Im at Honey Island, Brazil

Im at Honey Island, Brazil

5 hookers, 100 gr cocaine

How are your trades going?

Why dont u just hold and join me?

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those whores look gross

Send enough btc for the flight and I'll jump on an airplane.


At least take a better pic you pleb

Show us the cocaine on some hookers ass with a timestamp on it, pussy.

tell us what you are holding

i swore id never do coke again

Some of your whores are dudes, man.

Have fun permanently damaging your dopamine receptors you brainlet.

> he uses gains to destroy himself

What a fucking winner.

Please pull a robocop and snort some cocaine off a hookers tits.

I'll come in all BITCHES LEAVE.
Then shot you in the knee caps.

There may also be a grenade.

yup this is what i don't get

as i've become wealthier, i've become less degenerate and more healthy. don't get why people accumulate wealth so that they can die sooner

>32 y/o
>stopped drinking
>stopped using drugs
>eating healthy
>exercise daily
>surround myself with good/happy people

dunno, anything else seems retarded to me, even if i had $50MM i probably wouldn't change much

Random question but what drugs do you recommend that are not harmful in moderation?

>cheirando vidro
>não fumando maconha mestrecorrida

>maconha mestrecorrida
que isso?

weed masterace

How much USD per hour with a whore there.

yes but how do I get it?


nevermind thought you meant something other than standard 3:1 shit

do it faggot

do it

Can confirm phenibut is pretty great if you want to feel good without doing hard drugs

That and steroids

Hi again, 80 IQ sixpack guy. Glad you're having a nice time.

Have fun getting snitched on by the hookers and kidnapped, then having the video of your execution posted to the internet
or just getting robbed and shot in the street

I wouldn't go to brazil if you fucking paid me

enjoy the worn out and diseased shitskin pussy though

hey man what's your favorite national btc exchange btw?



why asking

because they're all shady to me and it took a few days for my deposit to clear on mercadobtc last time, it was a significant amount so I was scared shitless
also I got in last month when it was all ATH so I'd like to add some more... should've done when btc was 6K USD

Am I supposed to be impressed? You fucking a bunch of ridden diseased shemales while also fucking your brain receptors?

I feel u homie it's been 2 days and I'm already craving

dont use mercadobitcoin, its the worst exchange afaik
if you are in it for LTC there's negociecoins
I also think bitcointrade will start selling ETH soon

Lmfao. Dude I bet you’re eating Cheetos and chugging Mountain Dew while you never leave your house.

I'm at home yes with my beautiful wife.

Fun fact. I'm brazilian, and live about 70 miles from op's location. It's a baboon's pothead infested shithole.

didn't know about bitcointrade, is it good?
braziliex looks good to me, but I've never tried it

Just be happy you haven't yet graduated to IV Cocaine that's when the real cravings kick in

enjoy your stds

Seems like you would get diminishing returns with 5 hookers.

What can you do with 5 hookers that you cant do with 4?

just use foxbit or localbitcoins if you are in a hurry

get them on all fours eating each others assholes in a circle?

about this service, is it fullproof?
say I start a trade, deposit money, click on the button to confirm
what stops the seller to cancel the trade right then?

you can do that with 3 if they have good spinal mobility.

buy in bitinka and withdraw to binance seems to be the way in south america, works for peru

I am in São Paulo Brazil jerking off to homossexual child porn and watching my portifolio

Life is great in this country.

Current information playing etherdungeons and holding. We are gonna make it bro

Have an bamp of coke

the fact that they cant cancel the trade and there is a button for that, i think they freeze the bitcoins but i dont know, never had to use it

I know the BTC is moved to the escrow
but yeah if they can't cancel it then it makes sense... thx


do it OP

strangle one and post pics

It is Brazil, not Thailand.

Is there a place where hookers are tested for STDs, so you don't have to use a condom? It sounds like fun to mess with these desperate 3rd world chicks who are willing to do anything for your money, but the thought that they're all STD ridden just ruins the fun of it.

guess that's a negative

i can't speak from experience since i haven't fucked any hookers but i remember reading that in many countries that have a sex-tourism industry (like Thailand and maybe Philippines and other places) that sometimes there are higher end brothels and redlight type districts that treat it as a proper business and where they are very frequently tested.

But I mean if you're talking about street walking hookers then you're probably shit out of luck especially in 3rd world places