2.3 milly LA here. What do I do with my gains?

If you say "invest in real estate" or some other gay shit just do everyone a favor and kill yourself before you post. Literally everyone who isn't completely retarded understands transferring highly volatile assets into real estate and other tangible investments is probably a good idea. You aren't fucking smart or special for posting that bullshit.


Fortune favors the bold, niggers. If I pulled out when I hit 300k I wouldn't have and extra 2 mill right now. This is high stress high reward, this thread is about the rewards.

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damn op i wish i was as cool as you. it's not about smart investments with real estate you knob. you don't have any shit you can pretend with the house dumbass.

flush yourself down the toilet.

You should buy a seat on the SpaceX trip to the moon this year:

You can be the crypto geek whose coins literally mooned

2.3 mil? And you can afford to live there?


So I take it you're renting?

50% in chain LINK
2 million isn't enough to do anything with other than draw 7% safely and retire early. If you feel like risking it all you could leverage it for a small business, but that's not even worth it until you have more money.

I know that I would build a rock climbing gym as a small step just because I know that there is room for it in the local market

>he thinks that's comfy in LA
>post pic of greasy faced 4/10 sluts
>lecturing people about rewards
>not getting into real estate in coastal California

One of the worst Veeky Forums posts ever

How you got 2.3 mil and these are the bitches you choose, I can tell your money is imaginary.

With 2.3 mill I buy a 2 WTC masternodes and 2 Vechain Thunder Nodes.

Buy 2 insurance companies for 1-150k each.

Buy 4 condos at 250k each in which ever city amazon opens their new headquarters in.

Buy 100k worth of some biotech stocks.


lmao the butthurt is so delicious. I'm really, really not larping. You better believe that some people are more talented, much more intelligent, more prone to risk taking, and had a much higher starting position in life (financially, socially, genetically, etc) than you.

I don't know why it's so inconcievable that someone is rich and on posting on biz, is it really that hard for you to believe someone made over 2MM dollars in under 11 months? People made half a billion dollars with bitcoin, yet 2MM is "must be larp!!!!" status?

Niggers, please. If you have nothing to contribute to this thread then get the fuck out and post some pink wojacks. I'm not doing this to piss you off, I actually want to know what to do with my money.

No I own multiple properties.

Hahah this fucking guy right?
Not comfy at all
5-10 mill is when I start screaming comfy and reap the rewards after transferring it all to real estate

>250k condo

I haven't checked recently, but I'm pretty sure there is literally nothing available in west LA, weho/hollywood, or los feliz for under 600k. Even shit in compton is like 350k.

You speak like someone who doesn't have money.

5 million here, started in November with $1k
step the fuck up op lmfao
was at 10 million before the crash but oh well :(

>own multiple properties.
Are you counting that is your 2.3MM net worth? Also would you want to rent to me? I have 130k from crypto and I'm trying to move to socal.

Who said I was comfy because of crypto? Like I said, I already own multiple properties and I have no interest in accumulating more at the moment. I want to ball out of control. Stop making this shit about your own insecurities, you're not going to make it with your shit stupid attitudes and condescending nature. Learn to learn instead of being butthurt all the time, fucking faggots.

Can you read?

I said in which ever city amazon opens up their head quarters in. The fuck would I ever buy property in LA for shits on fire and traffic is 24/7 365.

No, 2.3MM is what I have in crypto.

My cheapest LA condo is worth 1.8MM. Hence why I'm not asking for investment advice, I fucking know how to invest better than 99% of people here, I'm asking for what to do with my free internet money.

Degrade women


Not doubting, just genuinely curious

nice Live action role play

If you aren't larping and you actually want to have a good time let me come live with you in LA. Ill buy you drugs off the darknet and set up parties and shit. Ill be your fall guy if shit goes south and Ill pay rent. Post your email if you aren't larping and especially if you're not an old nigga going through a middle age crisis thing.

this guy is gonna drug the fuck out of you then steal your coins. dont do it op, even though you dont have any coins and this is a larp

How about a trip up near space in a MIG 29 to get started OP?

>has a lot of money
>no clue what to actually do with it for fun
thank fucking god i will never have that problem i bet it's unironically torture

You are poor liar.

That's actually a pretty good idea, but there are some pretty huge risks/problems with it as well. I'm going to open up a heloc against all my properties already, can probably get almost 2MM right there. Thanks for the tip I think you're slightly less of a faggot now.

Nice LARP thread

Unlike you my dad didn't molest me, so no.

lol. I definitely do not need some homeless neet to help me find drugs or party. I work in advertising bro.

I'm looking for NEW ways to have fun. Can anyone here fucking read or process non-obvious information? Holy fucking shit.

I'm really, really not. lmao.

You need to have something that you enjoy doing. I'd be snow skiing pretty regular. I'd also buy one of those water jetpacks.

flush yourself down the toilet.

I have 200k cash ready to buy 2 condos wherever they open up. They make the announcement in less than 3 weeks. Wake up fool

Can you even afford a toilet or do you just use a bucket?

>buy a Water jetpack
>recreational flying/pilots license
>fund a human powered quadcopter

I don't know what you truly enjoy. When you say "ball" it makes me think that you are mostly able to do what you want. If money is your chose craft (which you have done well enough in to not be interested in further perfecting) then I would say get a custom watch made for starters. After that you could go with a custom car. That's a bit overdone but is still fun.

If you haven't done psychedelics yet, then I would suggest a weekend mushroom binge. That's not baller, but it is novel.

200k cash? nigger YEAH RIGHT.

You can expect a price hike of at least 30% when the announcement hits. You think you're the only asshole with this idea? I mean yeah I didn't think of it because I don't follow tech news and kind of don't give a shit, but I guarantee you there are plenty of people who are waiting on the sidelines with millions.

What I'd be worried about is if they someone how cancel the plans. I know that's unlikely, but if you are to score a condo in the city where they announce it, you will be paying a lot more for it because sellers aren't fucking stupid. So if you successfully managed to buy properties and the plan somehow got cancelled, you'd be holding some heavy ass real estate bags.

Sex Island in Colombia should be a good start.

Grats on Gainz.

Do people here have any non retarded ideas?

No, I'm not fucking buying a water jet pack. Even if I had 10MM to burn I wouldn't buy one because they are fucking stupid.


I live in LA. We have the best hookers in the US. I also don't do drugs and wouldn't want to risk getting caught by the cartels for ransom or some shit.

we're all basement dwelling subhumans, sorry

Fair enough.

Take a trip to space.

travel through southeast asia for a few months and fuck tons of whores. did it a few years ago. so awesome.

No... they're expensive as shit and have a shitty attitude. Go to a foreign country, hell even go to Tijuana. More bang for your buck.

don't do this OP, buy an island.

why do you guys keep bumping this fuckwits thread? he makes the same one everyday. ive never seen someone so dedicated to the larp

I've been all over the world since I was a kid. No travel or "muh buy real estate" advice please.

Come to Brazil
we know how to party, don't need to contact me or any of that gay stuff, if you' stick to tourist zones you'll be fine

go to brazil if you want to die in a jungle OP, export the women, that's really all they have.

reporting for duty. 1.5mil Orange County here.

You've never traveled to Space.

Do you know how fucking gay I would look if I "went to space"? You know I would post that shit on my IG, then people would just be like "user has gone insane, also how the fuck does he have so much money"

Damn you're such a tryhard. You're like every other fag in marina del rey they all have porsches ohh maybe if i buy these jeans girls will like me.

yeah either do this or virgin galactic OP

going into space is something only few in our lifttimes will ever experience.

or buy yourself into Formula 1 and make everyone at Veeky Forums jelly

>2 mil
>that can't even get you a 400 sq ft closet in uptown NYC
>posts unpleasant banged up roasties
>post is low IQ and nigger tier
>is cocky af for some reason even tho he's a low IQ nigger making low IQ nigger tier posts
Jamal, give me your 2 million and off yourself

You want fun? Here's what you do:

>Leave your house tomorrow with nothing but your card, a small amount of cash, and your phone/extra charger
>Try to go as far as you can around the world, with no plans, no months in advance itinerary, just gut feeling and curiosity
Congrats, you've just done this for a year without realising you made memories you'll remember for life

"I want to ball out of control" --- wow, what a vapid moron you are.

Ok, check this out.

If you think it's gay to blow shit up with a tank you are a hopeless faggot.

OC reporting in. Not a millionaire yet though =[ Hopefully there is still some gas left on this crypto ponzi thing.

I like that idea.

I have 2.5Mil in Crypto (Down from 6Mil at peak). I've cashed out maybe three bitcoin total - bought a few guns, water purifier, xbox, mining equipment, and a few trips. Going to Anarchapulco this week too. Besides that, really haven't spent much. And I'm really not looking forward to taxes. I have lots of Masternodes so I finally decided to keep those and just cash out the regular rewards I get

>marina del rey

lmao. I would never live in poorina del poor. Why not just live in culver city then?

>b-but muh culver city has an awesome downtown

no they don't stfu.

I live in LA, meet up with me and I'll beat you up for free

Actually you can get a pretty nice two bedroom in manhattan for 1.7-2.2MM

please don't talk about real estate in big cities when you clearly know nothing about anything finer in life.


I did this over the summer. Went to 7 countries. Was best time of my life. I set out to learn about the world but really ended up learning about myself.

this is a really cool idea
>high risk
>high reward
fits the bill

Even cheerleader effect can’t help these 4/10’s

When I make it, it's what my plan is
Still a long way to go

That's fucking retarded. It sounds like what some faggy SWJ blogger would do. I'm rich if I'm going anywhere it's at least business class niggers.

But then that'd mean you virtually spent almost all of your money, does it not Jamal? You're the one who doesn't know shit about finer things in life you worthless piece of shit.

how about a business you can enjoy with your friends, like a go kart track or mini golf

When did you hit $300K?

And yet you spend your time trying to impress strangers on an anonymous image board. I hope youre larping, because if youre not you are by far one of the most pathetic people i have encountered in this place

that is a fucking 400 million+ dollar ticket

Yeah you learned that you’re still alone


>We have the best hookers in the US
kek you don't know shit.

I run at least 5 miles a day, squat 365, have a personal trainer, and have amassed 10 years of collective training in boxing, thai kickboxing, karate, jiu jitsu, and 4 months of krav maga.

Kid, I would actually kill you. But I would never fight you because you're too far beneath my social status.

flush yourself down the toilet.

wanna spend money? get married to a gold digger, get her pregnant with your kid, then get divorced. your money will be gone in 3 years tops.

At that time I had maybe 40k cash and 100k crypto.
Said fuck it and left. Was gone 3 months. Time. Of. My. Life.

After taxes and considering you're in LA that's like a year of wages desu.

Move to Montana.

I didn't say I would buy one, I was just pointing out how pathetic it is for some uneducated faggot who works at taco bell to attempt to lecture me on real estate. Dream on faggot.

The best hookers? Dude. All American hookers are TRASH. Honolulu is a LITTLE better than mainland but you’re a fucking idiot. Go. To. Bangkok.

Well if this guy is such a fucking big shot then it ain't no thang right?

lmfao you sound like a fag dude, whatever you do with your money, I doubt it'll change that

kys with a nasa ray gun

I'm not at that yet
Hopefully still time...

Sure you have. I mean since you're going full insecure LARP might as well pretend you're a martial arts expert as well.

>t. uneducated faggot that works at taco bell
That was really specific. And enough with the self-projection already nigger, you're the one who's pathetic for trying to show off to people on fucking Veeky Forums. You're a fucking 30 year old piece of shit trying to larp on Veeky Forums about being a millionaire to feel better, even if it is short-lived, on being a millionaire. God damn that's sad.

Yeah I sound like a real fag for thinking that leaving my house with 50 bucks and a phone charger and trying to hitch hike across the planet when I own millions in real estate is a stupid fucking idea.

You know I have responsibilities, albeit not many, right? Also, I wouldn't want to do that ever BECAUASE I'm not a fag, so fuck you nigger.

Where do you live? I will literally take an uber to you right now.

>muh projection

Not everything anyone says negatively about you is projection you stupid faggot. Based upon my calculations, there is a 99% chance you work at a fast food company, I just used the name taco bell because it's extra degrading.

why are you getting so mad at these ideas OP.. the best you have ever come up with is literally muh real estate, maybe just try being a little more open minded

>based upon my calculations

>made 2 million in a year
>claims to have 2.3 million in crypto
>thinks he's the only one rich here

lol pay your taxes nigga

Net worth of 3 mil here with my wife.

We're not even close to comfy. We consider ourselves middle class.

You just sound like a fucking retard. Don't brag about making money in crypto when you don't talk about positions and entry points.

I've made 250k in crypto. Started in Sep. That's all. Not really rocket science.

Also how did you get money. If you're a trust fund baby no one cares.

what car do you drive op?

Back to my suggestion. Blow shit up with a tank.

nice bait faggot go back to pol