Get some sleep

Casper King Bed $2800
Casper Duvet $500
Casper Sheets $400

Casper shit is whack, you can buy the same exact thing on Amazon delivered to your door for $200. Kek.

>paying more just to fund their absurd advertising budget

link faggot

Spending $200 on something you spend a third of your life in. When I make it i'm buying the most luxurious fucking bed. Like when you stay in a 5* hotel and you lie down in bed and think this is just fucking great. That's how you should be spending 8 hours out of 24.

Room & Board King Mattress $800
Costco Sheets $100
Pottery Barn Duvet on sale $200

I just fucking built a bed literally 10x better than yours for under 1/3 the price. How does that make you feel, retarded user?

>be biz fag
>buy some shit on alibaba
>put western brand name
>charge cucks 100x more than paid

thats the best thing my crypto money will buy me. at the very least, a large bedroom so I can put some kind of fucking california king bed in there, and have some goddamn nice sheets also. fuck everything else desu

>muh you spend a third of your life on it
>muh mattress is an investment
>falling for a smart copy writer's copy this much

Kek. I'm a copy writer so kudos to the guy who came up with this meme of investing in a mattress and it needing to be expensive.

I bought 2 of the same kinds of mattress that Casper just marks up and basically private labels for my Airbnb unit, at least a dozen people comment on how comfortable the beds are and they came rolled up in a vacuum sealed box and cost about $160ish each with Prime 2 day delivery. Feels good man.

agreed, you can't put a price on amazing sleep

Link pls

Casper the friendly ghost, $2.99

Your point?

I sleep on the hardwood floor, actually great for back and posture. You adjust to it after a week or so and its comfy as a bed.

Damn, you sound like a North Korean....

... after a few years, grass tastes as good as rice.

now when I do lay on a bed it actually feels like literal heaven lmao

Queen bed from Addable $500
Jersey sheet set from Amazon $40
Some shredded latex pillows I already had lying around - free

Comfy af sleep every night. Most foam beds are made from the exact same shit sourced from the exact same suppliers, I liked Addable because they cut the crap, tell you what you're actually getting (a slab of foam) and don't overpromise shit (it's a soft bed, it'll feel nice, it probably won't feel like getting your cock sucked by casper the friendly ghost though)

And if you're getting a memory foam mattress, get fucking jersey sheets. Regular sheets don't have the elasticity and ruin the point of having memory foam in the first place.

amzn dot to/2HcKuvE
I'd rec this, a little pricier but thicker/firmer

As someone in his late 20's that dropped $2k on a mattress a year ago...
I must say it was one of the best purchases I have made since my last car. No regrets here.

that's funny, I recently decided that the first thing I buy when I make it is a decent bed

Don't be fucking retarded. Get a double sided spring mattress that you can flip. One with a long ass warranty. High quality boxspring and frame also a must. Still way cheaper than some foam shit.
> cal king restonic 1100
> some fucking jersey sheets from target
best bed ever

Get a real bed

there is no way this is actually good for your back. Yes we've seen people claim that in movies but that shit ain't real. Get a mattress user and save your health