Dear Veeky Forums. You may have seen an influx in fud over the past few days, weeks, and months. We want to assure you...

Dear Veeky Forums. You may have seen an influx in fud over the past few days, weeks, and months. We want to assure you, we save the best for last.

This will all blow up in your face shortly. We made a post similar to this in December, but people didn't consider our authenticity, but this Friday, you will.



t. Veeky Forums

need deets faggo

Dear Veeky Forums. I'm extremely lonely and crave any attention I can get.



Toss me a bone

I know when I go to drop knowledge bombs from my secret society I google "creepy pic" to post with it as well.

What’s it like to short crypto, have your position liquidated and then go full schizophrenia?

TA is pseudoscience. HODL isn’t a meme. Sorry player.

friday is mooning?? its not clear

god I wish I didnt google that

Dear Veeky Forums. Is there anyone out there?

RV... I thought we agreed were weren't going to tell them until next week.

Chip is going to be really miffed with you.


Gotta get down on Friday

I'm not believing anything a fucking Recreational Vehicle has to say, its just a stupid big car you can sleep comfortably in

>RV. Roger Ver.

BCH epic and massive pump incoming. Do you want to believe?

this thread is now about Recreational Vehicles, and where we like to take them on Fridays

Hell park it down at your local favorite watering hole, toss back a couple cold ones then you just go to sleep in it and don't have to drunk drive or call a cab. Maybe even live there for a while, stock up on cheap canned food. Hand wash your clothes, maybe even get some crops growing if there's grass

>our authenticity



>0 posts by this ID
we all wish
content or gtfo

-Rakesh Valli

What is there to listen to? Even if you were right and knew something big was going to happen, you have no credibility because you havent given us an action to take to confirm you are right.

Got no room for FUD here

Okay, guess I’ll toss in a few more bucks on Friday


What the fuck are you even hinting at least make some time of statement that means anything at all what the fuck are we not listening too

I'm in LINK and Tether, I'm untouchable. Let Friday come, I'm ready.

What the fuck is up with all these etherdungeons fags are they really making gains or is it just biz being biz?

HOLD isn't a meme? How does it feel to buy into Bitcoin at 1k, watch it go to 20k, then watch it crash down to 1k again... Lmao


So not SangreFria..

>/x/ tier pic
>secret society larp talk
go hang yourself, you'll get more attention


What does RV stand for? I think you meant RF, Random Faggot.

Thanks, just shorted 100k