I just had a realization. What if for the first time, Veeky Forums was actually right, and LINK did actually moon...

I just had a realization. What if for the first time, Veeky Forums was actually right, and LINK did actually moon? Just imagine how heartbreaking that would be if LINK shot up and you didn't buy anything despite all the warnings. I wouldn't even be able to live with myself if that happened, to have people constantly tell me every fucking day "BUY LINK" and then I don't and end up watching a bunch of virgins become millionaires while I'm stuck being a loser wagecucking.

It's fucking scary enough to make me buy. I know LINK likely won't moon, but I'd kill myself if it went up astronomically and I didn't get any.

If you don't have at least 10k LINK yet you're a fucking retard and need to fuck off to reddit

>guise what if Scientology became a top 5 world religion?
>What if you're missing out on getting in on the ground floor of Hubbard's church?

>buying discord PND shitcoins

It will moon just because it's on Binance
But not going to 100$ like these faggots say

> I know LINK likely won't moon,

whys that?

I don't personally hodl any link, but I sincerely hope the stinky linkies make it.

and you realized this today?

It will go to $1000. that's an established fact

PnD. Happened to AMB just 2 days ago
There is a group targetting low mcap and under the radar shitcoins. They accumulate heavily when there is no movement and then dump on the fomoers

No erc20 token will go that high
5$ and I'm being extremely optimistic

It will moon, just because of meme density. No other coin has had as many memes as link has, and they are genuine funny self-depricating memes too, sustained over 6 months. You think a PnD group is going that far? this is a genuine meme that had caught on and i am not sure anything could derail the project now. even if the founder left, as the case in Dogecoin, the meme-density is just so high that the community will pick it up and make it work.

If you doubt the power of a true meme coin I invite you to look at the lifetime graphs of Dogecoin, Bitbean, Trumpcoin

No what you’re being is a pajeet that doesn’t have LInk

Uhhh didn't you read? They are using the power of visualization, garentted 1k

visualize yourself using the potty, street shitter.

No one gives a shit if you buy or not so gtfo

But link is a pajeet coin

RLC unironically will though

i gotta be honest, link feels like BTC in 2011 or ETH in 2014

i just don't know what competition it has

>What if for the first time, Veeky Forums was actually right

>biz shilled ETH amidst shedloads of FUD where Vitalik was memed on just as Sergey is today
>biz shilled Antshares/NEO amidst shedloads of FUD where it was written off as a chink coin and a scam

Chainlink will definitely reach $100 sometime in the next few years. I personally think $1000 is not out of the question.

Mobius, rcn, oraclize
A lot of projects are already catching up and link is quickly losing the "muh first mover advantage" advantage

what's it called? can't find it on coinmarketcap

I just want to say if any human being falls for this obvious FUD, they are truly brain dead.

Buy ChainLink.

I was under the impression everyone agreed that Mobius was shit without having to actually say it out loud

You never know user... some people on Veeky Forums are literally mentally retarded.

>for the first time, Veeky Forums was actually right
>wasn't here for anonymous pwning
>wasn't here for bitcoin moon mission
>wasn't here for eth moon mission
>wasn't here for trump victory

It's worse than a simple pnd, it's become religious fanaticism.


It's probably going to happen, you should buy some at least.