You should get a career user

>You should get a career user
>Stop being an entrepreneur user and get a skill you can fall back on so you can join the rat race like the rest of us!
>When you're 40 you'll have no skills user!

>ITT we post shit boomers, and buttmad wageslavies with a lower net worth say

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Who’s the cum drum?

Who’s the semen demon ?

Who's the spunk trunk?

Who's the sperm worm?

Who is the boner condoner?

Who's the Confido?

Who is this erection confection?

Who is this penis machinist?


Yuck, you guys can have her.

Yeah I know she's pretty filthy. Just thought I'd put the brakes on this thread.

Who's the jizz wizz

wew OPs image is def her "good side"

When all you have is a couple thousand Doge for Friday night

Now I see why "she" covered "her" face.

Eye Bleach

Stop posting her im going to kms because no girls look like this
Every girl is so fucking fat and red heads are rare on top of that
A thin cute redhead is like 1 in 10000000 here

You know that's probably a wig right?

>mfw i dated a cute thin redhead with nice boobs who had great sex with me and watched anime with me and then I sabotaged my own relationship

8 years later I still think about how dumb I used to be. It physically hurts to type.

>belly tattoo
so shes not her then thank god

It looks dyed but that brings up another point
Girls dont let their hair get long like this anymore
It hurts
It hurts so much
I see an average girl being 170lbs with short hair fat face and think man if she wasnt a fat pig and didnt have shit short hair she could maybe be attractive
But no
Life is unfair

the state of biz

you should kys


Starting to seriously consider it

good job

It hurts to read this. Maybe we just need to move to ireland

>There are only two options: become an "entrepreneur" with your daddy's money or get a job.

It hurts a lot more to write it.

what do you mean

bandana that bitches face up problem solved
wouldn't let those candycorn teeth anywhere near my hairy dick anyway

that was before the meth

Why not both? Check your gains in lunch breaks and keep putting some savings into random shitcoins and wait for one to Moon.

Even if you do "make it" quitting work altogether is boring. If I made a few million in gains I'd still hang onto a chill, lazy and enjoyable part time job somewhere just for a reason to get out of bed occasionally.
t. Spent a few years not working and just traveling after making gains from the 2008 market crash and don't nothing all of the time gets boring fast

How old are you? I feel like at a point you just stop caring about working, although maybe that's just me.

its literally not her

>TFW she looks like eggman

Because I miss all the news and developments. This isn't that hard to figure out.

How many bitcions to impregnate asuka?