Link pnd

whats the top? are we at it now? discuss

I wonder what's inside.

Top is maybe 50 cents

We’ve already been at 51

Shit. I need it to drop back down so I can buy more. Am I fucked?


Fucking shit I can't buy until tomorrow. Is it really a pnd?


Not going down til Friday. Going to pump to $1 before that...then drop to $0.80

sounds good to me

I'm bored to tears lately, shit has done nothing at all

It's a risky PnD. You could ignore this pump, people will hear whatever Sergey has to say and they will dump their stack with all the hype. BUT if something goes really good at this conference or somekind of unsuspected partnership is announced (I consider that's unlikely) this could go to the moon. It's literal gambling right now, so the best thing you can do is buying to avoid fomoing at 1$

I bought. I feel retardeder than I already was already.

Agreed. It's not worth increasing my stack, but it may be for others.

No big deal user. The conference is this week, on Friday, it could go either way, and you would have regret it if it's good news and the pump didn't die.

Every PnD is more difficult for me. My stack is 70K link but I only swing trade with 10K.

Even though I know I can get a few more K, I'm on the cautious side know.

Quick debate for you bios...

I have $1000 to add to crypto this week. LINK or JNT?

Speaking to a wide audience will spread awareness about chainlink. It is now know almost exclusively on biz.

normies will be exposed to the necessity of chainlink. the fomo will grow exponentially.

If you are asking this in a Link thread your inner you already knows the answer

Not gonna lie, JNT has more room for growth but they are both long term

If you’re buying link and not slapping into your nano then you’re already un-helpable

Noob here, I got burned on the AMB PnD bros and lost 1.4k of my poorfag linkies. (was trying to increase my LINK stack, exclusively)

Is it really a good idea to swing trade or are you all just fucking with me?

So you think buy now or wait and hope price falls?

I am trying to build my stack, but been short on funds - can buy some this week but want to get best value on linkies

Yeah, no news or anything, no reason for it to pump

If you don't know what the fuck you're doing, it defeintely isn't a good idea.

I would say decide based on your optimism. We've had a few SuperConference discussions here and most people think Sergey won't say shit about the project. Personally, I think he will at least mention it because it's been a while (not saying there will be some sort of announcement/reveal). If we do go in this direction and things liven up, the price will stay up for a while. Otherwise, it will fucking dump again.
There's also the matter of if BTC and the rest of the market will going down again, but that's a whole different divided issue. Those are two more discount opportunities, but they are not guaranteed. There won't be many more after testnet is live and the private repo is available, which will happen THIS quarter.
You still have until Thursday night, Friday morning or so to decide buying in now, and personally, I would, unless you think the amount difference will be huge.

Sorry, I meant to say there won't be many more discount opportunities BEFORE testnet is live.

I'm 50/50 basically. Fucking comfy

If trips I buy link

If quads project is ded

Singles and you’re still poor