good news coming out every couple of days

> good news coming out every couple of days
> price slowly dropping

I don't understand, who is selling this coin right now and why?

People who don't like money.

Don't be like them, user. Right now it's a slow burn, it hurts, it does, but give it time. The more people bleeding out right now, the more there are who will FOMO in during mainnet and any huge news.

whales accumulating

this coin is dead

literally all in right now. Feeling pretty comfy, but not liking sitting on the sidelines while other projects aren't bleeding

they've had months of time, can't always scapegoat the whales

kys pajeet/waltenCuck

Nor do I, but I'm also all in. I barely have any to begin with, but I find this market too unpredictable. My biggest rationale is that I'm not experienced enough to predict huge pumps or dumps, so at the very least I'm in 1 coin that I can be sure will go somewhere.

I also bought my stack at about 6.7, so it hurts a bit more, but eh.

>"Hi sirs, I have big opportunity for you. if you don't buy weltoncoin, you hate monie"

People who actually understand businesses will not buy 10 dollar labels to slap on a 2 dollar pack of smokes .

Hahaha. All of that was already priced in you fucking retard. Can't stand some of these newbies who made some lucky gains in December thanks to normie mania, but whatever, enjoyed dropping my bags on these people so it's fine. Keep on buying!

Holy shit user I think you’re on to something

10 dollar labels are you fucken retarded.

So, China state owned tobacco company, that produces 30% of all cigarettes in the world, doesn’t understand business?

Hmmm. Btw the rfid chips are going to cost like 2 cents you morons

they are selling because this coin is going to bleed until main net launch. then it will have another bull run all the way to the 10$ mark.

>Just realised China state owns the tobacco company.
>Everyone says China doesn't care about counterfeiting.
>Tobacco company could pay literally 2 cents to stop counterfeiting.
>Raid shops selling counterfeits and arrest them, no defence because they should have checked the chip before selling.
>Government profits massively all thanks to VEN

Am I missing something?

I cannot figure out why this is not a top 10 coin rn

Holy shit user i think your on to something

this is why im so bullish on VeChain
10$ eoy min

Do you mean $100? I mean, we've almost hit $10 already..

I sold my stack when btc hit 7.5k and spread it into some smaller cap coin that hasn't recovered (DBC, poe, ppt, etc)
I'll buy this again around end of the month, might a bit expensive at 50k-55k, but at least i already got a potential to increase my stack by around 15%-30%

you know what would be good news? Vechain releasing a fucking whitepaper

dont wprry. this and icx are long term holds

Lol Walton cucks on suicide watch. Never seen people so mad about a coin they don't even own

I wish I knew. I'd hate to sell and try to buy back lower but time is so wrong that some news drops or whales randomly start pumping and before I know it I'm left behind.

The only thing you missed is that this same story will be applied across every industry and continent, and they will all be running on the actual VeChain blockchain and holding VET.


Never seen a coin holder so obsessed with their competitors as Vechain. Sounds like insecurity


Implying that Walton fags don't come on every single VeChain thread, FUD it, then talk about MUH TECH. No VENners even go on your stupid Waltie threads, we just let them fucking die.

Asking for basic transparency isn't FUD, you stupid nigger.

yes sirs buy waton good profit sir

Transparency on what you little ADHD faggot? You fucking kids roam these boards spewing shit out of your mouth, crying every time every little thing is not fucking spoonfed to you.