Who here /loser/?

26 year old janitor working at my old high school here

i make $11.50/hr (about $13k/year after taxes) and live in government subsidized housing with my disabled elderly mom. i have about $6000 in crypto and $2000 in the bank, no debt. i ride my bike 3 miles to work each day.

i'm not gonna make it am i? how do i get out of this situation, im tired of being a stupid poor wagecuck. the worst is homecoming every year when all the successful students come back to visit and they see me sweeping the halls like a retard

how do i escape this life?

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Try to find some good ico

It's simple...
Buy Link.

work at a different high school. honestly not having any debt makes you better off than a lot of your former classmates

What the fuck you're supposed to visit your HS during homecoming?

Fellow loser with no ambition here. I dont have any advice for you

I work as a professor at a top university and you are unironically in a better financial place then me b/c no student debt.

Why don't you start taking classes at a community college? If you transfer to a uni and go into STEM you'll have a better life by the time you're 30.

>hs reunion
>still wearing janitor uniform
>"so what do you do now?"
>oh i work here as a janitor

How much are you able to save in a year and what is your credit score?

STEEM Dollars?

better off than i am at least you dont have debt.

shill me on some

what would i study? I could probably take some programming courses but i'm not sure if I could make the transfer to a real university without huge financial aid (free ride pretty much)

so far after medical costs for my mom and cost of living stuff, it's been around $3000 a year saved. credit i'm not sure, I haven't used my card in a while. maybe in the 650s last time i checked

i'm not asking for much, just to move out of the fucking projects, provide a better life for my mom and maybe start a family

EPY.....seriously. Buy is with some spare Ether, even just a bit to get started with. 1% dividends daily, passive income. Shit is legit OP.

donate plasma make an extra 350 a month

You have a stead job, you've saved up money for a rainy day and you've made some investments. Some retarded investments, sure, but still. You're healthy and you get exercise daily. I'd say you've already made it.

If you want to live a better life, think about what you need to do to earn more money in 5 years? Do you want a better job? Do you need to take classes? Do you want to work in an office or keep using your hands? The world is your oyster.

>$3000 a year
Shit man. I was gonna suggest you save up and put a down payment on a cornerstore or a small dry cleaner but it'd take 10 years for you to save the down payment alone.

Your best option is to get a new job. Save up to go to trade school or take online courses to become a plumber/electrician. The online courses are a much cheaper option, maybe a little over $1k in total. Afterwards, take up as an apprentice. Total timeline for either option is about 3-5 years but then you'll be making ~$50k a year so you'll be on par with the average American.

Even if you keep your current job and continue saving $3,000 per year, assuming your in your 20's, you're actually on track to retire by 65 or even earlier.

Fuck you op you fucking loser faggot, you are richer than me so stfu, also buy link

meeeeeee toooooooooooo

Op, you're not a looser.
And you can make it.

Not going to tell you my looser story, it doesn't matter.

There are many ways to make some money, can just repeat that hpb looks like very simple way to #make_it but not the only one, just be careful and dyor.

Yeah what a great option. Working a shit job you hate for a literal lifetime to save just enough money to have the living standards of a third world african nigger while you wither away and die.

hey OP. you sound like a chill dude. 6k in crypto is solid. if youre concerned about making more money, or just want a new job, go get it man. why not try out a sales gig? im sure theres more work in the area, you just gotta get after it. indeed.com is great for job searching.

also, start working on your mind by meditating and thinking more positive thoughts. youtube will be your best friend for this. you go this man

If I had 6000 in crypto I'd be filthy rich by now. Your situation does indeed suck and I do feel sorry for you, but you are retarded. All you really need is a good 10-20x and you're good. And it's not hard to find those type of coins. Lurk moar you fucking dumb ass

This is a pretty good pasta. Maybe it's real and is the same guy who posted this last week.

>If I had 6000 in crypto I'd be filthy rich by now

thanks dudes definitely want to go to school. it just wasn't in the cards at the time and i just sorta got stuck in this shithole town

>on track to retire
maybe if ETH hits $100k

i'm exploring every option right now tbqh, thanks for the tip i'll check them out

But I would though. Just because you're a brainlet who fails at everything doesn't mean everyone else does. Also

how can you claim to have succeeded when your salty some poor fuck has "$6000". You realize that is a trivial amount of money right?

Why didn't you make it rich already faggit?

lmfao i've already "made it", stay pleb, pleb

You don't even have $6k. You are a brainlet. If you weren't, you would have $6k.

It’s okay op, you aren’t a loser in my book. You just got dealt a shitty hand and making the most of it. I respect that.

>ll you really need is a good 10-20x and you're good. And it's not hard to find those type of coins. Lurk moar
"Lurk moar" -- yeah, that's great advice. How about some detailed descriptions on how to spot those 10x-20x "sure things>"


this guy seems goofy at first, but just keep listening to his lectures over and over, trust me

I can get you a second job making $1.25 more an hour depending on where you are. I know it isn't much but it all adds up over time.

open offices are cancer

>t. salty poor braindead brainlets
Stay mad, niggers.

>defending someone who says "If I had $6k Id be rich"

Where do you live OP?


>Surviving is winning, kid. Everything else is bullshit

100% not a loser, the Offspring's guitarist was their janitor

i used to be until i started looking at decentralized exchange coins and won huge with ZRX and KNC

b0x.netork is the next one on the list that i am going to pile half my stack into

gl OP

that life seems pretty comfy OP

Lmao. Imagine how depressing it would be to look back on your life and realized you spent 45 years as a janitor. Actually imagine spending your whole life on any job.

>the world is your oyster
I remember this cringe

22 student here who just did fuckall this semester
20k in crypto and 20k in rigs (pre-inflation)

Am I going to make it?

22 yo dentalschool dropout neet. Couldnt handle the stress or the huge debt. Now all I have is a shitty biology degree. No idea what to do now. Probably just wagecuck minimum wage jobs till I die.

>"i ride my bike 3 miles to work each day."
Good, keep doing this, it will keep you in good health, which is most important if you want to "make it"

> "no debt"
good, keep it up, you are on right path

> $11.5/hr
seems ok for your job

My advice is:
try to do something else (learn something good) meanwhile you are at your job as janitor.

also, invest monthly in projects you believe are good.

third, don't believe everything Veeky Forums is writing here, it's mostly bs. They will shill you their shitty bags. Point is, you have to find your bags you believe in.

Dude just start applying for better paying jobs

No debt, taking care of your mom. $6000 in crypto.

You're totally not a loser user. Keep going. You're gonna make it.

You're not in debt, and you ride your bike to work like a chad, getting sick /fit gains while saving the planet. You also have $6k in crypto, which is a respectable amount. Dude, there's nothing wrong with you, and there's nothing wrong with wanting more. I'm mirin', user.

Learn to program (python, C, C++, Java, HTML, CSS). Internet will teach you for free. Freelance in spare time to expand learning + small income. learn to make web apps, make own or work for someone else. Keep debt free and invest.

I honestly feel lucky about lots of things in my life but heres why I'm a loser:

>took me until age 21 to finish high school credits (had to do English with long distance tutor because of social anxiety fears lol)
>washed dishes for 6 years
>spent a couple years of my teens and early 20s abusing mainly Xanax and Adderall
>had a baby with a dumb as a rock cunt last year at 21.she's gotten super fat and we don't get along very well
>wasted inheritance money on damage done to stuff while high and to bail me out of cc debt
>I'm a shitty selfish person that really doesn't give a fuck about anyone else combined with being shy and sensitive it makes me feel like I'm a 12 year old


Plus, don't put yourself down for having a job. No debt, some investments and good health will get you out. Plus, try to learn something in your spare time, I for one would love to go back and study enough math to start programming, there's a lot of freelance jobs there.

Shit man upgrade. I was a janitor at the post office and got $18/h, even in a hostel or a hotel you'll get between $13-16 with the added perk of finding free stuff.

thanks for all the positive vibes biz bros

i know there are a lot of people in worse situations than me. thank you for the fresh perspectives. in my spare time i think i'll learn some programming and i'm gonna look into affordable night classes at my local cc.

E Y S my boy, E Y S

You are only a looser because you are willing to lose your dignity. Out of all the jobs in your city, or state, or country that pay $11.50/hr, you chose to take the one that just so happened to involve being a janitor at your own highschool. You didn't draw the line. You didn't defend it at any cost. You were willing to lose your dignity and that's why you lost it. If you had said, of all the jobs in my city, or state or country, janitor at my highschool is a job that I will not take at any price, then you would have won your dignity, and maybe you would have another job. Buy XRP because the banks, corporations and governments are going to win, and XRP is going to $1000.

I command you to be all in on link and be set for life

your only option is to an hero buddy

Good health is very important, good on you that you ride to work everyday. Like others have suggested, try and learn something outside of work. If you really cant stand being a janitor, try and find a better job near the HS. You will still get the workout and might be able to make more. You are not a loser OP, just remember that.

Nah just kidding. But for real, I would definitely recommend learning some programming/web development. Or maybe graphics.

XRP can be dumped in the market at will to control inflation/deflation. It will NEVER reach $1000

At least you can molest some high school girls before you an hero

fight crime in the evenings. being a janitor is just your secret identity.

Go all in on chainlink. Serious.

>i'm not sure if I could make the transfer to a real university without huge financial aid (free ride pretty much)
you'll prolly get lots of financial aid. go to a decent local school that will give you merit scholarships. community college is easy as fuck.

OP, get a serving job at a high volume restaurant. They require no skill, no education, and most dont require prior experience.

I live in Vegas, I dont know where you live, but out here even off the strip you can have days/nights where you pull in 50-100 in tips plus your small hourly wage and free or discounted food.

Just get a new job, you have janitorial experience so just apply to a job that offers more money, or at the very least you are not happy working at the school apply to any officers or buildings near your housing. Just keep applying and eventually you will get a call and you can at least work somewhere different. Might even get a bit on an increase due to your experience, You could also transition into retail now that you have job experience, there are lots of options for entry level jobs, you just have to put in a little effort. Stay away from fast food though, that shit will drain your soul.

>shill me some
Nah, just go to icobench or icodrops and DYOR

> Hire world-class cryptographers, programmers, and project managers.
> Build a company with 200 employees and offices around the world.
> Design a cryptocurrency to solve the $25 Trillion nostro account problem
>Spend years building, testing, and improving this cryptocurrency by means of partnerships with more than 100 banks in multiple countries and continents.
> Spend years building, testing and implementing software to support cryptocurrency trading within the banking system.
> Design the cryptocurrency and all related software to be compliant with all financial laws and regulations.
> They're going to dump it all.

Shut the fuck up you small-minded child.

Read about and watch videos on the Law of Attraction. Seems a bit crazy, but you can make it if you want. It'll make your life story even more exciting.

I hope we all make it user, but Goldberg Sachs and the other jews are really trying to take this chance from us now.

It it's any consolation I didn't make a huge amount of money at 26 either but now I make in a month what you make in a year, just get good at something.

join the military. If you don’t get blown up or get crippling PTSD, you’ll get taught some pretty good skills and should be set to transition into a big boy job upon your discharge.

Not a loser bro. You haven’t quit on yourself. You are going to make it.

Only for you

30y.o with a masters degree stuck working in a fucking bar here. If you do go to school make sure you do something indispensable or it'll just be expensive toilet paper.

what degree family?

You're doing well. Making money and taking care of family. I'm a piece of shit, make way more and have debt and less crypto. At least you aren't as dumb as me! You're gonna make it!

Criminology. Did one of my bachelors in finance and figured I'd make a living tracking money launderers or some shit. When it comes to work, kill your darlings.

>pink ID

Start with some positive thinking bucko.
You are young.
You got family.
You got a community of frens who want you to make it.
I trade fiat for coins because I fucking love coins and I have faith in the crypto community.
If you hate your job quit.
Never do anything that you feel is degrading.
What do you love to do user?
Do that thing until you become so good at it that get monetised. or just watch anime and collect coins.
Have a Renge.
I like you user, so I'm going to tell you that the secret to collecting coins is to just enjoy collecting coins.
Traders are fucking idiots.
Buy, hold, and only cash out if some money pig is offering you upwards of 500% return.
Then buy it back for half price when he loses interest in it.
patience is the key
play the long game

you have no aspirations because nothing drives you, maybe doing something to change your current situation will make you think differently

Look into building or buying a skycoin miner. It costs about $600 if you build it to their specs and people have estimated you'll earn $15-50k per month initially. Maybe the earnings won't be that high but it's probably worth the risk. Should be mineable starting in a month or two.

Be a janitor another 20 years then retire with a pension and full benefits

i'm counting this as open offices too, your monitor faces inwards so everyone that walks by can see your shit.