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Hey Veeky Forums, I found this Samsung Galaxy S6 in the lost and found today at work. If any of you help me break into it, I'll share the secrets it hides within. Maybe there's even a crypto wallet on it

Give it back Tyrone.

typical beaner stealing shit

Niggers steal

Why user? Karma will dox you

It's highly unlikely that that phone has a crypto wallet. It's probably going to break too from being too hot.


Did you take it home? You know it's probably tracking your location and uploading it to google right?


>found in the lost and found at work

congratulations, you stole from someone in your own workplace, hope you get tracked by the owner of the phone and you lose your mcdonalds job.

fuck off theif

Emailing this thread to [email protected] to let him know the nigger at work stole his phone

Just sent an email to the owner faggot. You're fucked.

Literally just did. I said to get in contact with his employer because he's trying to break into the poor guys phone.

KEK you fucked up OP ahahahahaha


Crime doesn't pay.

Regresalo hijo de tu puta madre

I am reporting this

Heh same, said he get trying to get info about how to crack it so he could steal any crypto on it.

Hey OP you should tell us where you work so we can help you out.


Of course the dude probably isn't getting his e-mails because he only has it on his phone.

Time to reach out to the rest of the internet to locate the guy and help him get his phone back

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