroy society. Most music since about 1930 or so should be outright banned, novels and texts destroyed, and entertainers/jesters imprisoned. Only then can we return to a sensible way of living.

why do you think we have a crypto gambling problem?

Put someone with a larger than average nose at the top rubbing their hands together and you might be on to something.

I'm feeling murderous.





the 1850s sound best, one man and his six shooter under Gods blue skies on his way back home to the homestead to his loyal cowgirl wife

I rather enjoy living with internet, reliable cars, science and chillstep

You missed the point. They play music in 440 hz.
It needs to be 432 hz.

You do realize that when the 90%+ taxes that socialists jerk themselves raw over were in place there were also MASSIVE "tax loopholes" designed to allow businesses to avoid paying those taxes, right?

No, of course you don't. The Public Edjewcation System seems to keep forgetting to teach that part. Coincidentally.

>Don't have kids cause they suck anyways
>Can now afford more stuff
>Who cares about a virgin wife besides faggots who are virgins themselves. We live in the real world.

Indian Chief "Two Eagles" was asked by a white U.S. Government
official, "You have observed the white man for 90 years . You've seen
his wars and his technological advances. You've seen his progress, and the
damage he's done."

The Chief nodded in agreement.

The official continued, "Considering all these events, in your
opinion, where did the white man go wrong?"

The Chief stared at the government official for over a minute and then
calmly replied:

"When white man find land, Indians running it, no taxes, no debt,
plenty buffalo, plenty beaver, clean water. Women did all the work, Medicine man
free. Indian man spend all day hunting and fishing; All night having sex.'

Then the chief leaned back and smiled "Only white man dumb enough to
think he could improve system like that."

cept there wqas no culture then. unlike the 20's where you had homogenous culture and joy.

sadly, the only option is MGTOW. Divorce courts are far too biased towards the woman, so marriage is totally out of the question

Funny how /pol/ now thinks Reaganomics works. That's a solid 180 turn if I've ever seen one.

Good call, it's time to increase taxes on the poor and provide less services.

it was never sustainable.
if you were in the top category you were in tje generation that peaked and ruined it for everyone else.

>Majority of Americans are Middle class
>Graduate with little to no debt

Noone went to college in the 1950's what are you talking about.

Not true user, you can import a woman, get her to sign prenup papers with special clauses she can't read, and marry her and give her what she thinks is a good life.
Its all we can hope for now.

This might be my favourite fragment of pure Veeky Forums autism I have ever witnessed.

>generation z males will be the armies in the next ww

the only way for dumbed down murica is war to get resources.
they already have enough dumbed down faggots they can use for cannonfooder.


I know people hate unions but without the APWU, I would have like 60% of my current savings. UPS and Fedex cucks make so little for the same job.

>5-6 vacations a year
>2-3 cars
>Retire at age ~50-60
Your full of shit.
1 vacay / yr, 1 car, retire at 65

He must be a product of our fine modern education. :)

well unless youre a nigger or a woman

You know it must be done. If we don't do it, the Chinese or Mohammetans will.

Watch The Century of the Self.

I'd include that the country had sensible immigration from europe and was mostly white.


You are on a board that shits on boomers all the time then complains about how todays music is ruining society and how it was better back in the day.

Fuck you.

Yes but niggers and mexicans can vote and fuck white women. Why aren't you happy?

all of you are the reason that this all continues. You brainlets are so fucking dumb, you realize something is wrong but you are putting the blame on other races, other races did not do this you retards, your own race implemented the regulations, shit taxes, police state, your own race threw us into gigantic debt and pointless wars, don't blame people who had nothing to do with it. If you would take half a second to step back, you would realize that the problems that america is experiencing, at their root, have nothing to with race and everything to do with corporations and collectivism.

>complains about how todays music is ruining society and how it was better back in the day
No, boomers complain about rap and hip hop while listening to negro-derived music that was a similar order of magnitude more degenerate and harmful than the previous generation's music. Today's music and entertainment is simply a progression of yesterday's. It needs to be uprooted from the base, which was Jewish tin pan alley smut and schizophrenic negro ramblings (blues/jazz)

>being this fucking unaware of how stupid he actually is.

>niggers and mexicans can vote and fuck white women

white women are fucking non whites on their own volition cause they want to. It's a free country, you're just taking out your rage at being a khv on women who think you're ugly, good looking white guys get laid, good looking non whites get laid, YOU don't get laid. not anyone's fault but yours and your shitty bloodline

> Jewish tin pan alley smut and schizophrenic negro ramblings (blues/jazz)

the mental gymnastics are incredible. if you don't like blues or jazz don't listen to it you faggot, but it has nothing to do with the state of america.

>Which America sounds better to you?
Who cares? The one where you personally can live better with a higher quality of life. Trying going to the dentist in 1950

This idiot seems to think white women are starting to fuck non whites because of music and whatever. He hasn't realized that maybe they have ALWAYS wanted to fuck whoever the fuck they want but back in the 1950's, women might get beated/raped for that kind of behavior.


I work a high paying job and will be purchasing a house soon for myself and my girlfriend, who has never been with another man. If you can't figure out how to do this then it's nobodies fault but your own.

All of it has to do with an increased population and odds of winning against hyper optimized businesses than it does with boomers or social justice academics.

Middle class families in the 1950s didn't have 5 vacations a year and 3 cars. You're fucking retarded.

>but it has nothing to do with the state of america
Music absolutely affects behavior. The character and personality of an individual are both shaped by, and determine the type of music he consumes. As evidenced by your instant pivot to aggression and defensiveness, you would probably be shunned by a reasonable society for enjoying the noise that influences your character such. Hence your fear of judgment.

> hurr blues and jazz are why america sucks it caus blacks made them hurr im so smart i see behind the scenes

you are so embarassingly low iq. People listen to all kinds of music in the US, and blues and jazz weren't a black/jewish subversion conspiracy you alt right retard. go back to pol

Capitalism is clearly the problem, it’s obvious to those who haven’t been cucked by the government psyop of white identity politics

>mfw people don't get it that the middle class post WWII was set up on the back of post-war prosperity and since then the very rich and corporations have turned all investment into exploitative, extractive investment de-linked from real value, the tax burden has been shifted entirely to those who can least afford to pay it and successful marketing has meant that all the newly poor who think they are middle class all share the ambitions of the very rich and actually believe they can be rich someday.

>war to get resources.
>already consuming a quarter of the world's everything

Same, if I could support a family and have a loving wife that's all that matters. Even if we just scraped by itd be worth it

>change to new system of economic organization
>well connected, driven, competent people still organize and consolidate their power

50s were only good for white people prove me wrong

go back to /pol/

In the 1950s over 85% the population was white. Good times were had by the vast majority of the population.

>1950s America
>90% white
Really makes me think....

communism was on the right track. it just needed 200 more years of genocides.


We have too many people. Laws have to be put in place to curb reproduction. 1 child per family unless you pay a huge tax for a second child. Law get taken down when the population has been reduced enough.

Or if not then the only solution is war to reduce population size.

We still exist.

I'm middle class (120k income in Texas, not large city)

$0 student debt. Never borrowed money for college because colleges are memes now and you can educate yourself online for next to nothing.

House is 150k, have 30k down, mortgaging 120k (my annual salary). Will have it paid off in less than 3 years and move up to a $300k home - again only to pay it off in a mere 3 years.

I'm one person and technically work a 9 to 5 but usually more like 35 hours.

No wife, no kids, money for quick mortgage payoff, fun cars, amazing vacations, great life.

Still get to fuck (bootycalls). Still get the joys of children (sometimes watch my brother's kids during his date nights with his wife).

Could easily retire before 40, but I love the work that I do, and it makes the world a better place, and my company offers a pension alongside generous 401k matching, so it doesn't hurt to keep loading up.

By 41 I'll have worked there for 20 years and earned a pension of ~85k/year (est salary by then with annual raises of 2% is 170k, and pension plan there starts at 50% of final).

I'll also have ~$837,000 in my 401k by 41 (assuming 7% ROR and I don't increase my contributions, easily over 1m if I keep scaling with pay raises).

Let's check the math. At 41, I will have:
- ~$1m in a retirement account
- A pension of ~$85k
- A house worth ~$600k paid in full

with plenty of spending money to have splurged on vacations, cars, etc, all throughout my 20s and 30s

We arent some 3rd world banana republic. Once that straw breaks the camels back the sons and daughters of liberty of this great nation will put hot lead in the skulls of usurpers, nooses around the necks of traitors. There will be justice.

You're the reason the white race is dying off. Enjoy the world being run over by shitskins.

What the fuck do you do.


No one here lived in the 50s. You are grossly exaggerating how "great" it was. "Middle class" in the 50s would be comparable to being the working poor in an extremely rural area today. Most people picture huge new houses, big families, the dad is white collar, these where the top 10%, not the middle class. Half of every in the 50s were fucking grunt ass workers who lived in poverty and no one gave a shit about or cares to remember. That's party why the top 10% lived so well because labor and services were cheap.

And saying "most people were middle class" means nothing besides showing that the wealth disparity was narrower. Funny thing most people who romanticize the 50s are conservatives that push policies that tend to increase wealth disparity. I'm not saying wealth disparity is good or bad, only that this is a huge contradiction.

And LMAO at "5-6" vacations a year. Other than that, most upper class people in the 50s did have a car, pets, and retired at age 50-60. Just like the top 10% do now. You idiots are comparing the upper 10% to the bottom 50% of today's population. The mean household income for educated people in the US is $75k, and of course that grows as you get older. The mean household income was like $3k in 1950 which is comparable in purchasing power to maybe $40k today, and that's pushing it.

The people in the 50s with big houses, 2-3 cars, that is the top 10% and comparable to making ~$200k+ today.

>trump lowers corporate taxes
>corporations invest more and pay their workers more




LOL this post is so wrong I don't know if you're actually serious or just baiting. Thanks for the laugh kid.