It's plunging, isn't it


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no please no
i went all in at 8800

Yes, it is. It got rejected by 9k, so now it's going down again. Might even go down to 7k or so before reversing, who knows.


It's been green candles all day, let it fall some.

it feels like it has been fluctuating between 8200 and 8900 for years now


im bullish and this is a retarded entry point

Should I sell? I went 50/50 BTC/BCH.

I shorted at 8800


A few red candles and then go time!

my nigga

Time to shill for omega again

tethered half my portfolio at 8800, ironically feels comfy

Glad at least two others are with me.

You think that's how it works? kek

i am so fucking scared that it might test high 8800 very soon

How did you know it was going to plummet? I have the worst fucking instincts. Thank god I only bought $5.5k worth.

Look at 1D candles with the OBV (on-balance volume) indicator. The volume on this bounce was abysmal, we're headed back to 7k minimum. I think below 6 just based on the trend.

It failed to reach 9k like 5 times

Massive sell wall at 9000 on every exchange. Intimidating really. That combined with poor volume means the rally was going on against the odds.

Why the sell wall? Because people believe in TA. 9k was the previous support point; after it crashed through that it became a resistance.

typical Monday Night
Enjoy the party :)
Even though i bought in recently, i love the bears.

Bulls went all in today and lost. We testing 6000 again boys

You’re gonna lose that shit bro Tether has no USD. Those are gonna be some pretty heavy bags, soon...

Going back up to 9000

i dunno how to use it senpai but i will google it
never believed in "we are at desperation phase" and got lucky

By the way, be aware that it could bounce up to test the old trendline. Don't fall for it.

You could buy any coin and you chose BCH?

It broke one of my meme lines again, hasn't been at 8.6k since like noon here.

Watching like 7 hours of TA videos and drawing on charts. There's arguments for Elliot Waves, channels, resistance all kinds of stuff. More in favor of bears than bulls but I think that's most importantly from the resistance at 9k and the low volume.

>Because people believe in TA
I hate the self full fulling prophecy thing but it's true sometimes.

TA was a mistake

No fun allowed

D-don't remind me senpai, I don't intend to make a habit of this

Still got my long term holds tucked away just in case shit hits the fan

I will never understand people who go all in anywhere near 9k, regardless of how bullish they are.

holy shit i was right to be afraid after all

its bouncing off one of my meme lines. we'll see if it holds, but it could be a bad situation since a lot of people might have got short or cashed out expecting an imminent crash. if this thing peeks its head above 9k, the opposite will occur, full fomo mode, ripe for a real crash. just a scenario.

I have to sleep now, you better stay above 8600 for 6 hours.. or push above 9k. One or the other.

Tether here too, here's to buying low later user

Thanks for the information. How long did it take for you to learn this stuff?

how hard you went in senpai?are you gonna be rich after the dip?

>5 min candles

Yeah bro, reliable analysis you have there.

I haven't learned much yet, bought in during Oct so I'm reaching my break even. Just follow a bunch of Youtubers and watch their TA as it goes down, take notes see who is getting things right. Scribble their shit on your Trading View. Chart guys are a good place to start, they do MJ, stocks and crypto.

Half BTC stack but it was only ever 25% of portfolio, got cash reserves to throw in still.

I've been in since November. Made a lot of fuckups along the way including foolishly trying to trade today, thought I had enough time to get in and get out. Walked away -2% for my troubles

Just been spending a lot of time on investopedia and poring over the charts lately, learning what all the indicators do and experimenting with small trades to see what works and what doesn't

It looks a lot worse on the 1 day charts man. We'd have to soar well over 9.5k to have any confirmation of breaking the downtrend

>15 min

i am gradually went in with almost everything x5 and10500 liquidation price,am i safe?

Not sure, I just sell for cash and buy back in manually. Never tried leverage. That's what I mean I haven't learned much.

If you really worried, even if it goes to +10k it will have to re test 8k and 9k soon.


I've never tried trading on margin but I think you'll be okay if you stay cool. If you see it start to bounce hard you might want to close it early, better to get out unscathed even if you miss gains IMO. Frankly I don't know what it could do, we might see it test 9k again in a few hours. Some people are still bullish on it. But if it does breach 9k it will be short-lived without heavy volume to back it up. That's what you should watch for.

The fucking omega threads that are going to be posted if this shit actually crashes