Job Thread?

what do you guys think I should do?
I'm 21, I've always been into programming, however I really don't know how to measure how good I actually am, I've coded stuff for years, although only the last years I made noticable improvement. I code on a daily basis (small projects for random people, not employed). I like making backend stuff, not the visual things, even if it's often required, I
just find it very dull to work with web frontend for example(90% of the time I spend with this is googling how to do something with css/javascript).

As I said I have no idea how to measure my knowledge, I'd say I'm quite good as I can "make" alot of things people would need, and I'd say the quality of my code is fine, but then again I've mostly done lighter stuff in php/c#, really uncertain how to even phrase it. I don't have any experience with the newer stuff people use for web development which seems to be wanted in the market.

I think that I'm missing the "deeper" knowledge of programming in general, I know the "How" but not really the "Why". I imagine this is something one would learn from university, however due to me being awful at math, I've not yet applied to computer science(/information technology), and I fear my knowledge wouldn't be enough for an actual job.

I've always liked to create stuff, code things and make things connect and work efficiently and all that, but the one thing that's holding me back is the idea of spending 3-5 years studying for a job which will lead to sitting in front of a computer my entire working life. Anyone who did this and regret it?

I've also considered something like studying psychology because I find, atleast the idea of it, interesting - no idea what the studies would be like like. apart from that I'm completely clueless about what I'd like to do.

Anyone who's been in the same situation?

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I hear chemistry is fucking terrible. Last time we had one of these threads there was a strawpoll for them. Anyone got an archive?

Chemistry, astronomy, ohiscs degrees are worthless. Math as well if it’s just an undergrad with nothing else.

They're god tier if you go to an Ive league graduate school. Otherwise enjoy your CS job.

Noooo wayyy economics is that low

You know crypto is dead when these threads are regularly popping up on Veeky Forums

May I remind you that every science besides mathematics (because mathematics is not a science) is a philosophy?

>Chemistry god tier
>Computer science mid tier

Who made this fucking autistic list? The job outlook for Chem is shit compared to computer science. I could point out a lot of other shitty categorizations as well.

Should be shit tier.
Mc donalds would be a better place

I'm a chemist. I walked out of undergrad a year ago into a 90k a year starting salary.

What exactly are you smoking user?

Business is for sure Mid Tier. Depending on what degree you get in a business field you could be making a good amount of money right out of college.

anyone care to give some insight to my question tho :D

I don't care what you say OP. I am an Engineer and I can assure you that Engineering is shit tier.

no, they're not

It's very clear you are LARPing, a fucking genius, or you got lucky. Look at average entry level Chemistry positions and what they are paying.

Get a professional license with a high bar of entry. Engineer, architect, lawyer. I'd say medicine but those guys work their asses off. Then go into business for your self.I'm late 30s make 100K+ and while I go to work like regular folk, I spend about half the week just fucking around. It's all good when your the boss.

>life sciences above economics and business


Proof or this is 100% larp

CS junior at a very reputable school for CS. I'm biased, but do fucking CS if you like coding. All my friends and I are getting top tier internships at big ass companies.


Does softwareEngineer count as an Engineer ;-; I don't want to be mid-tier

Law is insanely hard to make 6 figures in nowadays... this is outdated af.

You think that's bad? Wait until blockchain obsoletes most of mercantile law.

Have either of you ever met a chemist worth a damn?

Cntrl-f -> Chemist. The lowest, lowest end deal you'll get for an entry level job is 70k a year. I'm not counting people who work for universities as a non-professor researcher, those people are retarded and couldn't make it in the actual field. Same could be said for half of professors too, actually. They deserve their single-smeckel salaries.

People who can't make it as a chemist, get this, shouldn't have gone through that degree in the first place. There is no faking chemistry. No shortcuts, no tricks. If you lie, you will be found out. If you can't do the work, you will be found out. At what point do you think smart, driven, qualified scientists in a space like that are going to be underpaid?

depends on the field. tort law still makes legit money
>t. tort lawyer currently waiting on 500K settlement fee

I don't think IT is low tier at all. You can make big bucks with no education other than 'I'm good with computers'.

>although only the last years I made noticable improvement
that's what i say every few years

found the sub 3.0 gpa guy

Is marketing still a good career to get into? I'm good with statistics I think, so that's why I'm looking into it.

>low tier
whoever made this is a faggot

Unless you own your own firm, being a lawyer regardless of field is pretty saturated at this point (at least in Aus). Melbourne especially only incentivises people get a degree in it because it creates a false demand for new chinese money.

If you actually enjoy CS you’ll do ok. Most normalfags only get into it for the salary and half of them do ok in it. Basically if you do shit on your own every day for a few years you’ll be ahead of most CS grads who never did side projects and only took the classes (when it comes to the practical side of things and not theory which is like 90% irrelevant in most actual SWE jobs)

music is godtier lol, learn to play just 1 shitty instrument perfectly & you're set for life

listen to this man, only GAINS posting your stupid hipster indie music on soundcloud

there's more to a music degree than learning an instrument
music degrees mainly focus on teaching you music theory, something that isn't needed at all to be a musician and a degree is worthless cause it's a field where portfolio matters a helluva lot more than a piece of paper

Entry level bs chem is not 70k a year you goon

>top tier
Beware of any service industry job. Law was a thing when only 15% of the population went to college and 25% was effectively illiterate. 99% of lawyers create nothing and are not unlike CPAs. Yes some CPAs are millionares. Most wear shitty suits and work in a stripmall. I cant stress how much of a meme job this is.

These threads are depressing. Everyone in here is a computer science or engineering major. What the fuck are the rest of us brainlets supposed to do?

Compare chem-e starting salary to CS. Half of CS jobs are just blue collar jobs with air conditioning at this point.

be happy with what you do?
both of my parents are Communications degrees and my brother is an Art major.
They're all happy and we're decently well off

Engineering is a meme if you want a job. The wages have been stagnant for last 30 years or so. Theyre actually falling if you take the rising cost of living into account. Pic should remain the same all the way into 80s

If you want money, only pick engineering if you want to start a company. Otherwise medicine, big law/finance degree with pedigree are better bets.

fugg wrong chart, still it does highlight the problem of increasing supply of engineers either domestically and internationally

shine our shoes and fry our burgers. The high iq rule over the low iq. feudalism is still in play, you just don't realize it. We are the nobility and you are the peasants just like your neet dumb poor friends.

>you can only be an engineer or a fry cook
y'know there are plenty of industries between those right?

I'm not saying only engineers can be nobility, doctors, lawyers, entrepeneurs, fighters, etc can all be successful too. But the big disparity between the higher and low classes is in iq and talent, in the end if your iq is low/you are talentless you're fucked, the only chance you have is to be lucky. otherwise you will stay a peasant.

I go the best school in the US for my field. Just being a realist.

Anons, pls help.
> 22, white male
> Studying applied math
> Living at home to save money
> Redpilled af, nearing blackpill
> All I really want is to go innawoods and be left alone/watch society burn
> No real desire for gf or bf
> Only thing that I enjoy is reading math, philosophy, programming, and sometimes going out to go dance/public speaking
Wtf do I do. I enjoy doing/learning math, but I feel crushed.

>tfw lawyer bots soon

Nah whats depressing is that computer science is mid-tier. I have a degree in computer engineering which is basically half computer science. Guess I'm shit tier.

Math alone won't get you shit. So something with computer science when you're out of school. You can find research or maybe a job that requires a lot of math in that field. I'm pretty sure with a degree in applied math you could find a job in that field but do research.

Completely disagree. They're god tier if you actually do amazing research which just happens to be more likely to occur at an ivy league school. It might be a semantics issue, but I feel like that is a more correct statement.

Well it's applied math, not pure math, doesn't that make a difference? I'm teaching myself to program in Python, and it's going okay, but I don't know what I need to do in order to set myself up so that I can make 75k+

I agree. If you have research in high IF journals then your institute doesn't matter. As you said though, it just happens Ivy league typically attracts the most professors and graduate students who will end up publishing in high-profile journals. I.e) a top 10 school's department will typically have more publications in Nature, Science, etc. than a < 10 school.

Applied mathematics is an amazing undergraduate degree. My background is in a pure science but when I was looking around for research groups (over multiple fields, interdisciplinary and pure), the amount of graduate students who had their undergrad degree in Appl. Math. surprised me. I also imagine you could get into a good graduate degree in finance (computational finance). Either way, you have more options than most people assuming your records are good.

The diagram is so simple I don't even need one.
God Tier: management.
Shit Tier: not management.
There's your list.

>learn js/angular/react/aws
>make easy 6 figs

I have a GI Bill to use but I HATE school. fuck.

:| Well that's good. I really wish I had a goal that I was working towards though, because I feel like I'm just floundering around. I've tried imagining what I would do if money were no concern, and I'd honestly probably just shitpost on Veeky Forums, go to the gym, eat healthy, do math, read philosophy, and go to bed. I've gone weeks at a time without any major IRL interactions, and I think I'm just mentally fucked because the only thing that is enjoyable to me is devouring new information

Oh i know this feel. it fucking blows, but just power through and get that degree man it will be worth it

Oh, and I'm currently working retail part-time and tutoring hs students.

Chemistry grad here BSc, job outlook is shit pay is shit. AMA. Don't listen to that asshole. Live in Ontario, half-way impossible to find a job because you need 3 years experience for an entry level position. If you do get hired you will be getting minimum wage (or very slightly above) and be a micro-slave. Took me 2 years after graduation to get hired and ended up making 17 loonies an hour. Looking to get into QA for marajuana maybe for Aurora/Canopy. If you're lucky you find a decent job out of your field ex. Radiation Technician for the big nuclear plant around here. Maybe deserves to be in Mid Tier because it's very interesting, fun and when you do get a job you're working in a good, clean, relatively low stress environment.

how to become rich lawyer?
i was thinking of going to law school to combine it with my CPA and be a tax-layer, but i don't know if they make that much

Do you go without IRL interaction out of preference? If that's the case, math or any theoretical science grad school would probably suit you. Very little interaction unless you go out of your way.

The important part is to do well, even if you don't have any clear future career goals. My undergrad thesis supervisor used to always tell me to not worry about my current interests, since they would change anyway (he was correct). Instead just focus on performing exceptionally, going to the most prestigious school under the most famous prof you can and your CV essentially goes from being a resume to a piece of paper that says "fuck you" in size 180 font. I.e) you can do whatever you want.

gonna make 6 figures when I graduate art school watch out

Sounds like you just weren't able to find a job because you learned nothing in university. Stay salty

Any accountants ITT? I understand it's not gonna make me millions, but it sounds fairly comfy. Meme job or worth it?

Planning on either going to a trade school or college this time next year and wanna get an idea

>studying business with an emphasis in supply chain management

What are my job prospects?

Right, but I'm hesitant about even going for engineering/CS whatever because I just know I will fuck up those calc classes. I was thinking about just using it for trade school and apprenticeship

Go to community College and try the Calc classes there. If you can't pass then do something else.

Thanks user, that is encouraging. Yes, I mostly avoid social interactions out of choice. I've previously done door-to-door sales, and did pretty decently at it, except that I was working with my brother and was depressed because he has always been better at everything than me and I hated being shown up by him all the time, even though he tried to be gracious about it. I used to enjoy going dancing, but ever since I've seen more of what women are like, I can barely stand to be around them. I still enjoy public speaking every now and again, but I'm always afraid of revealing my power level, and tend to have a pretty bleak outlook on things. Going to the gym is nice, but I hate that they are always playing music. The only thing that worries me is that it seems like all the math jobs are being used for purposes that I'm fundamentally opposed to, and I would to be responsible for making the world a worse place.

good as fuck, thats what they are

expect a lot of trucking companies and warehouses to be hitting your shit up senpai, youll start off low on the totem pole but youll get to management in no time

dont do CS. Its literally full of pajeets and gooks

So besides engineering/CS what is a good degree to pursue? Business? Law? CIS?

Do what makes you happy.

same here senpai, gonna go to a 4 year for information systems

thankfully i was gifted with a good natural ability for math, so the gen ed math classes should be cake

on top of that, the classes needed for the degree itself have zero math involved

Another Engineer checking in. Confirm that it is indeed Fucking shit teir. Typing this from the toilet in the office because I Fucking hate it.

I was also thinking about CIS

I have an international business degree and currently I'm a mutual fund shill for a Big Bank

This is so shitty I actually am considering suicide. If I lose this job I'm debating just becoming an electrician and maybe one day I can start my own business..

Psych major,
Got my masters in mental health counseling,
Love my job, wish I got paid more but I absolutely love what I do and as an added bonus I learned how to hypnotize subjects, which comes in handy when I wish to satiate my desires.
Also feels good to have good social skills.
42k a year salary but totally worth it with 3 weeks paid vacation, 10 holidays a year, 10 personal days.
If you're not a retard who needs to lease new cars and can live within your means, do psychology and live within your means and build wealth via property, slowly.

> 42k/year
This is bait

> don't do CS its full of the most intelligent races

lol. there are plenty of whites in CS too, what is wrong with studying with asians/pajeets? The american ones are bro tier and high iq.

Accounting. I love watching you morons try and figure out taxes. The IRS is going to fuck you all so hard.

i have a CS degree but i watched anime and got high the whole time

how do i get back on the horse?

>camel case
found the java developer

Yes they are because they fit the empirical paradigm, and whatever is the mathematics part of it does not.

>tfw only 115 IQ so I can't do STEM.

What's the best non STEM degree? I was thinking accounting.

accounting still requires calculus, brainlet

>not double majoring in philosophy and economics

It does not, nothing past algebra 1. Dont talk about shit if you know nothing about it.

Working on my masters+cpa in accounting. Pretty solid and you can expect 50-80k starting at most places. My last internahip was 26/hour.

Its boring as all fuck.

Any rf engineers here?

mech eng?

I got a B.S. in Kinesiology, absolute shit degree but it did fulfill all the pre-reqs for medical graduate school, will be applying to PA school next year.
Just got a job selling medical software for the meantime.

>I've always liked to create stuff, code things and make things connect and work efficiently and all that, but the one thing that's holding me back is the idea of spending 3-5 years studying for a job which will lead to sitting in front of a computer my entire working life. Anyone who did this and regret it?

I see two possible STEM options for you:

1) Embedded engineer. You'd be in an office, in front of a computer, programming *firmware* for embedded devices (microcontrollers, etc). Embedded stuff is everywhere. TV, microwave, your car, your phone, etc etc. Your code will take inputs from the real world, perform work, and *do* something physical. A good example is something like an iPod, which takes input from the user (e.g. hitting the click wheel) and outputting music via an electrical signal to your headphones/speakers. Some "cool" companies to work for would be Tesla, SpaceX, any other auto companies, anything that has a computer really.

2) Automation/controls engineer. You could work in an office or a factory/plant/manufacturing environment. You'd be coding PLC, which are programmable logic controllers. These take industrial instrumentation as inputs (e.g. pressure sensors, temperature sensors, etc) and, via your code, will *do* things in the real world, such as open/close valves, start/stop motors, etc. All that beer you like drinking? That TV you like to watch shit on? The *chair* you are sitting on? That was more than likely made in some sort of factory, and that factory was driven by PLCs.

Both of these jobs would more than likely require a BSEE, more so the former.

The picture is of a women who may or may not be a controls engineer at a plant. There are literally like three women in the entire world in the two fields I mentioned.

Yup. Feeling comfy.

mfw when im an entrepreneur. Is entrepreneur overlord tier?

shit tier + a little tech and math get me laid anytime i want, retired already



What can I do with a physics bachelors with shitty grades?

>3 weeks vaca

looooooool. sometimes i forget how cucked people are here