Announces more partnerships

>announces more partnerships

meanwhile your piece of shit chainstink relies on a Veeky Forums larper to pump and dump their inferior product

Mobius will be the coin of 2018

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anyone smell that?

Op in IRL

thx pajeet

problem is the founders of mobius gambled on...xlm becoming the #1 coin?

i understand their logic but their vision is such a longshot that it seems to me like it's a stillborn project from the start

You are basically trying to talk into a brick wall.

Mobius is a dapp on XLM’s platform who sits at #8 in market cap. Backed by IBM. Once Mobius is up (which is looking to be before ChainLink who had a 6 month head start) then no one will care about LINK.

I’m looking forward to reading the I lost all my money threads when people realize LINK isn’t the moon mission everyone thought.

You should be holding one p2p, 1-3 platforms, 1-2 privacy coins, 1-3 IoT coins, 1-3 interoperability coins, and some type of coin that can generate passive income.

hi user, agree with your perspective here.

I'm currently holding OMG, MOBI, and ZCL (BCTP). What type do I need to add?

partnerships are used up user. the next rocket fuel will be actual implementations

P. Much this. Also, he doesn't know about LINK and IBM. He also doesn't know why Oracle focus is crucial

wrong sir, MOBI actually has a product, proof in the partnerships they are rolling out

Many partnerships are announced before a product is made. Their DApp store is a joke if that's the product you're talking about. In any case, enjoy your Mobius

*sniff sniff* I smell curry... and shit

can you jsut store this on your stellar account wallet. it will just show your lumens balance and your mobi balance next to it?

Sirs Mobius is good coin sirs plz buy no regerts.

Your pic reeks of curry

Here’s what I hold ordered by amount held in each category, do your due diligence.
Platforms: ETH, NEO, EOS, XBY
Privacy: ZCL(BTCP), XMR
IoT (this is the category that will make people rich long term): CPC, VEN, INT, WTC
Interoperability (2018 moon missions): WAN, ICX, ARK, AION
Passive income: CPChain once Masternodes are revealed.

its cute how the pajeets try to say mobius is better than chainlink because XLM is better than ETH. that is beyond retarded. if you knew even the basics of how this works you would know:
1) chainlink is a blockchain agnostic protocol where most of the work is being done off chain
2) the token is used only for payment and reputation. it wouldnt make a difference if it were an ETH token or an XLM token since no heavy lifting is done on chain.
3) chainlink already works on ethereum, bitcoin, hyperledger, and has an external adapter for iota. more adapters are in progress.
4) ethereum has multiple scaling solutions set for release this summer, at which point it will be faster than XLM
5) stop shitting in the god damn street

Stop posting mobius threads. Im still accumulating. But I cant fucking wait to rub all these gains in the linkfaggots faces EOY

nano.... hahaha holy shit top fuckin kek why would you admit that youre still holding that? although I suppose its not a whole lot worse than the other coins in this late term abortion you call a portfolio

They're learning lmao. Still, it lacks an organic flair. Better luck next time, Poopteat

airdrops list


>not selling when Ernest tells you to

I bought it at $1 im still up 10x my buy in why would I sell?

And yeah buddy, I’ve cashed out over 300k and I regret it cause I know I’m a future millionaire. We’ll see who has the last laugh.

Ernest and Omega are the biggest faggots on Veeky Forums, if they necked themselves, I would be super happy

Ernest was right every time

omega is a faggot I agree