I went all in on this

>I went all in on this
Will I regret the decision?





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We gonna make it user

You might, but you might not


What function does the token have?


All in on anything is a good way to get screwed but I'm told this is a strong hold

transactions. if the chip can achieve the 1 million TPS benchmark, which is the goal, and can be used across multiple block chains which is the goal, then it will be the hardware that will be installed to perform IoT micro transactions. a new whitepaper is in the works, and these guys aren't the type to over promise and under perform. if anything it's the opposite from their track record so far DYOR, but if you find something fuct up go to telegram and ask for an explanation. then report back

I did the same in early january

Thought about selling but i just think this has real potential unlike the overhyped memecoins on the first page of cmc

How do you fucks go all in on some all be it a good coin but a small one. Anything might fuck this project over and make you bagholders for a year.

Hi risk high reward, you could have said the same about any of the previous big gainers

yes, which is why you get a bunch of good ones and divide your positions. HPB will do fine, a lot of upcoming chink coins have partnerships with it. BTO could be huge if this ends up working out

Did the same with antshares back then, went all in, sold too early but the risk paid off massively.

No. Lots of buzz building and marketing has not even started yet.

Could see this being similar if they rebrand

At the moment its like some chinks designing a car and calling it 'really fast car'

BTO is same risk, more reward

>pic related
is your name pajeet?

I own both, give me your price predictions.

Why do you say so?

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BTO is developping their own blockchain with mining, and software to use with as marketplace for computer-related data. Which will also incubate related ICOs. It may have masternodes, and breed new coins related to AI VR robotics and other sorts of data.

I was here when Antshares was ~$1 and ignored it mostly because of the retarded name making me not take it seriously. Boy do I regret that...

Great project, but a long way off

Now if they only would improve their western visibility we will be rich.


Hmm I’ve got 17k bto this post comforts me

they're formally announcing Unionpay partnership after Chinese New Year.

will be the largest partnership in crypto.

You're gonna make it

>engrish white paper
>no marketing
>shit name
>shit logo
Nice just unironically bought 100(k) on kuckcoin

How much for a master node?

The logo and name are only half as shitty as antshares, so only half the moon potential

Is there a telegram?

Don't trust this coin the devs are Chinese

ok man.

We're all gonna make it user just remember to get some link before mainnet i'm 50% HPB 50% link but in march i will be 100% link to get more HPB