Making it with crypto gains

>making it with crypto gains
>suddenly "friends" want to hang out
well well well... looks like the tables have turned. It's so satisfying to snub them.
>"hey bro whats up?!? got free time this week?"
>"cool let's hang out bro it's been a long time!
>nah don't feel like it
Then they stay quiet, until next week when they try this shit again. I especially like when they are not outright saying they want to hang out but hinting at it.
>"broo did you hear about this movie?"
>"dude it's pretty nice"
Heh, nice try.
Fuck it feels good to be smug. You haven't talked to me in almost a year and now you want my attention. Well, you'll get it. But on my terms.

This is the most autistic thing I have read all day.

be careful what you wish for, you may get it

>Get crypto gains
>Have conversation with friends who don't try to leech off me or beg me for investing advice

Feels good having actual friends

Why do they know that much about your finances anyways - this is autistic as fuck

gtfo with your shit larp, faggit

>You haven't talked to me in almost a year and now you want my attention. Well, you'll get it. But on my terms.

normie oppressor detected

I made half a million and I've lost most of my friends. Rubbing it in to people is nice, but remember karma is a bitch. Also people wouldn't know you made cash unless you told them, a dumb move.

This is a pasta and newfags are showing themselves.

>revealing your crypto gains

I know this is a copypasta but lol

you showed them bro

You are still a fucking loser.

>be you
>go around for years being a creepy fuck, masturbating to drawings of little chinese girls
>people avoid you because you're a weirdo
>you say you've earned a living wage trading some imaginary coins
>people don't believe you
>you prove it to them somehow
>people genuinely change their opinion of you, they thought you were a neet loser but it turns out you actually have a marketable skill
>they give you the benefit of the doubt and try to include you in their social circle out of interest, and some guilt
>you revert to autism

I've learned not to talk about crypto

Lmao you're that type of person eh, you think you're better just cause you have a few peanuts?

sounds like u are a social outcast to me

Where's that picture of pepe where he says something like "While you were out partying i was trading cryptocurrencies" or something? Anyways, OP, good for you, and what a bunch of leeches. The only reason I wouldn't dismiss them outright is if I wanted to play with them for my own entertainment.


kek bunch fags who haven't made it yet, you'll see what OP is talking about once you make it.

this, feels gewd

copypasta Veeky Forums is mostly redditors now,
time to jump ship kys normies

Thank you user

I remember this. Nice pasta.

Most of my friends stopped talking to me once I got cash

>friendless while poor
>has the opportunity to change it when rich
>remains friendless while rich

I’m relatively new and have seen this a bunch of times

>be me.
>best friend got into crypto over a year ago
>all he talked about/cared about
>he never wants to go out or be sociable anymore
>we lose touch
>I hear my friend got rich
>happy for him.
>maybe he will have time to hang out now that he doesn't need to chase profits
>try contacting him to hang out
> totally shafts me with a better than you attitude
> worried money changed him

What do Veeky Forums?




Nice copypasta