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*sips tea*

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it says 2017, it's 2018 now kiddo #rekt

>le bubble meme

We are still in a similar situation as 2008, and Bitcoin is the iceberg

You're right. Bitcoin is the iceberg and the world economy is the Titanic. :^)

Read the comic again and use your brain next time.

thing is after a bubble pops things don't just die
websites are still around after the dotcom bubble
>b-but muh tulip mania
tulips were just flowers in a small as fuck economy
some crypto can actually be used for things and is on a global scale

> small economy

At the time of the Tulip, the Dutch economy was the envy of the world. They were the top of the pyramid at the time.

yeah the top of the pyramid in the fucking 1600s
I'm pretty sure the US economy alone is bigger than the entire 1600s economy multiple times over

>Home computers will never be popular. They're just for hobbyists and businessmen.

>The internet is only for researchers and hobbyists.

>I don't need to carry a mobile phone. I can just let my answering machine take messages while I'm outside.

>Cryptocurrencies are a fad only to be used by criminals.


>Home computers will never be popular. >They're just for hobbyists and businessmen.

By 1980 the computer revolution was already underway, and people knew it was big. By 1980 we had already had the Apple ][, Commodore Pet and TRS-80 hit the market.

>The internet is only for researchers and >hobbyists.

The world wide web was invented in 1989, and was an immediate success

>I don't need to carry a mobile phone. I can just let my answering machine take messages while I'm outside.

By 1997 several models of cell phones were already in the market. Most large and small business had already adopted them, and people were lining up to buy them.

>Cryptocurrencies are a fad only to be used by criminals

You got this one right. Cryptos are a ponzi/bubble, and everyone who owns shitcoins will lose their money

logical fallacy

m8 people thought TVs and automobiles were fads
and the world wide web didn't catch on widely until like 1995

I love how lefties and commies hate crypto. You'd think they would actually love it since it erodes the stranglehold the bankers have in our lives, but no, they are so cucked they hate crypto.

Too bad for them I guess. A random nazi cryptoneet will be more influential in a few years than all of them with their butthurt twitter replies and marches.

Not true, I was there. Were you there?

You sound familiar user

Fuck off nigger, everyone called the whole internet a fad. And also a bubble.

Spoken like a 14 year old kid who read Wikipedia, and not like someone who was there. Regardless of when shit was invented, they got the public sentiment at those times exactly right.

ok tell me this then
did any random 20-30 something woman know about the internet and use it extensively?
Did she really use it to go on the primitive shit the internet had to offer in the early 90s? Or did she know about it and didn't use it at all like crypto is now?
Widespread use only really matters if it reaches women, men always have their niche interests


That looks like an IBM PC. I was using computers well before that.

One of the first computers I used (aside from teletype machines) was this old dinosaur. In order to boot, you had to enter a 12-digit key sequence on the keys on the right.

(On the right was the older model I used, on the left is the newer model that came out a few years later)

That's just not true. BBS's were very popular in the computer world for almost 6-7 years prior. The internet was viewed as an upgrade to the standard BBS.

It became very popular very fast. No one ever thought it was a fad.

He wasn't a kid like us when the internet became popular.

meant for retard

some people hate markets so much they can't see the value in not having to fund imperialism. retards

who exactly is the man in 1809 portraying?

>born to a Jewish family

When the internet was FIRST invented, it was mostly used by computer geeks.

But in the mid 90's, you had the internet revolution with a bunch of big name companies creating "friendly" online services that were yes, used by women.

For example, Prodigy started their WWW service in 1994

It was shit by today's standard, but it was pretty amazing to someone who never had such things before.

yeah I said it didn't start being used until 1995
did you read my first post? 1995 is smack dab in the middle of the 90s

Not to mention you had AOL launched in 1993, and that was bigger than all of them.

You couldn't be any more wrong. Home computers were still not common in 1980. Even in 1990, most people didn't have home computers.
Literally the only person I knew with the internet in 1994(!) was one of my friends, and only because his mother worked at IBM.
Cell phones had been in the market for over a decade at that point, but not that many people had them even in the late 90s.


british empire

They did in my circles. Hell, the macintosh came out in 1984, and that was well after computers became mainstream.

You are a fucking hobbyst nerd you fucking retard.

I, too, use daily technology that wont be the norm in at least 3 years (crypto one of the many examples).

The fact that a guy on Veeky Forums from all places knows or uses something doesnt mean its common outside our circles. Just like your BBS example. That shit was practically occultism to the world.

Love everything about this video. The 90's vibe, Amsterdam, the Dutch, the language, nobody has a goddamn cell phone.

Even if what you said was true, you miss the point entirely.

Commie here, we all own crypto and pretend we don’t lol

>*sips tea*

It already popped nocoiner leave us alone until you FOMO in at the 45k bubble

Why would you own capital and call yourself a commie? not judging, serious question.

Is it just what you and your friends like to do? bash the fash etc....

If SHE would have won, this wouldn't have happened.

>sips cawfee

Pcs didn't go mainstream until the 90s you tard. As recently as 2000 nearly half of all Americans households didnt have a PC.

1980 or 1980's? Because 1980 was the real turning point.

Here's a breakdown of how many computers each brand was selling each year.

The TRS-80 is what started the commercial market. It was a pretty good machine, though it was way too expensive for normal people (like me)

The Apple II (especially the Apple IIe) was one of the greatest computers ever made.

The IBM changed the world and brought computers to the business masses.

I don't even know why the NeXT computer is included on this chart. It was the machine that Woz built after he left apple, but it was never much to speak of. Too expensive, too advanced.

The Atari 400/800 was always shit. It was like the computer your parents bought you when they knew you wanted one, but listened to the salesperson.

My dream machine was never popular. The Ohio Scientific Challenger 4p came out in 1979, but was too buggy, too badly marketed, and didn't have enough software.

(these were the days when each brand had their own OS and ran only their own software.)

In order to survive, I’m forced to play by the rules of the system I’m currently find myself in and not by the one I wish were reality. It’s a hard life for us workers

capitalism is when your boss owns your workplace. socialism is when you own your workplace.
we're all socialists here

Forgot the chart

None of this matters. Even in 1996 only a third of households had a PC. Computer's were only for scientists, business, and nerds in the 80s.

tfw communist and american

stay mad you sold at 6k nocoiner

Not only that comrade vitalik is /our guy/

In 1982, Bill Cosby was advertising computers on TV.

You can't get more mainstream


Hah! A friend of mine is a commie (we have large disagreements politically lol). Due to a total lack of understanding of markets, he FOMO'd in back in January, bought Tron. Lost it all. Sigh.....



A whole series of TV commercials selling computers in the 1980's


However, the tangent into the history of the computer revolution takes us away from the original point... which is that cryptos are a ponzi scheme, a bubble, and a way of stealing money from poor people.

Even the first commercial mentions the existing skepticism about computers

Surest way to know if you're really talking to someone who grew up in the computer revolution.... ask them to explain what this image means.

It’s a new technology friend. Let’s possibly make money.

lmao at people who think bitcoin is a bubble with a measly 450 billion market cap meanwhile people around the world are paying 1+ million dollars for a fucking 1 bedroom condo

I think that was for the benefit of the parents, who didn't know what the hell their kids were going on about.

Think of... hell, I don't know. What is something the kids all have to have that the parents don't know about.

(and don't say cryptos.)

Crypto market cap, just like market caps in stocks, is a myth.


There are web sites you can go to now to create your own crypto.

So let's say you create "my coin", and create it with a population of 100 million coin.

Then let's say you talk a friend into buying 1 coin for $10.

What would be your market cap? $1 Billion. Does that mean you really have a billion dollars? No.

Market cap is simply an aggregate of what the total value would be if the entire population were sold at the current price.

But you wouldn't be able to get the current price of all of them. The same is true for both cryptos and stocks (and probably dollars if it came down to that)

the quiet commies are the ones who read economics books

It already bursted and it's on it's way back up. Fucking kek.

>lol if you're a communist why aren't you homeless then


are there seriously STILL nocoiners on this board? fucking hell

>tfw you'll never live in an age where the internet doesn't exist and people spend the majority of their down time outside and enjoying life

>were you there
Motherfuck, I was. I'm 36 and I distinctly remember my father didn't want his business (he had about 7 stores on the east coast that dealt with shipping) because he said "it's pointless and useless to invest thousands in this flash in the pan shit when what we have works." Most of the people who had medium-sized business thought the exact same thing. Millions of people thought the same way.

Consider the fact the only thing stopping us from getting computers/internet become ubiquitous and commonplace wasn't our lack of technological prowess, it was the fact that there was no major market for it for almost twenty years. Imagine how much farther along we would have been if there was 10 times more interest in the apple II back in the early 80's? I guarantee you there were people absolutely screaming at people to purchase shares in computing technologies in the 80's, and just like 2011 bitcoin, only a few people actually fucking listened. Now consider the fact that it took almost 40 years for that commercial tech to develop to where it is now, whereas crypto has existed in the public sphere, for what, 7-8 years now? All that's required to further blockchain is more public interest, which has happened now thanks to media shilling. It's just a matter of time. I said it in fucking 2011 when I first found crypto, and I'll say it again in 2021 when I decide to cash out finally.

I don't usually reply to bait, but this particular way of thinking is so egregious it beckons a reply. People like you only open your mouths to baitpost when crypto is taking a dip.

> Born in 1981
> Had serious business talks with my dad when I was an infant.

There’s no ethical way to read economics books under capitalism, soyboy

i read them on the internet for free

*sips tea*

Sure there is, just read Marx lol

>no ethical way to read books

My friend had AOL in 1992. I got it in 1995. IT was still pay by the minute.

I got broadband around 2000. I got facebook in college in 2005. I joined reddit in 2008.

Finally, I joined 4chain in 2018. Veeky Forums is great! All in on LINK lol!

Don't know why you are getting such hate

There’s no ethical way to enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labor for free, correct
The capitalism Internet that capitalism pays for, yes
Oh that guy who lived off of capitalism, gotcha

Guys...you already HAVE jobs. Your job is to smoke marijuana and play video games. This keeps you out of the way. Back to work, chop chop

I think that you might have accidentally stepped into the thing that all these innovations have had in common, and the reason crypto will succeed. It’s always been young people who dragged old people who were skeptical and set in their ways, into the future of technology. Computers, smart phones, internet, crypto.

are you actually this retarded or do you just not want to be dismissive and not read into what I wrote?

it was 1992, dumb shit. My dad had the option of spending roughly $12,000 to equip his company with computers and internet connections in three of his locations. He chose not to do it, and then severely regretted the decision later. Even though the technology had gotten much cheaper, he was outpaced by several other companies in the New England area. Only site that wasn't affected was the one near Gloucester, Virginia.

The point isn't him sitting me down and bringing me in an oversized suit to business conferences, the point is I know someone directly related to me who made a bad choice in firmly believing internet was going to be a flop. This eventually bit him in the ass.

>There’s no ethical way to enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labor for free, correct
not true, all leftist literature is free
>The capitalism Internet that capitalism pays for, yes
paying for things =/= capitalism. that's just markets at work
>Oh that guy who lived off of capitalism, gotcha
capitalism is when your boss owns your workplace. Marx was a NEET so he opted out

the "empire: still has a powerful military

we still use similar infrastructure, power, designs of rigs as the titanic

the market is stronger than 2008

as much as BTC crashes its still valued higher than last year.

the only thing you sip is mountain dew

People were always getting the free trial disk in the mail. So they would just collect all the disks from their relatives and the garbage, and create new accounts.

You dad thought computers were a passing fad in 1992?

Enjoy attaching custom word definitions to your emotions so you always feel correct, bong’s over there


>soyboy doesn't know the definition
makes u think

Truth be told, crypto's are the sharpee you keep seeing pop up in threads.

Just busting your balls a bit.

What he was probably talking about was having to have a T1 or ISDN line in his business. Both were expensive as fuck back then.

Stay mad, no-coiner.

he saw the importance of personal computers at home for things like writing documents, printing papers, storing information (binders and document trays are fucking massive for someone involved in shipping).

However, for someone that was born in 1953, the idea of online shopping, ebay, amazon, social networking, was completely out of the question. When I was 11, I thought computers were cool, and even when my friends got prodigy or CIS I could see the potential in speaking to people online and sending messages to family across the world. He was a boomer that was used to pen and paper shit, and thus had no belief in that shit.

Not mad.

It's just that I've lived through so many bubbles and get rich quick schemes, I know the playbook and the outcome

> sending messages to family.

Bullshit. You spent all your time hoping your parents wouldn't walk in while you were browsing alt.binaries

I'll be completely honest, my friend and I wanted to find girls on usenet channels and talk to them because we were shy autistic fucks at age 11 who spent all day playing sonic 2.

You sound familiar.

Any way enjoy being left behind friend.

Speaking of usenet, anyone know what's a good tracker to get past obfuscation for porn?

Oh, not totally left behind. I own stock in several electric utilities. Keep mining.

No such thing.

Mining? Stocks? What are you like 70?

Hang on, I've got Jolson on the Victrola and it's too loud.

>Juicero will never be popular. We can squeeze our own juice.